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At one of the most challenging times in my life, someone loved me so well that it made me think, “Maybe there’s more to God than I realize.” Here’s what I’ve learned since, narrowed down as much as possible.

Maybe There's More

They all agreed that they should stop for a break. Even Bhoora sniffed the rushing air. He could recognize a buffet when he smelled one. Their boat captain guided the vessel into a small alcove along the side of the river. They tied off to a large rock as they climbed ashore. This time Bhoora […]


Avi marveled at the incredible size of the trees they passed. They were at least half over the height of any tree he had seen in the wood around Sundar. In the high reaches, squirrels and birds played vigorously. Chirps and scuttling from the canopy above mixed with the sound of activity from the forest […]


Lucas and Kristah discuss the often misunderstood concept of fearing God.

What does it mean to fear the Lord?

Last year, New York passed a bill expanding the right for legal abortions into the third trimester. Other states are now seeking to follow in their footsteps and pass similar legislation. This bill allows abortions of fully developed babies up to birth. Those advocating for the bill have admitted that it would even allow the […]

Puah and Shiphrah
What's In Your Soil

You’re standing at your kitchen sink staring out at the lawn. What a splendid scene. The sun is smiling down; the grass is still shrouded with dew; the tool shed door is wide and tools are flying out. Wait, what? You set your coffee cup down next to the sink and start toward the exit.  […]


Do the warning passages in the book of Hebrews show that eternal security is false? What does it mean to neglect so great a salvation in Hebrews? What is at stake? Bob Wilkin and Shawn Lazar (of Grace In Focus Radio) discuss these interesting passages.

How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? / Hebrews 2:3

You dry as Aunt Loola washes the dishes. After a moment, you notice a smile stretch across her face.  “Hey, do you have time to go see a friend of mine?” Loola asks.  “Sure, why not,” you say. You grab your keys and escort Aunt Loola to the car. She directs you toward the interstate, […]

Goal Swap

You've spent a few weeks dreaming about fruit, now. Each morning you stand in the place where your fruit tree sapling is planted. You can't wait to see that little sprig spring into a vibrant giant with heavily laden branches of edible delights.  As you sit among the vines and thorns waiting for the fruit […]

A Selfish Gardener

There once was a little boy. He lived in a big castle in a magical land where mushrooms grew as tall as trees and trees grew as tall as clouds, and clouds didn't grow at all because they were made of cloud fuzz. This little boy's name was Eloy. The castle he and his family lived in was so big it had lots of empty rooms on upstairs floors that he had never visited. His parents told him never to go into those empty rooms on the third floor of their big old castle.

Bedtime Lessons / Dragon Tales / Eloy's Dragon

Each time I talk about the gospel, I get resistance from Christians who want to call foul. They quote verses from James, and 1st John trying to point out that we must have works to maintain our salvation. It worries me quite a bit that this is a common understanding of the gospel. How have […]

Jesus, The Repo Man

After a beautiful week in Jerusalem full of feasts, singing, and celebration, the micro delegation from Sundar was preparing to go home. They had gathered in the palace's courtyard. They had packed their travel bags and gathered them into a pile. Avi made general thanks to each. Jenil and Mr. Patel thanked him. Amoli shook […]


We got this great question today: Question: How would you explain to a non-Christian that worshiping God is necessary vs. just using the tenants of the Christian faith as just a value structure for your life. It's a nice thought, isn't it? We should be able to simply follow the instructions in the Bible without […]

Worship The Creator, or The Created Things: Results May Vary

"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9). What does it mean that God does not want anyone to perish? What does it mean that He wants all to come […]

God Does Not Want Anyone to Perish.

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed! From pastel-colored cards to embroidered stuffed animals to home decorations and yard signs, we see this phrase often during this season. But, what is the significance? Why is this what we celebrate? And as we think of the song, Goodness of God by Bethel we hear the words..."His […]

Goodness of God: Celebrate the Resurrection!

