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Eternal Life

Part 46 of 46Eternal Life1. DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOU WILL GO TO HEAVEN?  If they answer yes, then a great follow up question is, “How do you know?” If they answer no, a great follow up question is, “Would you like to know for sure?” Almost anyone can honestly answer that they […]

7 Questions

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Eternal Life

Part 45 of 46Eternal LifeThe other day a friend in his mid-sixties asked me to give him some tips on how to use Facebook for his business. I went into teacher mode. I said something like, “You can use targeted audience data for business page ads. In addition they give you analytics that show your […]

Repeating Isn't Enough

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Eternal Life

Part 44 of 46Eternal LifeWhat to emphasize in the verse: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16) What to say:  God loved the world a lot. That’s a good thing because the world has a […]

Present The Gospel

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Eternal Life

Part 43 of 46Eternal LifeI love to draw. I grew up doing art. That’s because my dad, even when my brothers and I were young, was a locally known painter. We studied the craft under his tutelage. His paintings and murals can be seen all around our area in banks, restaurants, and hospitals. In this […]

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Eternal Life

Part 42 of 46Eternal Life

SECTION 7: The Obvious

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Eternal Life

Part 41 of 46Eternal LifeThough it is Jesus’ job to fully convince anyone who hasn’t yet believed by providing ample evidence, there is quite a bit one can do to put themselves in the right frame of mind. In a pursuit to believe it’s easy to miss out on a powerful tool: Prayer. James wrote:  […]

Fairly Consider

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Eternal Life

Part 40 of 46Eternal LifeIn the first-century testimony of Christ was more accessible. Eyewitnesses of Jesus were available to whom you could go. I am convinced that virtually all of Israel, around 2 million people in that time, witnessed Jesus with their own eyes. It was easier then because most people from that region knew […]

Jesus as a Prophet

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Eternal Life

Part 39 of 46Eternal LifeJesus gives a fourth category of evidence to prove His authenticity when He says:  “If it were just Me talking about Myself, My testimony wouldn't be valid. John announced the truth about Me. The works the Father gave Me to do, prove I'm the real thing. The Father Himself has testified […]

Messianic Prophecy

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Eternal Life

Part 38 of 46Eternal LifeNot only had John the Baptist, and Jesus’ miracles testified about the Messiah’s identity, but so too did God the Father. In an attempt to persuade the religious leaders that He was the Messiah, Jesus reminded them that the Father had given an audible endorsement of His Son. He said: “If […]

The Father's Testimony

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Eternal Life

Part 37 of 46Eternal LifeThough all of Jesus' miraculous works were fantastic, none is greater than His resurrection. On the Sunday after the terrible events of crucifixion Friday, Jesus came out of His grave. This was the most important moment in all of human history. Years later Paul said:  For he [God] has set a […]

Proof From The Grave

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Eternal Life

Part 36 of 46Eternal LifeWe learn a lot about a person from the way they face death. Some are fearful and trembling at the end. Others are calm and at peace. I remember watching my grandmother in the last weeks of her life. She faced death with a determined peace and certainty. My grandfather, who […]

Proof On The Cross

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Eternal Life

Part 35 of 46Eternal LifeJesus is known as a miracle worker. Even those who know little to nothing about Him know at least that. Did He just like to shock and awe, or was there some purpose behind His actions? Nothing Jesus did was without purpose. In attempting to convince a group that He was […]

For The Sake Of Signs

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Eternal Life

Part 34 of 46Eternal LifeEvery political campaign cycle features a round of endorsements. The candidates rally for the support of famous and influential people. A candidate for Congress who receives the endorsement of his peers is admirable; but one who receives the endorsement of the president and other high offices is sure to have a […]

John the Baptist

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Eternal Life

Part 33 of 46Eternal LifeI was discussing faith with an atheist online a while back. He typed this: “The anus is on you to prove that Jesus is authentic.” Oh my, I thought. What have I gotten myself into? What our conversation had to do with the termination point of the gastrointestinal tract I could […]

It's Jesus' Job

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Eternal Life

Part 32 of 46Eternal Life

SECTION 6: The Onus

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Eternal Life

Part 31 of 46Eternal LifeI remember the first time I ever flew in a plane. I cried at the beauty of the world passing below. It gave an amazing sense of perspective as we rushed over the unaware world of miniature proportions. We’ve come a long way. Thus far, we’ve looked at eternal life and […]

The Giver Of Eternal Life

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Eternal Life

Part 30 of 46Eternal LifeI did something stupid to one of my friends. It was something that got me into trouble with him. He was right to be mad at me over it. Let me explain.  Financially, he was in a tight spot a number of years back. He was between jobs and needed some […]

The Present Possession Of Eternal Life

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Eternal Life

Part 29 of 46Eternal LifeI used to live in a place on the edge of some woods in Tyler, TX. The rent was cheap, and it was owned by one of the secretaries of the church where I worked. When I moved in, I noticed some interesting things. First of all, it was nestled low […]

The Security Of Eternal Life

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Eternal Life

Part 28 of 46Eternal LifeYears ago I opened an account with a new bank. I picked the bank because it had the tallest building in town. After opening the account, I got a letter in the mail from the bank. Inside was what looked like a check for one hundred and fifty dollars. It appeared […]

The Cost Of Eternal Life

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Eternal Life

Part 27 of 46Eternal LifeWe sat on the stairs as I struggled to explain the situation to my three-year-old. She scrunched her face up trying to grasp what it all meant.  “Do you remember what happened to Grandpa’s dog?”  “Milo?” “Yeah, Milo,” I said trying to envision how I would word this. She beat me […]

The Need For Eternal Life

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Eternal Life

Part 26 of 46Eternal LifeLyrics from the American rock band, Queen: This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us. Who wants to live forever?  The flaming lips answered when they sang: Everyone wants to live forever. Thinking that it'd be a lot better. Everyone wants to live forever, But no one ever […]

The Objective

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Eternal Life

Part 25 of 46Eternal Life

SECTION 5: The Objective

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Eternal Life

Part 24 of 46Eternal LifeWhat does it mean to be the Christ? The simplest answer is: The Christ is what the Christ does. Let me illustrate this idea with a practical example. If I claim to be an artist that means I do art. An artist is what an artist does. I’m not an artist […]

Title Or Ability

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Eternal Life

Part 23 of 46Eternal LifeMost great leaders are known for a single idea. That doesn't mean that great leaders only have one idea, but in terms of history, most are remembered for one thing. Just about every historical figure can be boiled down to a main claim. Abraham Lincoln's main claim was that slavery must […]

Jesus' Main Claim
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