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Lucas Kitchen
Lucas Kitchen is an American author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction. He has written over twenty books. His book Naked Grace was an Amazon bestseller in 2020, and For The Sake Of The King was as well in 2021.

Lucas Kitchen

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Lucas creates media of many kinds. Sometimes he's writing books, blogs, and articles. On other days he creates podcasts, videos, and music. Join in the adventure as Lucas explores the world from a Christian perspective.

The Miracle Of Birth

With the birth of our fourth and final child behind us, we breathe a joint sigh of… exhaustion. Relief is mixed in with the exhale as well. It has been an amazing eight years of watching my wife bring our children to term and then shoving them, screaming into the world, hopeful that they, too, […]

From Wild to Redeemed: Antonio's Amazing Journey

Join Lucas Kitchen, Shawn Lazar, and Antonio Da Rosa as they discuss Antonio's journey from his wild years growing up in San Diego California to his discovery of Christ. Antonio's energy and passion for the Lord are contagious as he, Shawn, and Lucas explore how he went from confusion about his salvation to a clear […]

Lucas Talks To A Non-Free Grace Minister

Lucas has a meaningful discussion with Chris Turner, a member of the pastoral staff of a Bible church near Fort Worth, Texas. They cover a wide range of topics such as, James 2, Biblical unity, and Jr. High youth group. Enjoy their casual conversation salted with meaningful truth.

Lucas Talks To 2X Taekwondo World Champion Grant Hawley

Join Lucas Kitchen and Grant Hawley as they talk about Grant's story of coming to grace, starting a ministry, working with the Free Grace Alliance, and doing mission work. They also discuss Biblical unity, considering Ephesians 4:3, and Grant's experience as a 2 time taekwondo world champion, and the injury he sustained getting the title.

The Beautiful And The Ugly

Join us as we explore the profound events of Acts 3, revisiting the miraculous healing at the Beautiful Gate. Witness Peter and John's transformative encounter with a man once bound by his physical limitations, now leaping in newfound freedom. This video provides a detailed examination of the intertwining themes of prophecy, faith, and life-altering transformations […]

Will A Christian Turned Atheist Go To Hell?

Let me set up this discussion with a hypothetical scenario.  Have you ever heard preachers say, “If a person doesn’t obey the Bible, they may not be saved, even if they claim to have faith.” But then at a funeral, the same preacher may say, “The deceased person was saved because they claimed to have […]

Shawn and Lucas: Church, Salvation & Hot Springs

Lucas and Shawn talk about the effect of church attendance on the national well-being, the content of the saving message and why it can be a divisive issue among Free Grace believers, and an upcoming Hot Springs National Park family camp out put on by Free Grace International (more info soon).

The Future Of Free Grace

Join Lucas Kitchen and his free grace friends, Matt, Gabe, Daniel, and Adam as they discuss the challenges and triumphs of the free grace effort. Hear each of their stories, how they came to a clear understanding of grace, and what they believe needs to be done to better reach a world of grace-hungry people.

Why Are We Divided Over Repentance?

Join Lucas Kitchen and Shawn Lazar as they talk about a topic that has sparked many debates - repentance. As they navigate through a recent Bible study experience at Lucas's sister-in-law's house, they candidly discuss the nuanced differences within the free grace community regarding repentance. But it's not just about theology; they touch upon the […]

The Bride Is Born | Acts 2:37-47

Let's review our journey through Acts. For the past few weeks, we've delved deep into events that transpired in a single day. Our pace will soon accelerate. Jesus was crucified and then resurrected on the third day. Afterward, He stayed for 40 days before ascending to heaven. Ten days post His ascension, the significant event […]

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