What happens when science and religion agree? Let's imagine you have a bicycle. The purpose of this bike is to move you toward a better understanding of God. One of the wheels on the bicycle is called scripture, the other is called science. Could you ride the bike with only one wheel? Well, yes you […]

Science and Religion

I think it would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been quite the year. While this year has gone differently than any of us planned, I hope you can look back and see God’s hand at work in your life throughout it all. This Christmas season may look different from years past. We […]

A Thrill Of Hope

See what a famous preacher has to say about salvation, and why it is wrong.

Famous Preachers: Matt Chandler

This song, written by Levi Kitchen, celebrates God's free grace. The tune is catchy and singable. It is a great worship song for personal enrichment or for congregational singing. A free chord sheet, lyrics, backing track, and lyric videos are provided. The best part is that it's all free for you to use. If you're […]

Your Grace Is Free (Single)

"My dear friends,” Low King Hans said as he walked to the front of the banquet hall. He took his place at the head of the table and continued his speech. “I'm so thrilled to have you all here. Isn't it wonderful to be together once again? Even though it's only been a month, it […]

Banquet Of The Beloved

Lessons From Philippians Chapter 4 The Apostle Paul speaks to common culprits of an abundant life in Philippians 4, in a passage that has been called Paul’s “recipe for conflict resolution”. (Hendricks, 96) These verses are packed with specific solutions and allow us to consider and decide how we are going to respond to difficulty, […]

Abundant Life is a Choice

Were you taught that you have to Ask Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved? Many have been misled by this insidious little phrase. Learn all about it in this lighthearted video.

Seven Reasons Not To Ask Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved.
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep11

Like many of you, we view our entertainment through streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Netflix. No doubt, you've seen how hard these platforms are pushing a new promiscuous morality. Even children's shows and movies have become permeated by homosexual themes. Recently Disney+ had a homosexual short film in a featured spot […]

Tech Companies Want to Make Your Kids Buddhist.

According to Free Grace Theology, Jesus died for everyone, including you. However, that does not mean everyone automatically goes to heaven when they die, i.e., that does not mean universalism is true. Why not? Shawn Lazar explains.

If Jesus died for everyone why doesn't everyone go to Heaven?

"Hello, Avi. How may I help you today?” A powerful voice said almost in his ear. Avi turned to find Shepherd Amos, dressed in white, smiling, and waiting. He had met him a few times and heard him speak at the village gatherings more times than he could count. The skin of Amos' arms and […]


"What kind is this one, Avi?” A youthful voice asked. Avi turned to find Margreth, his kid sister, holding a snake, thick as her arm, high over her head. Avi was still thinking of his conversation with Rachit a few moments earlier. He reached for the snake and took it from her grasp. She explained, […]

Avi's Song
Why Jesus And Not Another?

Nearly 25 years ago, when I was 15, my Mom asked one of my favorite people, to this day, to please come and talk with me (aka 'fix me'). I was living a life that those who didn't know me then would never believe. It doesn't get a whole lot worse than the path I'd […]

The Talk That Changed My Life
Mr. Oakmont

This post begins a series we are calling, Threads of Jesus. In our modern world, more and more content is being read through message threads. This represents a valuable opportunity to share a message. In this example of one of those opportunities, a conversation about Superman, the government, and alien invasion takes an interesting turn.


Recently, I went through the painful process of leaving a church that believed turning from sins was necessary for salvation. As an immature believer, I didn’t identify right away what was wrong with their doctrine and faithfully followed their teaching. With time, I became more and more troubled. I was unsure whether I had turned […]

Rooted in Fellowship

I was a young twenty-something getting ready to go on my first mission trip to India. In preparation for the trip, my church required that all members of the team had to complete an 8-week course on overseas missions. I was nervous but excited about missions, so I took the class very seriously. About halfway through the program we had to write out our salvation testimonies. I remember struggling with this assignment.

