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It was a warm morning at the flea market so I headed for the section of the open-air trading grounds nestled under the grove of towering oaks. After a full day of setup, it was the first morning the market was open to shoppers. Many vendors were taking it easy in their lawn chairs, with […]

Is That True?

For the first time in over a year, I got a solid eight glorious hours of sleep. I don’t have sleep issues, shift work, or an overactive bladder. I have a 14-month-old baby who likes to have a midnight… 2:00 am, 4:00 am, and 6:00 am snack. Ideally, parents sleep train in the first few […]

Procrastinating Patience

As a stay-at-home mom... I often feel like I don’t have any important kingdom work to accomplish. I’m just stuck here at the house, changing diapers, and trying to puzzle out how to get a one-year-old to eat solid food. This is while others are out there sharing the gospel, doing ministry, and changing the […]

God's Big Important Job For You

How it doesn't fit First, here is how the Russian Invasion DOES NOT fit, into End Times Prophecy. Contrary to a lot of teachers of Bible prophecy (especially contemporary ones), this invasion is not a precursor to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. There are several reasons for this (and I have included them in this […]

How Does The Russian Invasion Fit Into End Times Prophecy?

5. Watch Your Kids Not Your Screen Kids are good at reminding us what they want. We constantly hear, “Daddy, watch this,” or “Mommy, Look what I can do.” This is a reminder of what a young child wants. They want your attention. They want you to look at them, not at a screen. They […]

Top 5 Parenting Tips For Young Kids (#1 Beats Them All)

When Russia invaded Ukraine The phrase "Is Russia Gog and Magog" suddenly became a trending topic on google. This is probably because during the 70's, and 80's there were Bible teachers who speculated that the Soviet Union was Gog and Magog (Rev 20:8, Ez 38:2). This was a popular teaching among End Times enthusiasts until... […]

Is Russia Gog of Magog

Aristotle and many who followed him saw that the universe was in motion. He often called this energy that he recognized as “eternal motion.” He once said, “Did motion come into existence, not having existed previously, and will it again, in a similar manner, cease to be so that there will be no motion?”⁠[1] In […]

Aristotle, the Bible, and Cosmic Reality?

Rule # 1: Shut up! That's right. Stick your balled-up fist in your face hole if you have to, but most importantly stop talking. And yes, I'm saying you should START by STOPPING the incessant blather. In most cases, everything you will say to them has already been said to them multiple times. We're not […]

7 Rules For Debating An Atheist: For Christians Only.

In the days that followed my husband’s suicide I had a million decisions to make some small but most were hard and even life-changing. The decision to move immediately was one of the easier decisions to make but it required some maneuvering. My husband and I had been 4 days away from closing on a […]

Rewarded For Eternity

Question: Is it possible for a Believer to Commit the unforgivable sin? Answer: The unforgivable sin is widely misunderstood. Let's explore.  I had a Bible professor who said something very profound once... well I'm sure she said profound things all the time, but I remember this one. A student was trying to prove a point; […]

Can I commit the unforgivable sin?

We got this fantastic question recently. Hey Lucas I had another question. Do you know any scriptures on reading other religions books? 2 John 10-11 says don’t bid anyone Godspeed who has another doctrine. Is it still okay to accept a copy of the Book Of Mormon even if you already know it to be a […]

Is it a sin to read other religion's books?

Question: Why was Israel under the law? And why don't we follow the law today? There are a few reasons. Let's take a look. Deuteronomy 11 answers the questions of why: "Observe therefore all the commands I am giving you today, so that you may have the strength to go in and take over the […]

Why was Israel expected to follow the law?

Question: what’s you’re position on Predestination? Do you believe God sovereignly chose the eternal destinies of all people? Do all men have the ability and freedom to believe? Or both? I believe the Bible says both are true somehow. Answer: I'm confident that being all-knowing is not the same thing as being all-controlling. Despite what […]

About Predestination

Question: What’s up with the stoning for picking up sticks in Numbers 15? Answer: Good question. Seems severe right? The previous and following paragraphs in Numbers 15 give a pretty good indication as to what's going on. Let's first look at the story so we have a good understanding of the situation.  While the Israelites […]

Stoning for picking up sticks? Really?

