Remember To Count

In 2010 when my husband and I moved back to where we grew up I had a very difficult time acclimating back to small-town living. I had just given birth to our fourth child 2 months prior and we were temporarily living with my parents… we had made an offer on three different houses and all three contracts had fallen through. I wanted to go back “home” to Houston, Texas where our three youngest at the time were born, the place where I learned who I was as a wife and a mom. There were many tear-filled days and nights for me during that first year (or two!) back in North East Texas.

Thankfully, God used the words of a close friend to encourage me… she counseled me to count my blessing and to commit them to paper every day. I realized that I had become forgetful like the Israelites - I had forgotten the multitudes of His mercies (Psalm 106:7).

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.”

Psalm 103:2 NKJV

I had read these verses in the past, but God breathed new meaning into them for me. Through Scripture, I was reminded that once we believe in Jesus for Everlasting Life, we are blessed by God with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ we are...

  • Chosen
  • Loved
  • Adopted
  • Accepted
  • Redeemed
  • Forgiven
  • Heirs
  • Sealed with the Spirit

Ephesians 1:3-14

Almost a decade later, I am grateful for the “pleasant land” God brought my family to. It is a place where my children have been able to truly come to know and love their great grandparents and grandparents, a community through which He has pruned my discontentment and deepened my desire to defend the fatherless. He has changed my perspective through His Word and His people and for that I give Him thanks and praise!

Now What?

4 comments on “Remember To Count”

  1. I remember being sad knowing that you were struggling after your move from the big city life, because having you near me again was such a blessing to me. I knew that God would calm your hurts, but I admit that I prayed that would not mean that you would go back to Houston. Look how God blessed us both! I love you more than you will ever know.

    1. Thank you Allison~!!! I loved your emphasis upon REMEMBERING~!!! I, too, have found in my own life how important it is to REMEMBER how God has been faithful to me throughout my life. It was so good for me to go back and remember all the different trials God brought me through, and I can't think of one time that He failed me. Thank you for that wonderful reminder~!!! Loved your post~!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Allison. It lifts my heart and makes me smile to be reminded of ALL the blessings! I have a list of them as well, that I haven’t taken the time to add to in quite a while. Thank you for challenging me to do that! I’ve noticed that when I’m not looking for them, that I tend to overlook them! Love you friend! ?

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