Test Your Testimony: Introduction

When Russia invaded Ukraine The phrase "Is Russia Gog and Magog" suddenly became a trending topic on google. This is probably because during the 70's, and 80's there were Bible teachers who speculated that the Soviet Union was Gog and Magog (Rev 20:8, Ez 38:2). This was a popular teaching among End Times enthusiasts until... […]

Is Russia Gog of Magog

What is belief? John Piper gives an incredibly confusing and convoluted definition of "belief" and "saving faith." Lucas tries to unravel the mess.

Lucas Answers John Piper

Check out Part I of this series for clues found in scripture on dealing with anxiety-related depression. From Personal Experience

Dealing With Anxiety-Related Depression: Part II

Have you ever seen a Jenny Craig commercial? With the before and after pictures? Debbie from Delaware is standing in less than flattering biker shorts and a tank top, depressed, with sad music playing in the background. Then…BOOM! She steps into the next frame and is magically transformed. She’s in a sassy cocktail dress, 30 pounds lighter, with better makeup and upbeat music. Debbie ain’t a downer no more!

The Disciple Testimony

I have often heard people claim that Jesus' parable of the sower proves that some can become unsaved after they first become believers. However, that is not the case. There are a few important things that we need to see from the parable. If you'd like to read it for yourself you can find it […]

The Parable Of The Sower

Bob Wilkin and Shawn Lazar discuss Colossians 1:21-23. Is holiness guaranteed? Or is it conditional? Do you lose your salvation if you don't continue in the faith? What does it mean to be holy and blameless and above reproach in His sight?

Can you be blameless in the faith?

I received this question recently: Is it really necessary for an isolated people group to hear the gospel? I remember sitting through a sermon a long time ago about accountability and God will judge each person accordingly. It made sense that God would not condemn a person if he/she has never heard the gospel or […]

What About The Tribes?

Question: Why was Israel under the law? And why don't we follow the law today? There are a few reasons. Let's take a look. Deuteronomy 11 answers the questions of why: "Observe therefore all the commands I am giving you today, so that you may have the strength to go in and take over the […]

Why was Israel expected to follow the law?

Atheists often claim that Jesus never existed in history. If that is true, then we should expect to find at least some support of the Christ Myth Theory somewhere in history. So is there support for the Christ Myth Theory in ancient history? Nope! In fact, it took about 1800 years for anyone to argue […]

Did Jesus Actually Exist?

In this exploration of Mark 1: Lucas Kitchen uncovers the kind of authority that Christ demonstrated in everything he did.

Who has the authority?
Naked Grace
Are The Gospels Reliable?

For years I struggled with having a daily prayer habit. The whole thing just really intimidated me. What do I say? How do I stay focused? What would the Creator of the Universe possibly want to hear from me anyway? After learning about this guide and putting it into practice I now look forward to […]

How To Pray In 4 Easy Steps Plus A Printable Guide

"Following" someone has taken on new meaning in our social media age. Though, twitter and facebook users weren't the first to ask us to follow. Aside the sea of Galilee Jesus said, "follow me," to a handful of eager fishermen. In this sermon from Lucas Kitchen, find out what "follow me" means.

What does "Follow Me" mean?

Part 2 of a 2 Part Series Check out Part 1 of this series to catch the first part of Kelley's Story in her journey of looking back to move forward. As I sang along to the song "oceans" on each Sunday that fall, I began to pray and ask the Lord to make its […]

Look Back To Move Forward-Part II
FG Kids Archive 1

“Why do we have to go after dark?” I asked Dad as we packed our gear.  “Because we can only see the bioluminescent algae when it’s dark,” Dad said. He always used big words that didn’t make any sense to me. He might as well be speaking some old forgotten language. For all I knew, […]

The Light

A song by Lucas Kitchen that discusses the tendency of some to reject God's saving grace. 

