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What if you could go on a morning stroll in your backyard garden only to discover your purpose for being alive? IN PURSUIT OF FRUIT places you, the reader, in the lead role. As the main character, you will build your garden, discover the goal of the Christian life, and find out how to achieve what you are still here for. This book melds the beloved aspects of Christian fiction with the step-wise approach of spiritual growth literature. Not only will you be entertained by the witty, humorous, and charming characters, but you'll learn invaluable concepts as you dig deep into God's word. You'll come away with a crystal clear understanding of your purpose and how to achieve it. You will find out that the goal for your life is sweeter than you ever imagined.


Lucas Kitchen is an American author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction. He has written over twenty books. His book Naked Grace was an Amazon bestseller in 2020, and For The Sake Of The King was as well in 2021.