I got this question from an Atheist friend recently. I thought it was a really good question and worth an official response.  Question: “You don't believe in Zeus, I’m assuming. Why do you think he was created, why did people believe in him, and why don't they anymore?”  Answer: Actually, I do believe in Zeus. So you […]

But I do believe in Zeus!

Let me set up this discussion with a hypothetical scenario.  Have you ever heard preachers say, “If a person doesn’t obey the Bible, they may not be saved, even if they claim to have faith.” But then at a funeral, the same preacher may say, “The deceased person was saved because they claimed to have […]

Will A Christian Turned Atheist Go To Hell?

The church's volunteer coordinator is on the prowl like a hungry lion, looking for who she may devour. If you get caught in her icy stare there is little you can do. When faced with this dangerous volunteer-seeking predictor try using these ingenious excuses. 1. ”I am trying to be a good steward of my […]


I remember when I began registering for items before I got married. There was both giddy excitement and awkwardness. It wasn’t my birthday or Christmas and people were giving me most everything I wished for, It just felt strange to me.  My favorite thing that we received, still today, is my colorful Fiestaware. I chose […]

Blue Plate Special

Heaven is like a nightclub where there is no cover charge but drinks will cost you. If you believe in Jesus for eternal life then you have it, and you can’t lose it. You will be allowed to enter the Kingdom. Many ask, “If I have eternal life, then why does it matter how I […]

Heaven is Like a Night Club

Many Christians think that if a Christian turns away from the faith (even true faith) they will lose their salvation. Many others believe that turning away proves that the faith was never true in the first place. Find out why both of those options aren't right in this short video.

What do other religions say about Jesus?

At 14 years old I remember lying in my bed at night praying over and over, "Lord forgive me of my sins, and save me." Every night I performed this ritual. There were no sins in particular that I was referring to. Instead, I was uncertain that my sins had been forgiven in general. I […]

What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Be Saved?

I got this comment from an anonymous reader.  ‘…when he and I were talking about your site and the Christian turned atheist question on your blog. His argument was that someone who completely proclaims atheism and denies god would not have ever been filled with the holy spirit in the first place. ’ Let’s look […]

Was The Christian-Turned-Atheist Never Saved?

We received this question not long ago.    Question: Why is your god so evil? If he is all-powerful, why does he do nothing to stop 5000 children under the age of five from dying every single day, just from dirty water alone? Because he is evil. He inflicts suffering upon innocents. Why would you ever worship a being […]

Why Does God let innocent Children Die?

I was asked this great question from a young man in South Texas. “Jesus knew the Old Testament. Could he have believed? Or was he spending his first 30 years crafting a story of the returned king that would fit in the Old Testament?" This is a fascinating idea. I’ve heard it asked another way.  “If […]

Could Jesus Intentionally Fulfill Prophecy?

"Beginner or advanced," The track attendant asked, clipboard in hand. I knew that if I got in the advanced race I would get stomped. I had seen others win trophies, and I coveted one.  "Beginner," I said, hoping it would ensure a win. I had registered for my first official BMX competition. I was nervous as I […]

Suffering Loss In Heaven

I was in ministry in west Texas a number of years ago. We were about to begin a night worship service for College students called Paradigm when a man, probably homeless, walked into the church and sat down on the back pew. That was not that uncommon, what was uncommon was his attire... or his […]

The Wedding Banquet

This post begins a series we are calling, Threads of Jesus. In our modern world, more and more content is being read through message threads. This represents a valuable opportunity to share a message. In this example of one of those opportunities, a conversation about Superman, the government, and alien invasion takes an interesting turn.

Will You Be My Neighbor?

I write sci-fi on the side. As a sci-fi author, this subject interests me on more than just an academic level. There is a book that has been out for a while now that has gotten some really interesting responses. It appeals to me for a lot of reasons but one that is not lost […]

The Only Of Its Kind

About ten years ago or so I decided to try to write a book (the first one I had ever written.) It was going to be a philosophy book... Although I am not a philosopher, I had a purpose for the book. I wanted it to be a large-scale thought examination; A mental Science experiment. […]

The Leap From God's Existence to Christianity

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have eternal life. To find out take a closer look by clicking on the infographic. Once it opens you can zoom in. Enjoy.

Can You Believe It?

