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Each time I talk about the gospel, I get resistance from Christians who want to call foul. They quote verses from James, and 1st John trying to point out that we must have works to maintain our salvation. It worries me quite a bit that this is a common understanding of the gospel. How have […]

Jesus, The Repo Man

Rescue is a song by the Kitchen brothers Levi and Lucas. Lyrics: The rolling thunder pursued us sin, like rain, soaked through us lightning split the sky above like a crack that claimed we can't be loved dark thoughts poured down constantly violent rains drowned this shame-filled valley we sank as rapids flowed in Then […]

Rescue (Single)

After a beautiful week in Jerusalem full of feasts, singing, and celebration, the micro delegation from Sundar was preparing to go home. They had gathered in the palace's courtyard. They had packed their travel bags and gathered them into a pile. Avi made general thanks to each. Jenil and Mr. Patel thanked him. Amoli shook […]


As a stay-at-home mom... I often feel like I don’t have any important kingdom work to accomplish. I’m just stuck here at the house, changing diapers, and trying to puzzle out how to get a one-year-old to eat solid food. This is while others are out there sharing the gospel, doing ministry, and changing the […]

God's Big Important Job For You

Do you talk to your art? Does your art talk back? See what happens when two argumentative works of art debate the existence of their artist.

Beutiful Lines

“But I don’t understand,” Jamesh said, after the broadcast had concluded. “Dusk happens at a different time depending on where in the empire you are, right?”  “That's right,” Avi said. He glanced at his father, seeing if he wanted to answer the questions. His dad watched but said nothing.  “Then, not everyone in the kingdom […]


“If God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times to be glad and rejoice, He must want us to do it.” | Pollyanna I love the movie, Pollyanna. Pollyanna’s example of trying to find the good in people and in situations is a character quality that we should aspire to replicate.  Her joyful […]

The Glad Game

Got this great question from a subscriber. Hi Lucas, I recently haven't gotten the feeling of the presence of God. I was talking to someone the other day about salvation... now I'm confused again. I started doubting a little bit because I thought that the lack of His presence meant either I wasn't saved or […]

How to stop doubting your salvation.

If you listen to the news, or social media, the world is falling apart. Right? But who knows, really? Maybe we're on the brink of disaster, or maybe things are just fine. It's harder than ever to say one way or the other. One thing is for sure (at least to me) News outlets and […]

News Is Dragging You Down!

Let me set up this discussion with a hypothetical scenario.  Have you ever heard preachers say, “If a person doesn’t obey the Bible, they may not be saved, even if they claim to have faith.” But then at a funeral, the same preacher may say, “The deceased person was saved because they claimed to have […]

Will A Christian Turned Atheist Go To Hell?

"How do you know the Gospels are reliable?  The gospels are Greco-Roman-style biographies. These historical documents are eyewitness accounts of mostly public events. They were written shortly after the events they describe and were circulated during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. The Gospels survived the scrutiny of the thousands who saw Jesus first hand, and […]

Are The Gospels Reliable?
FG Kids Archive 2

By now you’ve spent weeks staring at the garden. You have checked the fruit tree sapling. It is a tough plant. It continues to survive, but it is far from thriving. In fact, it hasn't grown a single centimeter since shortly after you planted it.  Each time you visit the wild garden, you kneel down […]

You Can't Do It

Lucas was interviewed by Colleen Houde on the Canadian Radio show Connections to talk about his book Naked Grace. This aired in December of 2020. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On Connections (Canadian Radio Show)
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep07
Lucas on Kingdom Crossroads
Don't Ask Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved.

Rule # 1: Shut up! That's right. Stick your balled-up fist in your face hole if you have to, but most importantly stop talking. And yes, I'm saying you should START by STOPPING the incessant blather. In most cases, everything you will say to them has already been said to them multiple times. We're not […]

7 Rules For Debating An Atheist: For Christians Only.

We received this question not long ago.    Question: Why is your god so evil? If he is all-powerful, why does he do nothing to stop 5000 children under the age of five from dying every single day, just from dirty water alone? Because he is evil. He inflicts suffering upon innocents. Why would you ever worship a being […]

Why Does God let innocent Children Die?

