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Part 41 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Where have you been?” Rachit asked with a sharp edge slicing through his voice as Avi and Carina entered the elaborate guest room. Bhoora was still grazing in the courtyard and would have filled too much of the room to be welcome inside. "I was the guest […]


Part 40 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi stood and dusted himself off, not sure what to say. The song he had just sung was still echoing in his ears. In an instant, Hans was at his side.  “That was the most beautiful song I've ever heard from the lips of a mortal,” Hans […]

Will You Stay

Part 39 of 57For The Sake Of The King"My dear friends,” Low King Hans said as he walked to the front of the banquet hall. He took his place at the head of the table and continued his speech. “I'm so thrilled to have you all here. Isn't it wonderful to be together once again? […]

Banquet Of The Beloved

Part 38 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Is this Avi of Sundar?” A voice said from behind his chair.  “It is,” Hasani offered. “Would you like to meet him?”  “Absolutely,” the voice said. Now Avi was on his feet, standing before an unfamiliar man whom he had never met. The characteristic glow, brighter than […]


Part 37 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi's mind was racing. He had hardly breathed during Hans's amazing story. He was at a loss for words. It took him a moment, sitting on the stuffed couch, to pull himself from the dreamlike state he had been in while listening to Hans's tale. He looked […]

A Prayer

Part 36 of 57For The Sake Of The KingI was 78 when I died. I was a pilot based in a little town called Hamburg of Old Earth. It was nothing compared to today's cities, but it was home. After the King resurrected me and he mopped up the mess that the world had become, […]

Judgment Bench

Part 35 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Feel free to look around,” Hasani, the attendant, said. “King Hans will be with you shortly.”  Avi spun in place in the massive room. He had never seen so many books in his life. Shelves lined with bound volumes rose around him like the cliffs of a […]

Hans's Library

Part 34 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe impressive-looking man needed no introduction. They had known who he was at once. Anyone from Tamesh would know his face. He was tall and lean looking. His skin beamed brighter than any shepherd Avi had ever seen. His crown, made of five thick rings of gold, […]

King Of Tamesh

Part 33 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Here he is,” Carina said. Avi was in a daze, having found and lost Zariah for the second time in a week.  “Avi of Sundar?” A powerful voice said as Avi tried to get his eyes to focus. He found a celestial standing before him.   “I […]

Royal Messenger

Part 32 of 57For The Sake Of The King“How do they fly?” Avi asked as he watched another skyliner dip low enough to drop its tethered passenger bay.  “The air is pumped out of the oval part on top. It's rigid, so it keeps its shape, creating a voluminous vacuum. Vacuum is lighter than the […]

Is That Her?

Part 31 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThey all agreed that they should stop for a break. Even Bhoora sniffed the rushing air. He could recognize a buffet when he smelled one. Their boat captain guided the vessel into a small alcove along the side of the river. They tied off to a large […]


Part 30 of 57For The Sake Of The King"There are a bear and a man riding a Giant Turtle,” a voice rang out early in the morning. Avi could hear the sound through the small window of the borrowed room where his sister still slept. Avi emerged from the house with a still glowing heart […]


Part 29 of 57For The Sake Of The KingWith that admission, her face took on the lines of thought, as if deep in remembrance. Without words, Shepherd Oksana stood and walked among the people around the fire. Avi and Carina stopped chewing as they watched her. She wove through the people and patted some affectionately […]

A Wine Miracle

Part 28 of 57For The Sake Of The King"We do not get very many visitors to Jazira. As you can see, your arrival is an exciting occasion,” shepherd Oksana said. As she spoke, a young boy appeared with plates of food heaped with a tasty looking supper.  “Wild rice, fire-baked water chestnut, taro, steamed caltrop, […]

Island Shepherd

Part 27 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAs soon as Carina was on her dolphin, she was speeding away at full throttle. Rumble, the turtle, had a full load with Bhoora and Rachit.  After watching Zariah leave, Avi eventually came to the waterline. A pink dolphin was there waiting for him. He took one […]

Riding Dolphins

Part 26 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAs they all approached, the sound of their trills became more clamored and intense. These freshwater dolphins seemed excited to see the visitors. Bhoora splashed back with his enormous paw, but slapping at the water had no effect on the aquatic creatures. They smacked their tails on […]


Part 25 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAs the travelers walked along their way, Avi and Carina shared what they had learned from the wanderers with Rachit and Zariah. Strangely, Rachit seemed uninterested, and Zariah seemed to already know what they told her. After listening for a few minutes, Rachit changed the subject abruptly. […]

Unexpected Answers

Part 24 of 57For The Sake Of The King“I’m a nomad,” the man said. “My name’s Fred.” What a strange-sounding name, Avi thought. Uninterested, Bhoora grazed nearby on some local plant life as Avi and Carina gave their attention to the stranger.  “I’m Avi, and this is my sister Carina.” He decided not to introduce […]


Part 23 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi marveled at the incredible size of the trees they passed. They were at least half over the height of any tree he had seen in the wood around Sundar. In the high reaches, squirrels and birds played vigorously. Chirps and scuttling from the canopy above mixed […]


Part 22 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAnother day in camp and they were all ready to move. Rachit and Carina’s debates were getting louder, and Zariah seemed eager to get on the move. Avi was the only one that wanted to stay. When it was finally decided, they began gathering their gear.  “The […]

Which Way

Part 21 of 57For The Sake Of The King

A Spy

Part 20 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi carried the girl back to their camp. The pain of the scratch on his leg ached with the exertion. By the time they had arrived, the rain had stopped. Carina made a place for her to lay. She slept all day and through the next night.  […]

Meet Zariah

Part 19 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Hey, there,” Avi said. “Are you ok?”  He knelt next to the stranger, covered in a thick layer of dust and mud. Avi’s breath came delicately. The person was not a man. She was not even an adult. The dirt-covered stranger was a teenaged girl. She was […]

In The Canyon

Part 18 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Avi,” Carina said. “Wake up.” “What?”  “There's something you need to see,” she said, taking his hand. He had drifted off to sleep long after the others, leaning against Bhoora. The bear was still sleeping deeply in the truck bed. Avi glanced at the sky, seeking the […]

The Cliff
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