It must be human nature to overcomplicate things that were originally intended to be simple. Faith is a good example of this. Ancient texts of the Christian faith teach that Jesus of Nazareth, who lived somewhere between 4 B.C. – 33 A.D. in modern-day Palestine, taught that there is a very simplistic key to gaining […]


Popular objections to the New Testament, and what you should know about them. 1. It’s not scientifically provenThis is an untenable objection because for the scientific method to work the event in question must be observable, measurable, and repeatable. History is not measurable or repeatable, so the scientific method does not apply to historical events. It […]

7 Popular Objections to the New Testament

What happens when science and religion agree? Let's imagine you have a bicycle. The purpose of this bike is to move you toward a better understanding of God. One of the wheels on the bicycle is called scripture, the other is called science. Could you ride the bike with only one wheel? Well, yes you […]

Science and Religion

In a conversation with a good friend, I was asked about the times in the old testament where God kills men and women. I didn't have a good response at the time, and possibly still don't. After thinking about it for a while, though, this is what seemed appropriate to say. God only gives life […]

Is God a murderer?
What's In Your Soil

Jesus proved through miracles that he has the power to force us to obey him. However, the biggest miracle is that he shows restraint and allows us to deny or even oppose him. He gives us this freedom in order to allow believers to build a relationship with him. Good relationships are not built on […]

The Suffering Is Worth It.

Jesus was verified dead by Roman executioners. A second verification of him being deceased came when the body was taken down from the cross, and wrapped for burial. The tomb was sealed with a Roman seal, which would cost the breaker his life. The soldiers would be held accountable for letting the seal be broken, […]

The Resurrection

Each time I talk about the gospel, I get resistance from Christians who want to call foul. They quote verses from James, and 1st John trying to point out that we must have works to maintain our salvation. It worries me quite a bit that this is a common understanding of the gospel. How have […]

Jesus, The Repo Man
Mr. Oakmont

Are you bored with your faith? It's a known phenomenon, that believers in the modern age have become less than excited about being part of the flock. We explore this issue in this infographic. To take a closer look, click the below image, and take a look. 9 REASONS WHY CHRISTIANS ARE BORED 1. We […]

9 Reasons Christians Are Bored

We got this question from a reader this week: Does John 14:12 prove that all believers must bear fruit? Notice what the verse says: Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to […]

Will All Believers Have Fruit?

I have often heard people claim that Jesus' parable of the sower proves that some can become unsaved after they first become believers. However, that is not the case. There are a few important things that we need to see from the parable. If you'd like to read it for yourself you can find it […]

The Parable Of The Sower

The Disciples were willing to give up everything, even their lives. All but one of the disciples that saw Jesus after he rose from the dead, were put to death because they were not willing to admit that they had made the story up. Those guys saw something and I believe that it was Jesus […]

Would You Be Willing To Die?

How could an intelligent person possibly believe in Jesus? We've got 15 reasons. Click on the image below and explore. We hope you enjoy it! Other Smart People Do. Among the worlds smartest and most influential people are those who believe in Jesus. Faith is no barrier for intelligence, as illustrated by the enormous list of […]

15 Reasons Intelligent People Believe In Jesus

Got this great question from a subscriber. Hi Lucas, I recently haven't gotten the feeling of the presence of God. I was talking to someone the other day about salvation... now I'm confused again. I started doubting a little bit because I thought that the lack of His presence meant either I wasn't saved or […]

How to stop doubting your salvation.

Where did the phrase, "invite Jesus into your heart to be saved," come from? Is it biblical? What exactly does it take to be saved? All the questions and more are covered in this new infographic. Click the infographic below and zoom in to get the scoop. Enjoy!

10 Reasons Not To Invite Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved.

A reader recently claimed that it would be wrong for God to force a Christian-Turned-Atheist into Heaven because it would violate his or her free will. This raises an interesting question. This is my response to that claim. If you've believed in Jesus for salvation then these verses apply to you. "I give eternal life […]

Can A Christian Quit?
Fish Or Cut Bait (A Fiction Short Story) / Podcast S2 E2

“I died?” I asked. Surprisingly the notion didn’t fill me with fear. I had always expected my death to be a gruesome affair. Honestly, though, it went pretty well, all things considered. I had slipped away sometime between the french fries, and the hamburger. I was eating lunch, I think. It is a little hazy […]

I Died? (A Fiction Short Story) / Podcast S2 E1

In the first century things were easier. There were eye witnesses of Jesus available to speak with. I am convinced that virtually all of Israel, around 2 million people in that time, witnessed Jesus with their own eyes. It was easier because most people from that region knew someone who had been healed, or seen […]

Why Trust The Bible?

