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Shawn Lazar
Shawn is the author of several books and a staff writer with Free Grace International. He holds a BTh from McGill University and an MA from the Free University of Amsterdam. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, he now lives in Texas with his wife and three kids.

Shawn Lazar

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Shawn's work focuses on how God's grace in Christ affects and informs our daily lives. Join him in a thoughtful search to find insights about gracious living from God’s Word and other—sometimes surprising—places.

Is Christian Ministry Your Work or Your Hobby?

I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your true worship (Rom 12:1). Some people struggle with finding meaning in their work. If that’s you, have you heard of the difference between a vocation and an avocation? A vocation is “a person’s employment or main […]

Did God the Father Pour His Wrath on Jesus?

Katie asked: “I heard a preacher (Paul Washer) put forth an idea that I’d never heard of before concerning the wrath of God and Jesus on the cross. He said that while Jesus was on the cross, the Father poured out His cup of wrath onto Him, and that’s how He paid for our sins. […]

Watchman Nee on Recovered Truth

There are two very different ways of looking at Church history. For some, it is a history of an institution that has remained faithful from the days of the apostles to today. For others, it is a history of the corruption of the apostolic churches, followed by a gradual and uneven recovery of truth by […]

Do You Show More Grace to Whataburger Than to Church?

I eat out more than I should. Fried chicken is my favorite. Hot dogs are a close second. I’ll eat French fries, but I prefer onion rings or fried pickles. I like the food but have low expectations for the service. At this point, there is a 50/50 chance of receiving a wrong order. There […]

Not Like the Gentiles: Christian Families Are Different

My son noticed that the new Shazam movie was available, but he also knew to ask, “Are we allowed to see it? Is there…anything in it that’s…not OK?” He’s heard me say many times that there are shows, movies, and whole channels we will not watch as a family because they teach stupid, blasphemous, or […]

Jesus, James, and George MacDonald on Worrying About Tomorrow

“The five-year plan is dead,” Kate Northrup writes. “With the pandemic and other uncertainties, many individuals are questioning what this means for career, and for those who plan years into the future, it can make them feel like they’re floundering. ‘How should you think about the future?’” Even secular society is feeling the uncertainty of […]

Too Tired to Live? An Alternative to Euthanasia for Christian Seniors

Are you so tired of living that you look forward to dying? According to this recent article, that’s how many senior citizens feel. Even though they are “not seriously ill,” they still feel “a yearning to end their lives.” Why? Here’s one example: Molly was 88 years old and in good health. She had outlived […]

What Does It Mean for Faith to Be Dead? A Primitive Baptist Answer

What did James mean when he said that faith without works is dead? “This does not mean that true faith is dead until works bring it to life, as some seem to construe it. James is here writing of showing charity to the needy, and very truly declares that to believe without acting would be […]

Jesus’ Ability vs Your Inability

What does it mean to trust someone? Would you agree that putting your faith in someone reflects your confidence in their ability to do the job? If you take your son to a pediatrician because he’s been suffering from terrible headaches, doesn’t that mean you think the doctor can do what you cannot do for […]

Low Anthropology for Youth Basketball

How do you show grace to your kids? How do you let it permeate all aspects of your family life and parenting? It’s one thing to preach grace in an obvious pastoral context. But how do you parent “in line with the truth of the gospel” (cf. Gal 2:14)? Daphne and Zane recently had a […]

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