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Shawn Lazar
Shawn is the author of several books and a staff writer with Free Grace International. He holds a BTh from McGill University and an MA from the Free University of Amsterdam. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, he now lives in Texas with his wife and three kids.

Shawn Lazar

FGI Content By Shawn

Shawn's work focuses on how God's grace in Christ affects and informs our daily lives. Join him in a thoughtful search to find insights about gracious living from God’s Word and other—sometimes surprising—places.

What Principles Help Make a Christian Marriage Successful?

Christians are called to love their neighbors (Mark 12:31). Of course, that also applies to your spouse (Col 3:19; Titus 2:4). Did you realize your wife or husband is your closest neighbor? But loving your neighbor is a broad command—it tells you to do good without telling you what good you should do. So how […]

You Can’t Depend on Christian Service to Be Your Strength

Are you active in Christian service? According to one survey, 43% of evangelicals are considered “highly active” in their local churches, while only 16% of Catholics are (see here). It seems that most evangelicals are not serving as much as they should. But what is your motivation for service? And how does having the wrong […]

Do You Have to Endure to the End to Be Saved? (Matthew 24:13) (Free Grace FAQ)

Question: If believers are eternally secure, why did Jesus say, “He who endures to the end will be saved”? Doesn’t that show you need to keep believing and doing good work to the end of your life to go to heaven when you die? Answer: Whenever the Bible speaks about salvation, you must find out […]

Why You Should Be Happy When God Says “No!”

God answers every prayer. Sometimes it’s with a “Yes,” but often His answer is “No!” You might think getting a “No” is disappointing. But you should be happy about it. Why are you disappointed when God says “No” to your prayers? Is it because you’re so invested in your plans that you can’t stand to […]

Principles of Grace Giving: Give Where You’re Fed (Galatians 6:6)

Giving to support the work of spreading the gospel and preaching God’s Word is a practical act of discipleship and an exercise of faith. But where should you give, and to whom should you give? Unlike giving under the Old Covenant, which had very specific rules, percentages, and timelines, New Testament giving is much freer, […]

Principles of Grace Giving: Giving Is an Act of Faith (Proverbs 3:9)

Why does God want you to give money to support the work of spreading the gospel? You might think the answer is obvious—isn’t it because God needs your money to get the job done? And yet, as soon as you put the matter that way, you know that’s the wrong answer. God created the universe […]

Is the Grace Message Against Godly Living? No!

Grace and work don’t mix. You’re either saved by one or the other but never by a mixture of both. But even though grace excludes works as a basis of salvation, does that mean Free Grace theology is against godly living? Religious people find it very hard to believe that God relates to you based […]

Are You Treating Jesus Like Supplemental Insurance?

One of the hardest things about communicating the grace message to religious people is getting them to see they’re not believing in Jesus for what He promised. That can be hard because they often do believe in Jesus for something—but for something less than what He is. Do you know what supplemental health insurance is? […]

You Can Receive Christ as Savior Without Taking Him as Lord

A “hostile takeover” refers to “the acquisition of one company by another corporation against the wishes of the former.” If the Christian life is a kind of takeover, is it hostile? Jesus is Lord and wants to exercise that Lordship over your entire life—over your every thought, word, and deed. However, making Jesus “Lord of […]

Echoes of the Gospel in Wonder Woman (2017)

In Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis used the term “deeper magic” as a metaphor for the gospel. He didn’t explicitly put in a Christian sermon, but the concepts still rang out clearly in the story. Likewise, if you listen carefully to culture, you’ll hear echoes of gospel themes—echoes of that “deeper magic”—present in secular […]

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