Many claims that the Bible has been translated too many times to be trusted. Learn why that claim demonstrates a misunderstanding of how the Bible is transmitted to us through the ages.

Has the Bible been translated too many times?

Have you ever met Grumpy Dad? That’s me about half the time. Let me explain. We’re a family of five, with three kids under the age of seven. We recently took a road trip to the Smoky Mountains (about 10 hours of driving each way). Most acquaintances know me as friendly, talkative, and outgoing. But […]

Grumpy Dad

Recently, I went through the painful process of leaving a church that believed turning from sins was necessary for salvation. As an immature believer, I didn’t identify right away what was wrong with their doctrine and faithfully followed their teaching. With time, I became more and more troubled. I was unsure whether I had turned […]

Rooted in Fellowship

I was excited to see Miami but didn't know I'd learn so much about eyesight while I was there. I got the chance to speak at a Bible conference in Miami. On my way out, the airline delayed the flight for three hours while we sat on the runway. As I was listening to the […]

Miami, Glasses, And Skin

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was blessed to have grandparents who regularly took me to church with them. It was a small Bible church which met in a plain building with a metal roof and little adornment within. But what the church lacked in terms of aesthetic appeal, it more than made up for […]

Rooted in the Word

having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever 1 Peter 1:23 Once we believe in Jesus for eternal life, God’s seed takes root in us and starts to develop the root system necessary to take in vital nutrients such as water. We need to water our roots […]

Rooted In Prayer

Several years ago, my mom planted her favorite tree in her front yard. It was a tree she had always admired but had never before attempted to grow. It was a Purple Leaf Plum, which puts out gorgeous, deep purply-black leaves. After a few years, the tree appeared to be thriving. It was beautiful, and […]

How To Cultivate Deep Roots

We hear a lot about what the world says love is in February. However, for those of us who have believed in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, have the Holy Spirit living within us, with a desire to imitate the love of our Captain, we must look to the Word of God. […]

Pursue Love

In August of 2019, we hosted a team of missionaries here in Kenya led by our friend Randy Jones. It was during the school holidays, which meant our three children were at home along with some of their cousins. In the evening, we would have devotions and there could easily be ten to fifteen of us at any given time.

Where Did You See God Today?

Rebekah did something unique among all other women in Genesis. After 20 years of infertility, God had answered her husband Isaac’s prayer and granted them conception. But that joyful outcome caused stress a few months later. Due to an uncomfortable pregnancy, Rebekah “went to inquire of the Lord.” She seems to be the only woman in Genesis who asked God a question, expecting an answer. Notice her desperation:

Praying Vs. Planning

There has been a lot of ink spilled and feuds formed due to worship styles. I have heard of churches imploding because of instrument choices and genre preferences. Here in the States, we can have a church worship alongside a band playing guitars, while down the street, another church may worship with a piano and […]

Worship Like a Berean

Now that my husband and I have been married for a few years, he has figured out that I don’t just want a box of chocolates and a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. While I appreciate both chocolate and flowers, what I desire is a handwritten note with a personal message just for me. That’s […]

The Love Letter

I received an unexpected sweet treat from an admirer last Valentine's Day. A delightful half dozen previously enjoyed donut holes upchucked all over my lap by my adoring almost 2-year-old son. Not an ideal way to start a day meant to be full of romance and affection. Although, I suppose you could say this is ultimately where romance and affection leads.

Worst Turned Best Valentine's Day

Building a biblical marriage can be difficult, but the following are five tips to help get you started from a married-a-long-time, has-a-bunch-of-kids, still-in-love, wife.

Be Mine: 5 Biblical Ways to Be a Better Valentine

The faith’s most important question, “What do I have to do to be saved?” Should have a simple answer, though no one in the piney woods seemed to agree what that simple answer should be. Despite growing up in the buckle of the Bible belt, confusion about the Christian faith plagued every step of Lucas’ journey.

Naked Grace

In the well-known plot theme of man vs. self, Phil has to battle his own arrogance and selfish ways to win the girl's heart. As he lives each day over and over, he notices his patterns, the ways he messes up, and the wrong words he chooses that turn her away. He also has the privilege of seeing what draws her in: learning to play the piano, helping others, being kind, noticing the things that she enjoys. Although he tires of being stuck in this day, he finally realizes that he has endless chances to perfect how he loves her because he knows that no matter what he does, he will see the same thing tomorrow (which is today again!)