Lost At Sea (Single)

A song by the Kitchen brothers Lucas (lyrics) and Levi (music) that looks forward to the return of Christ.  Vocals by Levi Kitchen Verses Not all believers will die, But all will be changed For the Lord himself will come, from heaven on that day With a commanding shout, Archangel's voice will sound With the […]

His Return (Single)

Got this great question from a subscriber. Hi Lucas, I recently haven't gotten the feeling of the presence of God. I was talking to someone the other day about salvation... now I'm confused again. I started doubting a little bit because I thought that the lack of His presence meant either I wasn't saved or […]

How to stop doubting your salvation.

Now that my husband and I have been married for a few years, he has figured out that I don’t just want a box of chocolates and a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. While I appreciate both chocolate and flowers, what I desire is a handwritten note with a personal message just for me. That’s […]

The Love Letter

In the daily grind that is parenting, consider the things we do over and over that aren’t always fun but are necessary to keep our families moving forward - things like diaper changes, meal preparation, and laundry come to mind, among others. The repetition of these things happens so often that we sometimes do them […]

Prayer and The Daily Grind of Parenting

I was excited to see Miami but didn't know I'd learn so much about eyesight while I was there. I got the chance to speak at a Bible conference in Miami. On my way out, the airline delayed the flight for three hours while we sat on the runway. As I was listening to the […]

Miami, Glasses, And Skin

Lucas was interviewed by Jeremy Myers on the One Verse Podcast in Early 2020. They talked about his book Naked Grace. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On The One Verse Podcast

Has this year made you tired? Many are struggling with the incredible changes that have come about in the last 18 months. It would be easy for anyone now to grow weary of doing good. Lucas Kitchen shared a message at Letourneau University Chapel on that very subject.

Don't Be Tired

The dust bit Avi's eyes. The sand choked his throat as if he was drinking a desert. Little granular shards ground at his skin. It didn't matter.  “Bhoora!” he shouted. The gritty blast muffled the sound of his voice. “Where are you?”  When the moaning picked up again, it was nearly impossible to tell where […]

In The Dust

Do you really have to abandon everything you have to follow Jesus? Find out in this talk from Lucas Kitchen, as he discusses the calling of Levi in Mark 2:13-17.

Don't Lose It! Use It!

International mission trips, new book promotions, and regional speaking engagements are some of the things the FGI team has been up to. Discover what we've been working on in our latest newsletter.

FGI News Update (October 2021)

My daughter woke up crying at 6:30AM. After my wife got her back to sleep I laid in bed for another few minutes but I couldn't sleep. I had something running through my head. It was this question, "can a Christian become an atheist and still be saved." I felt like this would be a […]

Does a Christian Turned Atheist Lose Eternal Life?

My favorite hobby is gardening. I find it so rewarding to watch something small and unimpressive grow and develop into something vibrant and flourishing! But gardening takes patience, something I sorely lack. I bristle when I receive the dreaded answers of "wait," "maybe," or "I'm not sure." I don't want to wait for a decision. […]

Wait...and See

The Jesus Myth hypothesis: For itching ears only. This is the idea that Jesus never existed in history but was made up centuries later. Supposedly his attributes were borrowed from other pagan religions. So... yeah. I'd like to respond to that. This is an overview approach, I'll leave the minutia to the scholars.One of the […]

Is Jesus a Myth?

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 3 Before digging in to The Rocky Soil check out weeks one and two here . For the first twelve years of our marriage, my husband and I were renters. Before moving to our current home, we rented a nice townhome with a tiny backyard. Although I couldn't modify […]

The Rocky Soil

How it doesn't fit First, here is how the Russian Invasion DOES NOT fit, into End Times Prophecy. Contrary to a lot of teachers of Bible prophecy (especially contemporary ones), this invasion is not a precursor to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. There are several reasons for this (and I have included them in this […]

How Does The Russian Invasion Fit Into End Times Prophecy?