The thought, “Is that what 34 is supposed to look like?” went surging through my thoughts as I stared at the Instagram photo before me. The influencer had just turned 34 and naturally had to post about how gorgeous she looked on her birthday. I turned 34 recently, and instead of looking like a mature woman, […]

Combating Jealousy
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep06

Why should the Kingdom matter now?  I was burned out like a piece of bread in a jammed toaster. I had been in church for years and even worked as a full-time minister. None-the-less, the fire had gone out for me, and I was still smoking with bitterness and frustration. I was confident that I […]

A Note From The Author

Join Lucas Kitchen as he teaches through Mark 1:1-15. In this sermon, you will discover what Jesus meant when he said, "The Kingdom Is At Hand." You will also, find out what the gospel of Mark means when it says, "John preached a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins."

How is The Kingdom At Hand?
Free Grace Music (Streaming)

For the scientific method to work the event in question must be observable, measurable, and repeatable. History is not measurable or repeatable, so the scientific method does not apply to historical events. It would be like trying to apply the Pythagorean theorem to a poem.  History uses the evidentiary method, not the scientific method. The evidentiary […]

Is Jesus Scientifically Proven?
Mr. Oakmont

That is probably the most important question you can ask. What else really matters? What would it matter if you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish in life, only to die and be separated from God forever? Shawn Lazar explains the good news that Jesus promised.

How do I go to heaven when I die?

Ellie, the little magical sprog, and her brother Eloy had been walking up the mountain for more than an hour. Wobblewog was following behind, mumbling all kinds of things they didn't understand.

Bedtime Lessons / Dragon Tales / Working Up The Mountain / 3

You show Aunt Loola around the house and offer her a seat at the kitchen table. You start a dark pot of coffee brewing and pull out some eggs and a skillet.  “So, are we going to work in the garden today?" you ask as she shuffles into the kitchen. “I am concerned," she says.  […]

Forgetting The Purpose

My daughter woke up crying at 6:30AM. After my wife got her back to sleep I laid in bed for another few minutes but I couldn't sleep. I had something running through my head. It was this question, "can a Christian become an atheist and still be saved." I felt like this would be a […]

Does a Christian Turned Atheist Lose Eternal Life?

The next day the festivities began at dawn. Trumpet blasts rang through the city. The courtyard of the palace was being prepared for a massive banquet. Noise and movement were all about the grounds. By midmorning, they were on their way to the parade grounds.  Eliah and his daughter Zariah joined Avi and the delegation […]

The Grand Parade

At one of the most challenging times in my life, someone loved me so well that it made me think, “Maybe there’s more to God than I realize.” Here’s what I’ve learned since, narrowed down as much as possible.

Maybe There's More

A few years ago, I got the chance to work for the state fair in South Carolina. A friend of mine is the supervisor for one of the main buildings at the Fairgrounds. Basically, she’s in charge of all the submissions for the homemade items. The quilts, crafts, and baked goods come to her building […]

Ribbons and Mints: What the State Fair Can Teach Us About God’s Word

I was excited to see Miami but didn't know I'd learn so much about eyesight while I was there. I got the chance to speak at a Bible conference in Miami. On my way out, the airline delayed the flight for three hours while we sat on the runway. As I was listening to the […]

Miami, Glasses, And Skin

You put the car in park in front of an old, dilapidated-looking house. It could be the scene of a blockbuster horror film. There are holes in the roof. Wood rot marks the siding. The door hangs askew. Despite the horrid state of the untenable home, you notice a garden that fills the entire front […]


I really like that song that came out recently with lyrics that say “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” by the artist Plumb. A friend of mine disagreed whole-heartedly. This has been on my mind since then. I say that because I’ve found myself lately feeling like a liar when friends or acquaintances ask how […]

No, I’m Not Okay - Thanks For Asking

I received this question recently: Is it really necessary for an isolated people group to hear the gospel? I remember sitting through a sermon a long time ago about accountability and God will judge each person accordingly. It made sense that God would not condemn a person if he/she has never heard the gospel or […]

What About The Tribes?

Avi kept the invitation to himself, not wanting undue pressure from his good-intentioned family. The weeks passed slowly on the farm. They melted into months. Avi was as reluctant as ever, but his dad constantly encouraged him, and he crawled toward a kind of readiness. His desire to marry Amoli Patel grew alongside his inability […]


My husband's birthday is one week before Christmas. One of our first holiday seasons together as newlyweds, we were having dinner with his family celebrating his birthday early in December. As everyone was nearly finished eating, his brother announced he thought we should just go ahead and celebrate Christmas together...that night. My incredibly cool, easy-going, […]

The Perfect Christmas Plan

The Disciples were willing to give up everything, even their lives. All but one of the disciples that saw Jesus after he rose from the dead, were put to death because they were not willing to admit that they had made the story up. Those guys saw something and I believe that it was Jesus […]

Would You Be Willing To Die?

