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We had been married for about eight years and finally settled into that comfortable rhythm that only experienced couples can manage. It was Easter Sunday. After church, we had lunch at his parent’s house before heading home for family nap time. The warm April sun was flowing through the double glass of the back porch doors. Our six-month-old daughter snoozed quietly in her bassinet as I curled up heavy-eyed next to my already sleeping husband. I remember the feelings that swirled around on that pleasantly average afternoon. Optimism, hope, and peace were what characterized the first half of the worst day of my life. Little did I know that seven hours later I would become the widow of a suicidal husband and an unprepared single mother.

Blessed Assurance

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Things Above

When I was at Letourneau University, I was asked to host the yearly comedy show on campus. It was attended by a thousand or more college students who were eager to laugh. I had to do a handful of comedy sketches, which was both exhilarating and frightening.

Submission and Love / THINGS ABOVE / 11

Part 13 of 13Kids Curriculum Set #1

Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep13

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep12

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep11

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep10

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep09

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep08

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep07

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep06

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep05

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Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep04

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End Times Today

A college student sent the following terse text to his mother: “Mom, have failed everything. Prepare Dad.” The next day the student received this reply: “Dad prepared; prepare yourself!” As important as it was for that student to be prepared to meet his father, it is far more important for believers in Jesus to be prepared to meet their Lord. The New Testament often exhorts us to prepare ourselves for the return of Christ, and Jesus told more than one parable to drive home that important concept.

The Ten Virgins / End Times Today / EP. 27

Part 7 of 7Test Your TestimonyA few years ago I heard a different style of testimony. The man began by saying he had been part of a “Christian” cult which taught that once you were saved, if you sinned even one time, you lost your salvation and you could never get it back. This cult […]

The Defined Testimony

Part 6 of 7Test Your Testimony “My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand.” John 10:29 NKJV Webster dictionary defines a testimony as: A solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation […]

The Divine Testimony

The weather, the pandemic, and everything else has made me incredibly tired. What about you? Let’s see what God’s word has to say about growing tired.

Don’t Grow Tired (Live)

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Things Above

It’s beautiful to see the growing diversity of the church in America, though no matter how diverse we become in the States, it doesn’t hold a candle to the incredibly diverse populations of the Colossian church.

Mind Control / THINGS ABOVE / 10

Part 3 of 3
Bedtime Lessons

Ellie, the little magical sprog, and her brother Eloy had been walking up the mountain for more than an hour. Wobblewog was following behind, mumbling all kinds of things they didn’t understand.

Bedtime Lessons / Dragon Tales / Working Up The Mountain / 3

I was sitting in my car watching, horrified, as my best friend cried beside me. I’ve known her for years. We have been through weddings, births, deaths, and more together, but I had never seen her so upset. Her face was bright red, while huge tears spilled into her lap. “I just don’t know if she’s really saved.” she gasped between tears.

The Dramatic Testimony

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Things Above

In the corner of the Bible Belt, where I grew up, there were rules, rules, and more rules. Christians weren’t supposed to listen to secular music. We weren’t supposed to drink, dip, or smoke. No baggy pants, face piercings, or spiky blue hair was allowed. We were to steer clear of certain substances that would alter our mood.

My Secret Sin / THINGS ABOVE / 9

Have you ever seen a Jenny Craig commercial? With the before and after pictures? Debbie from Delaware is standing in less than flattering biker shorts and a tank top, depressed, with sad music playing in the background. Then…BOOM! She steps into the next frame and is magically transformed. She’s in a sassy cocktail dress, 30 pounds lighter, with better makeup and upbeat music. Debbie ain’t a downer no more!

The Disciple Testimony

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Bedtime Lessons

Eloy and Ellie’s Baffle dragons did not want them to go on their trip. They growled and, woofed, and spat fire. None the less, the brave brother and sister set out on their journey Saturday morning because they didn’t have school. Ellie held the map as Eloy led the way. They were making their trip to The Wise Wizard, Waddly Wobblewog, who lived near Hogdog bog in a soggy log. After walking for a few hours, Ellie spoke up.

Bedtime Lessons / Dragon Tales / In The Bog Of Confusion

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End Times Today

In an article written by Aviel Schneider, and recently appearing in Israel Today (Islamic Cleric: “The Quran proves that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jews” | Israel Today), a leading member of Pakistan’s National Assembly Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani told the camera. “The house of God was built for the children of Israel and not for the Palestinians.”

The Mark Of The Beast / End Times Today / EP. 26

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Things Above

When I was in junior high, freedom came in chrome. To be free was to have a bike. Not just any bike would do, though. That’s because most of the time I spent with my brothers was in the woods near our house. You had to have a bike that could go off-road and handle all sorts of terrain.

Cheated / THINGS ABOVE / 7
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