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In Pursuit

Part 9 of 57In PursuitBy now you’ve spent weeks staring at the garden. You have checked the fruit tree sapling. It is a tough plant. It continues to survive, but it is far from thriving. In fact, it hasn't grown a single centimeter since shortly after you planted it.  Each time you visit the wild […]

You Can't Do It

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In Pursuit

Part 8 of 57In PursuitIn the last section, I made the claim that the ultimate goal of your Christian experience is to have abundant life. Abundant life is a life filled with the fruits of the Spirit like love, joy, peace, and the rest. There will be those out there that will complain. They will […]

God Wants Abundance

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In Pursuit

Part 7 of 57In PursuitYou've spent a few weeks dreaming about fruit, now. Each morning you stand in the place where your fruit tree sapling is planted. You can't wait to see that little sprig spring into a vibrant giant with heavily laden branches of edible delights.  As you sit among the vines and thorns […]

A Selfish Gardener

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In Pursuit

Part 6 of 57In PursuitNow, are you ready to find out what the ultimate purpose of your Christian life is? Do you want to know God's goal for your life? I've made you wait long enough. Are you ready? Here it is: Abundant Life! Jesus said that He came to do two things. He came […]

The Goal Of Your Life

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Naked Grace

Part 26 of 27Naked GraceMost of the friends I had were either in music or youth ministry. Some of them were in both. I had a buddy who had taken a ministry job at a church one town over. He was primarily a music minister, but he was good with students as well. He had […]

Once Saved

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Naked Grace

Part 25 of 27Naked GraceFor a semester, I attended a university in Dallas. Living on campus was incredibly lonely since most of the students I met during the week were commuters. My dorm was a closet-sized room with three stinky college students crammed inside. Our bathroom was shared by six. Consequently, I spent long hours […]

In The Buff

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Naked Grace

Part 24 of 27Naked GraceIn the corner of the Bible Belt, where I grew up, there was this pervasive idea that faith equals fervor. Disregarding the fact that the two words have entirely separate etymologies and semantic domains, the cohabitation of these two terms never seemed all that questionable to my developing mind. In practice, […]

Before The Lord

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Naked Grace

Part 23 of 27Naked Grace"If you can't feel the presence of God in this place, you should check your spiritual pulse!" I heard a sweating revival preacher say once. It frightened me. I was not all that moved by his preaching antics, which seemed surprisingly similar to a red-faced temper tantrum. I had known since […]

The Passion

Part 57 of 57For The Sake Of The KingWhy should the Kingdom matter now?  I was burned out like a piece of bread in a jammed toaster. I had been in church for years and even worked as a full-time minister. None-the-less, the fire had gone out for me, and I was still smoking with […]

A Note From The Author

Part 56 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAfter a beautiful week in Jerusalem full of feasts, singing, and celebration, the micro delegation from Sundar was preparing to go home. They had gathered in the palace's courtyard. They had packed their travel bags and gathered them into a pile. Avi made general thanks to each. […]


Part 55 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi could feel the music flowing through his body, raising every hair. By the end, David and Zariah were standing next to him, singing along. Their harmony was like honey and wine. Every word sent warm chills down Avi's back.  Coming out of the melody was like […]


Part 54 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe sky fanned out with rainbowic ribbons of borealis. The colors of the aurora above painted the faces of the people who watched. The shimmering light in the sky was a sign that the royal broadcast of the festivities had begun. The music that would follow, Avi’s […]

A Song

Part 53 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe next day the festivities began at dawn. Trumpet blasts rang through the city. The courtyard of the palace was being prepared for a massive banquet. Noise and movement were all about the grounds. By midmorning, they were on their way to the parade grounds.  Eliah and […]

The Grand Parade

Part 52 of 57For The Sake Of The KingZariah led Avi up a winding set of stairs that must have spanned twenty floors. She kept stealing stray glances at him as they climbed toward the top. After a plethora of steps, they finally came to the stoop of the corner tower of the Palace. They […]

The Temple

Part 51 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Hello,” King David said as he stepped out from behind the drum kit. He was glowing bright white. Seven golden rings encircled his head. “My name is David Ben-Jesse.”  “I—uh—I’m—” Avi stuttered. Zariah giggled gently.  “Yes, my granddaughter has told me all about you, Avi,” David said. […]

Making Music

Part 50 of 57For The Sake Of The King"Well, do you want to finish our walk?” Amoli said in an incredibly friendly voice. Her request seemed devoid of affection yet pleasant and inviting. He could see she would make a pleasant friend.    “Yeah, that'd be nice,” Avi said. He felt as if he had […]


Part 49 of 57For The Sake Of The King“I’ve been talking to Nimit Patel about our arrangement,” Avi’s father said. They were walking in the courtyard among the colonnade of the royal palace. The evening was turning to night, and the moon was already peeking over the tops of the beautiful city silhouette. The rest […]

She's Here

Part 48 of 57For The Sake Of The King"Avi, Carina!” his father said. Silhouetted against the sunshine outside stood both his father and mother. Around their legs were a half dozen of their children, Avi's siblings. His mother held baby Galiun. As soon as she spotted her big brother and sister, Margreth came running.  “Avi!” […]


Part 47 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Stay out here, Boy,” Avi said to Bhoora.  “I’ll have someone bring him something to eat,” Eliah said. “Does he like Aubergine baba ganoush?”  After making the arrangements, Eliah led them into an opulent room where a low table was already being set with food. A young […]

A King's Sons

Part 46 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe shuttle set down gently outside the city. As soon as Avi was out of the massive compartment, he paused and surveyed the incredible scenery. The eager travelers streamed out around him, but he didn’t notice.  “During the Old Earth era, this was all desert,” Rachit said, […]

The Capital

Part 45 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Aircraft in the old world were limited by relativistic physics,” Carina said as Avi and Rachit slurped at their drink pouches. Rachit’s eyes scanned the room as Carina continued. Avi did his best to show interest in Carina’s knowledge of the archaic.  “What does that mean?” Avi […]


Part 44 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe three stayed in Low King Hans's estate for another few days as they awaited their departure to the capital. Avi, Carina, Bhoora, and Rachit arrived at the sky port sometime near dusk. They had been instructed to gather their things and prepare for departure for Jerusalem. […]


Part 43 of 57For The Sake Of The KingHaving seen a trial that ended in execution, Avi was entirely undone as Hans turned his attention toward Rachit. He was so frightened that without realizing it, he was clutching Amos' sleeve. He could hardly breathe. Thinking of such dark things was more than Avi had ever […]

A Need For Mercy

Part 42 of 57For The Sake Of The KingShepherd Amos arrived for Carina and Avi before the sun was up. Bhoora was already sniffing around the courtyard. Avi bid Bhoora stay in the gardened courtyard as Amos ushered him and Carina to the location of Rachit's trial.  It was a courtly room with a tall […]

A Worse Trial
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