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Author: Lucas Kitchen

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Eternal Life

Part 22 of 46Eternal LifeI drive old cars. My first car was a Nissan Pulsar. It cost me six hundred dollars to buy and seven hundred to get it operational. Since then I've driven used and abused cars. My newest car is fifteen years old. Fortunately, my vehicles run without me having to know what's […]

Know It All

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Eternal Life

Part 21 of 46Eternal LifeI was not a very good English student. I was not good at the technical side of writing. I struggled to keep grammar rules straight. Even through college, I remained weak in English. I had to take a remedial English class my senior year of my undergraduate. I remember my teacher […]

The Object Of Your Belief: Jesus

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Naked Grace

Part 27 of 27Naked GraceThere were a handful of illustrations and analogies that I had picked up during my youth ministry days. I had used these clever-sounding parables at the climax of sermons and Bible lessons. They were part of my shiny tool kit of preacher sayings. They had aroused interest and intrigue from my […]


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Eternal Life

Part 20 of 46Eternal Life

SECTION 4: The Object

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Eternal Life

Part 19 of 46Eternal LifeI was heading out to my office, which is behind my house, and my wife stopped me. She said, “Did you take my dongles?" They weren’t dongles, I thought but didn't say. I knew what she was referring to, but I decided to be an annoying know-it-all instead of a helpful […]

Convinced In the Bible

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Eternal Life

Part 18 of 46Eternal LifeI have this friend who always is asking for definitions. Anytime we talk about anything important, he says, "Now what do you mean by the word ____." He likes to lock in definitions because he's big on understanding the person he's talking to. Honestly, it's an excellent way to be. In […]

Convinced In Greek

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Eternal Life

Part 17 of 46Eternal LifeI was sitting with some buddies at my favorite burger shop. I watched through the front window of the building as a lady in the drive-through ripped the wrapper off her straw and tossed it out the open window of her car. I was the sole witness of this heinous crime, […]


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Eternal Life

Part 16 of 46Eternal Life

SECTION 3: The Obligation

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Eternal Life

Part 15 of 46Eternal LifeThe only New Testament book left out of this discussion so far is Acts. Doctor Luke, the author of Acts, had a purpose in writing. His purpose was to legitimize the Apostle Paul's authority,⁠1 and to demonstrate the universality of Christianity,⁠2 after it had spread to the Gentiles.⁠3 Acts is not […]


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Eternal Life

Part 14 of 46Eternal LifeWhen I was in high school, I noticed an interesting phenomenon in the Bible. At the time I didn't know how to make sense of it. I noticed that some passages claim that salvation is a free gift. At the same time, I noticed loads of verses with stipulations, instructions, and […]

Matthew, Mark, and Luke

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Eternal Life

Part 13 of 46Eternal LifeAn engineering friend of mine works at a power plant at one of the nation's largest chemical companies. He works with power systems so great that an arc flash, which is hot enough to vaporize copper, could set the entire chemical plant ablaze. To say that his work is complex is […]

New Testament Letters

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Eternal Life

Part 12 of 46Eternal LifeIf you want to know what you have to do to receive eternal life, what book of the Bible should you turn to? This question has divided scholars and laypersons alike. However, it doesn't need to be a lightning rod question. Scripture itself gives the answer. All of the Bible is […]

Gospel of John, The Primary

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Eternal Life

Part 11 of 46Eternal LifeI was on a road trip with my family. We had bought this old church van and converted it into a camper. When I say old, I mean it's nearly my age. The camper van ran well for about 2,500 miles. When we were as far away from civilization as we […]

The Bible's Purpose

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Eternal Life

Part 10 of 46Eternal LifeThe fountain of youth has been dreamed about since the early Greek philosophers, maybe even earlier. Herodotus fantasized about this fountain in the 5th century BC. The concept was revived during the Crusades by Prester John. I suppose one way to motivate medieval troops to march across Europe to defend the […]

Where To Look For Living Water

Part 9 of 46Eternal Life.

SECTION 2: The Obsession

Part 8 of 46Eternal LifeIn the fourth chapter of John, Jesus is talking with a thirsty lady by a well. He says: If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water. (John 4:10) The […]

Clearing The Water

Part 7 of 46Eternal LifeYou can be part of the solution. You can play a considerable part in fixing this massive shipwreck. Let me explain. Think about Paul’s words in Romans: How can they hear without someone preaching to them? …faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:14, 16) According […]

The Gospel Needs People

Part 6 of 46Eternal LifeWhat I discovered in my research seems likely connected to a phenomenon that you've probably spotted. If you've been a churchgoer for any length of time, you will have noticed that there are fewer shoes under pews as of late. Sure, some churches are growing in number, but the broader picture […]

A Church In Exodus

Part 5 of 46Eternal LifeThe entire experience left me with more questions. I wanted to know how unified Christians, especially evangelicals, are on the subject of the Gospel. Specifically, I wanted to know if the majority of people agreed on the content of the saving message. Over about two years, I have built a sizable […]

People Disagree

Part 4 of 46Eternal LifeThe conference’s work-force was made up of the 600 staff members of the host church. They worked for the church where this famous pastor regularly spoke. One of the things that I had noticed was how consistently the conference staff used specific terminology. Clearly, they had been trained to use the […]

The Staff Is Confused

Part 3 of 46Eternal LifeA few years ago I attended a massive four-day conference at one of the largest churches in the nation. Its focus was to encourage and train church staff. Pastors and ministers from thousands of churches throughout the country come to this conference and soak up all there is to learn. The […]

Celebrity Pastors Don't Know Everything.

Part 2 of 46Eternal Life

SECTION 1: The Oblivious

Part 1 of 46Eternal Life Millions of people around the world are confused about what they must do to have everlasting life. This easy to read book gives an entertaining and illustrative view of the concept of eternal life and what you must do to receive it. This is a free series with digital materials […]

Eternal Life Introduction

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In Pursuit

Part 57 of 57In PursuitSweet news spreads the fastest. After years of waiting, your joint effort with Lenard's family has paid off. All of the work has now resulted in a massive crop of the sweetest fruit you've ever tasted. It turns out that Loola was right. With the first basketful of fruit, you are […]

Fruit Abundant Fruit
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