This book is a partnership between father-and-son-team, Larry and Lucas Kitchen. It began with bedtime stories told by Larry to Lucas and his brothers. Now it's an illustrated adventure book for everyone to enjoy. Book Description: After an ice climbing accident Joshua Hubbard, a 15-year-old adventurer, must descend into a mysterious cave in hopes of rescuing his lost father. Along the way, he runs into a host of obstacles such as deadly drops, bitter cold, and giant man-eating cave rats. When his path out is blocked by a deadly rodent the size of a school bus, he has no choice but to press deeper into this underworld of danger. The mystery that he stumbles upon is bigger than anything he could have possibly imagined. This fantastically illustrated tale is imaginatively written for middle-grade readers who are ready for a fun and engaging quest.


Lucas Kitchen is an American author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction. He has written over twenty books. His book Naked Grace was an Amazon bestseller in 2020, and For The Sake Of The King was as well in 2021.