I love watching The Great British Baking Show. Baking is relaxing for me, but watching other people bake beautiful treats I've never heard of whilst discussing the process in English accents is even more relaxing. Each week the bakers are presented with a technical challenge. One week the technical challenge was to make an angel […]

The Secret Ingredient For Peace

We received this question not long ago.    Question: Why is your god so evil? If he is all-powerful, why does he do nothing to stop 5000 children under the age of five from dying every single day, just from dirty water alone? Because he is evil. He inflicts suffering upon innocents. Why would you ever worship a being […]

Why Does God let innocent Children Die?

Avi stepped cautiously through the garden, which was bathed in a dusky light. He hummed softly against the whistling breeze and giggled at the funny shape of the bouncing melody. He let the music rise, adding humor with every note. The original composition bubbled with life and movement. He could hear it taking shape in […]

The Broadcast

“Everything is so desiccated,” Carina said.  “How could this be?” Avi said. He felt like he could cry from the sight, but the air was quickly dehydrating him, and he had no tears to give.  “It’s awful.” They walked on, studying the landscape. Carina knelt to the ground and picked up a handful of soil […]

The Withers

A young friend on FB explored the question of why Millennials are leaving the Faith. Perhaps we should ask what makes young adults choose to keep the Faith in which they were raised.

Will My Children Keep The Faith?
FG Kids Archive 2

In the year 1850, the following lines by the famed Victorian poet, Tennyson, were published.  Ring out the old, ring in the new,Ring, happy bells, across the snow:The year is going, let him go;Ring out the false, ring in the new. Tennyson In this second stanza of his much-loved poem, “Ring out, wild bells,” the […]

Ring in the New

As a stay-at-home mom... I often feel like I don’t have any important kingdom work to accomplish. I’m just stuck here at the house, changing diapers, and trying to puzzle out how to get a one-year-old to eat solid food. This is while others are out there sharing the gospel, doing ministry, and changing the […]

God's Big Important Job For You

For a week, Aunt Loola has been visiting each morning. She likes her coffee hot and dark. She comes armed with instructions for you. You’ve seen little progress so far, but at least you’re getting your hands dirty.  “What should we do next?" you ask.  “It’s time to do something about these weeds,” Loola says.  […]


Lucas and Kristah talk about a few articles, some videos, and an infographic on the FGI site. Here are the links for each item discussed. Is That True? Article | 10 Reasons not to ask Jesus into your heart Infographic | Seven reasons not to ask Jesus into your heart to be saved video | […]

Is That True?

 I was a gangly kid of thirteen

Dark feelings and  insecurity

I Went to dad and said him 

Do I need to get saved all over  again

No, son, it’s a once and done

Don’t mistrust God only begotten son

He opened the pages of first John

Talked of assurance, I was stunned

I write these things to you

who believe In the name of God’s son

So you may know that you 

have eternal life. You can Know it’s true. 

I was still feeling really insecure, 

So Dad said I should talk some more

With my bible study leader at our little bible church

So that Sunday I waited by the door

How do I know I’m really, truly saved

I said to him, hoping to be free

Security would be in me 

surely as easy as one two three

The fact that you're asking is a really good sign

He said as I waited for something more divine

But It never materialized, and he was done

That’s it, that’s all, nothing about God’s Son

I guess he’d never read the writings of John?

For him, the Eternal was a “maybe it’s done.”

How could he live with such uncertainty

I shoulda showed him what dad showed me

I write these things to you

who believe In the name of God’s son

So you may know that  you 

have eternal life. You can Know it’s true. 

Over the next thirty years or so 

I’d count more doubts than my fingers and toes

The church is drowning in salvation doubt

makes me want to shout this out out

Jesus and John said so clearly

The thing we continually fail to see

Read the words, and you’ll see what I mean

Right there in first John five one three

I write these things to you

who believe In the name of God’s son

So you may know that  you 

have eternal life. You can Know it’s true. 

I Write These Things To You (Single)

Building a biblical marriage can be difficult, but the following are five tips to help get you started from a married-a-long-time, has-a-bunch-of-kids, still-in-love, wife.