It's Not Groundhog Day!

Even though Jesus gives an explanation of this parable it is still widely misunderstood. Many teachers will encourage you to "check your soil" to see if you are truly saved or not. The gift of eternal life is not something to be questioned or determined based on a person's actions.

Parable of the Sower Infographic

Towards the end of December last year, a group of eighteen teens and three adults led by myself attended a teens conference here in Kenya by a friend named Bob Sjogren from Virginia, USA. His first question was, ‘Why did Jesus come?’ Many of the answers pointed to the fact that He came to die […]

Why Did Jesus Come?

I’m not an outdoorsman by any means. I’ve been camping in the Smokey Mountains, but it’s not my world at all. I could easily get lost or stuck in the elements unprepared. I married a Colorado cowboy-a real rodeo cowboy. So, I’ve learned a few things about being prepared, planning ahead, and the correct way to eat a steak. All of these are important and offer us a spiritual lesson as well! These are some ways to stay on course spiritually, find your way back when you’ve wandered too far, or keep from getting lost altogether.

How to Stay the Course

If you listen to the news, or social media, the world is falling apart. Right? But who knows, really? Maybe we're on the brink of disaster, or maybe things are just fine. It's harder than ever to say one way or the other. One thing is for sure (at least to me) News outlets and […]

News Is Dragging You Down!

After we have stuffed ourselves with holiday cookies, pies, and pastries, we vow to repair the damage we have inflicted on our waistlines. We are determined to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier; the list goes on. We tell ourselves that the new year will be better if we can only meet our goals. 

4 Goals for the New Year

In the year 1850, the following lines by the famed Victorian poet, Tennyson, were published.  Ring out the old, ring in the new,Ring, happy bells, across the snow:The year is going, let him go;Ring out the false, ring in the new. Tennyson In this second stanza of his much-loved poem, “Ring out, wild bells,” the […]

Ring in the New

Mary had just received news that she was pregnant, by the Holy Spirit, with the Messiah. And her immediate response? An expression of faith. Then Mary said, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to Your Word.” Luke 1:38

The Mary Mantra

I think it would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been quite the year. While this year has gone differently than any of us planned, I hope you can look back and see God’s hand at work in your life throughout it all. This Christmas season may look different from years past. We […]

A Thrill Of Hope

As Christmas approaches, I find myself filled with excitement as I think about ideas regarding how to make the season magical for my children. What presents should I buy? How should I decorate the house? What traditions do I want to start for my children? I find myself quickly slipping into the more worldly aspects […]

A Different Kind of Christmas List

My husband's birthday is one week before Christmas. One of our first holiday seasons together as newlyweds, we were having dinner with his family celebrating his birthday early in December. As everyone was nearly finished eating, his brother announced he thought we should just go ahead and celebrate Christmas together...that night. My incredibly cool, easy-going, […]

The Perfect Christmas Plan

Amber usually didn't drink coffee at night, but she didn't tell Benjamin that. They had been hanging out for the last few weeks after meeting in a math class at their college. She had become increasingly comfortable with him as time had passed, and now considered him one of her best friends.

Coffee Shop Evangelism

I love watching The Great British Baking Show. Baking is relaxing for me, but watching other people bake beautiful treats I've never heard of whilst discussing the process in English accents is even more relaxing. Each week the bakers are presented with a technical challenge. One week the technical challenge was to make an angel […]

The Secret Ingredient For Peace

I'm going to skip the boring parts. Here's what you need to know: My five-year-old daughter, Eily, got Covid. She and I quarantined together and had no symptoms. Thus began the magic. We've hunted for treasure through mysterious trails carved in the autumn leaves. We went on forest adventures in the enchanted wood that touches […]

The Magic Of Quarantine

  If someone were to ask me to pick my favorite topic in the Bible to study and teach, I think I would have to choose the doctrine of rewards. In a nutshell, the doctrine of rewards teaches that anyone who believes in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, has it, and will live […]

Rewardable attributes: Introduction

An info-graphic based on the "A NEW WORLD COMING" By John Claeys.

