Tech Companies Want to Make Your Kids Buddhist.

Like many of you, we view our entertainment through streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Netflix. No doubt, you've seen how hard these platforms are pushing a new promiscuous morality. Even children's shows and movies have become permeated by homosexual themes. Recently Disney+ had a homosexual short film in a featured spot at the top of their app, and Netflix got into some serious trouble for what many classified as child pornography.

As disturbing as this is to most conservative Christians, there is a more sneaky ideology creeping into our media. It's not as obvious, but it is equally dangerous.

A new form of eastern religion comes as a packaged deal with almost every digital platform and device. It's Buddhism-gadgetized. It's mysticism for a new millennium. Although it's been repackaged for its agnostic western consumers, it is essentially eastern enlightenment in every cellphone box.

My phone and watch tell me to "breath" (which is the focus of meditative practices). That comes as the default on the phone. Every time I turn on the TV there is some new show, film, or documentary that suggests habits for inner peace. Every time I look at the app store on my phone or laptop there is a new suite of apps for meditation and mindfulness. After seeing these same themes over and over for a few years something clicked. I asked myself:

"Why are these tech companies pushing eastern mysticism?"

That sent me down the google rabbit hole. It turns out that this eastern mainstay which includes, meditation, inner peace, and mindfulness, has become a new super-fad in silicon valley. It is presented as a wonder-drug for the stress-filled, business-focused inhabitants of the tech capital of the world.

Some of the main tech companies that you use on a regular basis encourage their employees to practice meditation. A number of these companies have full-time gurus that lead their workers in this mystical practice. They have embraced eastern religion because it affects the bottom line. Supposedly, having meditating workers improves productivity.

Tech companies claim to be "inclusive" and "tolerant" of all religious ideologies, but in actual practice, they are promoting a form of Buddhism.

Now, back to your living room. It's no wonder that eastern religion is pouring into our digital world, since the gurus of gadgets are actually listening to real-life gurus.

On each of these platforms that produce their own original content it is common to find their shows friendly, or even directly promoting Eastern religions along with promiscuous morality.

So what do we do?

Talk about it with your kids. I'm not trying to protect my children from the world, as much as I'm trying to prepare them for it. That means I have to talk about these uncomfortable topics with my kids.

When non-Christian concepts surface in your kid's shows, make a point to talk about it. You need to be discussing these troubling trends. If you're not, you're already behind the curve.

Parents, be brave. Love your kids with courageous honesty.

Think about these words from the Bible:

“So commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these words of mine... Teach them to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up. (Deut 11:18-19)

In a future post, I plan to explore why mindfulness and meditation are anti-Christian. Subscribe to receive notifications on future posts.

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