Be Mine: 5 Biblical Ways to Be a Better Valentine

Get your free download of this is a collection of free grace music from Free Grace International.  Included Songs: I'll Set My Mind Lost At Sea Who You Are Your Grace Is Free Whatever Comes Who Will Deliever Me The Kingdome Waits Rescue Mystery In Me It's Good To Be Yours Infinite Tomorrow His Return […]

Free Grace Music (Album) - Free
Practical Reasons To Believe In Jesus
FG Kids Archive 4

I had a good conversation with a friend last night. He asked a really good question. The essence of the question was this: “If the gospel is simple to understand, Why is there so much disagreement?” He’s right. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of divisions in the church. I have a few quick ideas on […]

Why Is The Church So Divided?

As soon as Carina was on her dolphin, she was speeding away at full throttle. Rumble, the turtle, had a full load with Bhoora and Rachit.  After watching Zariah leave, Avi eventually came to the waterline. A pink dolphin was there waiting for him. He took one last look at the path Zariah had left […]

Riding Dolphins

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have eternal life. To find out take a closer look by clicking on the infographic. Once it opens you can zoom in. Enjoy.

Can You Believe It?

The faith’s most important question, “What do I have to do to be saved?” Should have a simple answer, though no one in the piney woods seemed to agree what that simple answer should be. Despite growing up in the buckle of the Bible belt, confusion about the Christian faith plagued every step of Lucas’ journey.

Naked Grace

Eloy and Ellie's Baffle dragons did not want them to go on their trip. They growled and, woofed, and spat fire. None the less, the brave brother and sister set out on their journey Saturday morning because they didn't have school. Ellie held the map as Eloy led the way. They were making their trip to The Wise Wizard, Waddly Wobblewog, who lived near Hogdog bog in a soggy log. After walking for a few hours, Ellie spoke up.

Bedtime Lessons / Dragon Tales / In The Bog Of Confusion
Did Jesus Really Really Really Exist?

In 2010 when my husband and I moved back to where we grew up I had a very difficult time acclimating back to small-town living. I had just given birth to our fourth child 2 months prior and we were temporarily living with my parents… we had made an offer on three different houses and […]

Remember To Count

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was blessed to have grandparents who regularly took me to church with them. It was a small Bible church which met in a plain building with a metal roof and little adornment within. But what the church lacked in terms of aesthetic appeal, it more than made up for […]

Rooted in the Word

The Bible is a big book. Actually, it is a library of many books, each with its own purpose. Where should you start reading?

Where Should I Start Reading The Bible?
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep08

  If someone were to ask me to pick my favorite topic in the Bible to study and teach, I think I would have to choose the doctrine of rewards. In a nutshell, the doctrine of rewards teaches that anyone who believes in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, has it, and will live […]

Rewardable attributes: Introduction

I really like that song that came out recently with lyrics that say “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” by the artist Plumb. A friend of mine disagreed whole-heartedly. This has been on my mind since then. I say that because I’ve found myself lately feeling like a liar when friends or acquaintances ask how […]

No, I’m Not Okay - Thanks For Asking
Is Jesus Scientifically Proven?
Will A Christian Turned Atheist Go To Hell?

“Is this Avi of Sundar?” A voice said from behind his chair.  “It is,” Hasani offered. “Would you like to meet him?”  “Absolutely,” the voice said. Now Avi was on his feet, standing before an unfamiliar man whom he had never met. The characteristic glow, brighter than many shepherds Avi had seen, and the rings […]


I was 78 when I died. I was a pilot based in a little town called Hamburg of Old Earth. It was nothing compared to today's cities, but it was home. After the King resurrected me and he mopped up the mess that the world had become, he called for the resurrected to stand before […]

Judgment Bench
Lucas on Kingdom Crossroads

The sky fanned out with rainbowic ribbons of borealis. The colors of the aurora above painted the faces of the people who watched. The shimmering light in the sky was a sign that the royal broadcast of the festivities had begun. The music that would follow, Avi’s voice, was being broadcast across the entire earth, […]

A Song
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