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Have you ever heard a sermon that was convoluted, inconsistent, or contradictory? Have you experienced Bible study teaching that is confusing or unclear? Have you noticed that many who teach the Bible avoid answering even the most straightforward questions about their teaching? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people worldwide find reading the Bible and listening to Bible teachers frustrating, unsatisfying, and downright upsetting. The Word Of God should make sense! So why are so many struggling to find teaching that is consistent, clear, and simple? In Lucas Kitchen's book, ETERNAL CLARITY, you will discover a simple set of distinctions that will make sense of the central message of Scripture. You will gain a practical set of tools to sharpen your Biblical understanding. You will see the beautiful simplicity of what the Bible has to say. This book was hand-crafted to help you find the clarity that you are seeking. If you're interested in finally making sense of what God has to say to you through His word, this book is for you.



Lucas Kitchen is an American author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction. He has written over twenty books. His book Naked Grace was an Amazon bestseller in 2020, and For The Sake Of The King was as well in 2021.