The Kingdom Is Like

Recently someone told me what her parents were enduring. They had spent 45 years on three different mission fields—India, Hong Kong, and Suriname, learning a new language in each location. Raising five children, they never had money to put away, so at age 70, they retired to subsidized housing in Florida. Now they were experiencing […]

Grief for Glory

Like many of you, we view our entertainment through streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Netflix. No doubt, you've seen how hard these platforms are pushing a new promiscuous morality. Even children's shows and movies have become permeated by homosexual themes. Recently Disney+ had a homosexual short film in a featured spot […]

Tech Companies Want to Make Your Kids Buddhist.

"What does this verse mean to you?" I have been in numerous Bible studies where this question has been asked. But is this really the question we should be asking when studying God's Word? If not, what kind of questions should we be asking?

Is There a Wrong Way to Study the Bible?

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 5 Before digging in to The Good Soil check out weeks 1-4 here . Luke describes the good soil in this way: “But others fell on good ground, sprang up, and yielded a crop a hundredfold” (Luke 8:8). The use of the phrase “sprang up” is found in the […]

The Good Soil

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 4 Before digging in to The Thorny Ground check out weeks one and two here . As we have seen in our previous blogs, the parable of the four soils addresses the different responses people have to God's word, the “seed.” The first ground was the hard soil, which […]

The Thorny Ground

I had a good conversation with a friend last night. He asked a really good question. The essence of the question was this: “If the gospel is simple to understand, Why is there so much disagreement?” He’s right. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of divisions in the church. I have a few quick ideas on […]

Why Is The Church So Divided?

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 3 Before digging in to The Rocky Soil check out weeks one and two here . For the first twelve years of our marriage, my husband and I were renters. Before moving to our current home, we rented a nice townhome with a tiny backyard. Although I couldn't modify […]

The Rocky Soil

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 2 A few weeks ago we offered an overview and infographic on the Parable of the Four soils here. Now we want to take the next 4 weeks to dig deeper and take a closer look at this parable. This is an important passage and worthy of close attention. […]

The Hard Ground

The thought, “Is that what 34 is supposed to look like?” went surging through my thoughts as I stared at the Instagram photo before me. The influencer had just turned 34 and naturally had to post about how gorgeous she looked on her birthday. I turned 34 recently, and instead of looking like a mature woman, […]

Combating Jealousy

My husband told me he wanted to stop looking at porn but told me he needed my help.

The Pornography Battle in Your Marriage

Check out Part I of this series for clues found in scripture on dealing with anxiety-related depression. From Personal Experience

Dealing With Anxiety-Related Depression: Part II

Recently, for a few years, I struggled under the weight of anxiety-related depression. This was already the most prevalent mental disorder in the United States before Covid-19, so it’s very likely that you or someone that you know is struggling with it now. My hope is that sharing my experience will provide encouragement for those […]

Dealing With Anxiety-Related Depression: Part I

July 31, 2006 was a hard day. As I watched the screen, I searched intently for that blinking heartbeat which would give me peace of mind that the bleeding I had during the previous weekend was nothing to worry about. However, my doctor looked at me with compassionate, pain-filled eyes and said, “I am so sorry.”  

The Helmet of Salvation

A few years ago, I got the chance to work for the state fair in South Carolina. A friend of mine is the supervisor for one of the main buildings at the Fairgrounds. Basically, she’s in charge of all the submissions for the homemade items. The quilts, crafts, and baked goods come to her building […]

Ribbons and Mints: What the State Fair Can Teach Us About God’s Word

Like so many others the world over, our family has been experiencing a time of significant testing since my husband was furloughed from his job in mid-March. The ramifications of sudden job loss have been numerous, and I'd be lying if I said we weren't stressed. In an attempt to get our minds off the […]

Pinning Our Hopes on Eternity

We have attempted a garden for many years and we usually call it a “learning experience” because frankly, we have had mixed results. But, there is something about trying again and hoping for that bountiful harvest of overflowing baskets full of beautiful, shiny produce. This year, we were highly motivated because we thought we may […]

Contemplations of Quarantine: Ten Lessons from the Garden

As parents, it can feel as if the list of what we need to teach our children can be long and arduous. This perhaps became even more apparent this Spring when parents were suddenly thrown into teaching their children at home with little to no preparation. It falls on our shoulders to consider our children’s […]

Teach Them in the Way of Wisdom
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