Blue Plate Special

I remember when I began registering for items before I got married. There was both giddy excitement and awkwardness. It wasn’t my birthday or Christmas and people were giving me most everything I wished for, It just felt strange to me. 

My favorite thing that we received, still today, is my colorful Fiestaware. I chose two bright colors and two darker colors - a perfect color combination in my mind. My fiancé came by one day with a powder blue plate that he had picked up on his own. This was the color he liked best. Today we still only have that one powder blue plate - no tea cup, no saucer, no dessert plate. I never added it to the registry because it didn’t fit into my color palate. 

I’m not sure why, but I let that silly powder blue plate get on my nerves. For a long time I tried to make sure it was in the bottom of the stack, so we would only be using the colors that I loved. I’m a grown adult - How immature is that? My pride and selfishness had taken over. “What does Scott know about colors? Nothing! Men aren’t supposed to care about dishes?” The enemy took a foot hold as these thoughts danced around in my head. 

All the while, I’m learning God’s Word through Bible studies, spending time with women who exhibit godly character, and even teaching bible studies myself. I’m a slow learner (not kidding, I really am!) so over time God was very patient and brought it to my attention. As I learned, and read and grew and taught His Word, God showed me my sin. 

“walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, 

bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;

strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, 

for the attaining of all perseverance and patience; joyously 

giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share 

in the inheritance of the saints in light.”

Col. 1:10-12

There it was. Buried underneath 4 orange, 3 yellow, 5 green and 4 dark blue plates. That powder blue plate was staring at me like a flashing neon sign. Why had I let my flesh convince me to act so childishly? I love my husband, want to be his helper, see him smile, and for goodness sake eat on that very special powder blue plate, would I keep it hidden from him? We tend to think if our sin isn’t out in the open, no one will see. God sees. He also knew my heart.

And just like that, I moved it to the top of the pile of dishes. I still don’t like powder blue, but it just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t.

What does matter is that it pleases God when I love and serve my husband. That is most important. Color schemes in my dining room are not crucial. That plate reminds me to be Kingdom-minded and thanking God for a husband who pays attention to details.

Now What?

8 comments on “Blue Plate Special”

  1. Great blog! After being at loggerheads multiple times over details I want just right, this really hits home 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I love your honesty, Amy! It’s refreshing and encouraging! I know I’m guilty of similar things and it helps to remember that these things really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Always appreciate the Scriptures you include in your articles—I think I need to memorize this one! ❤️

  3. I loved this like I love you. It was an eye opening reminder of how easy it is to judge, to criticize, and to be self-centered.
    Keep writing from your heart. Your mom must be beaming.

  4. But did Scott ever notice the plate wasn’t used? I know with Curtis and I, things that bother me he has never been bothered by them 🤣

  5. Simple truth right to the heart of the matter! Ouch! Thank you!!!! This is so practical and full of applicable truth for all ladies seeking to honor the Lord in the every day grind of life and marriage.

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