Are you bored with your faith? It's a known phenomenon, that believers in the modern age have become less than excited about being part of the flock. We explore this issue in this infographic. To take a closer look, click the below image, and take a look. 9 REASONS WHY CHRISTIANS ARE BORED 1. We […]

9 Reasons Christians Are Bored

How do you know that God exists? The teleological argument claims that nature is so complex it must have had a designer. The cosmological argument claims cause-and-effect as proof that the universe must have had a first cause. The ontological argument claims that a maximally good God could not exist only in thought but in […]

Evidence For God's Existence

In this exploration of Mark 1: Lucas Kitchen uncovers the kind of authority that Christ demonstrated in everything he did.

Who has the authority?

You've pulled the weeds. You've cut out the thorns. You've mulched, watered, and fertilized at the right time of the season for a few years now. Since Aunt Loola's departure, you've done everything you could to bring the tree to fruition. Your tree looks like a formidable teen should; for a few seasons now, it […]


A song by Lucas Kitchen that celebrates being loved by the Lord.  Vocals by Levi Kitchen

It's good to be yours (Single)

"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9). What does it mean that God does not want anyone to perish? What does it mean that He wants all to come […]

God Does Not Want Anyone to Perish.

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 3 Before digging in to The Rocky Soil check out weeks one and two here . For the first twelve years of our marriage, my husband and I were renters. Before moving to our current home, we rented a nice townhome with a tiny backyard. Although I couldn't modify […]

The Rocky Soil

John Piper is a hugely successful and well-respected preacher of a large church. He's considered an academic powerhouse of reformation theology. It seems as if that would mean he is highly trustworthy on the topic of the saving message of Jesus Christ, but in this video, you will discover that his gospel presentation is not […]

Famous Preachers: John Piper

You're standing, once again, in that overgrown wood that you can't really call a garden. There is hardly anything redeeming about it. It's packed with rocks and thorns. Vines block out the sun from reaching the ground. The place is a wreck. You've visited the unkempt property for weeks now but haven't seen a change. […]

Garden Goal

The Corona Quarantine of 2020 might have you feeling as if you are imprisoned, locked down, or chained to your home and unable to leave and live freely as you normally do. Your food options may be more limited. Contact with other people has been diminished and almost limited to strictly communicating via technology. The […]

A Biblical Plan During The Pandemic

Have you ever met Grumpy Dad? That’s me about half the time. Let me explain. We’re a family of five, with three kids under the age of seven. We recently took a road trip to the Smoky Mountains (about 10 hours of driving each way). Most acquaintances know me as friendly, talkative, and outgoing. But […]

Grumpy Dad

As Easter approaches and we think about Jesus’ death and resurrection, I’ve been reading through the new testament accounts of His death so that I will have an awareness and thankfulness during this season of celebration.  When you think of a celebration the first thing to come to mind isn’t usually death, but as I’ve […]

Thankful Christ Died for Me

I’m not an outdoorsman by any means. I’ve been camping in the Smokey Mountains, but it’s not my world at all. I could easily get lost or stuck in the elements unprepared. I married a Colorado cowboy-a real rodeo cowboy. So, I’ve learned a few things about being prepared, planning ahead, and the correct way to eat a steak. All of these are important and offer us a spiritual lesson as well! These are some ways to stay on course spiritually, find your way back when you’ve wandered too far, or keep from getting lost altogether.

How to Stay the Course

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed! From pastel-colored cards to embroidered stuffed animals to home decorations and yard signs, we see this phrase often during this season. But, what is the significance? Why is this what we celebrate? And as we think of the song, Goodness of God by Bethel we hear the words..."His […]

Goodness of God: Celebrate the Resurrection!

Lucas and Kristah talk about suffering, and the power of a Spiritual mindset.

Suffering for what?

My husband told me he wanted to stop looking at porn but told me he needed my help.

The Pornography Battle in Your Marriage

I previously shared about Handling Confrontation With A Sister In Christ. Now I’d like to share my personal experience. A few years ago, after a ladies Bible study meeting, I sent out a group text to the older/leader women on my thoughts of how the evening had gone. I urged a couple of them to […]

The Hard Way is The Better Way

In August of 2019, we hosted a team of missionaries here in Kenya led by our friend Randy Jones. It was during the school holidays, which meant our three children were at home along with some of their cousins. In the evening, we would have devotions and there could easily be ten to fifteen of us at any given time.

Where Did You See God Today?

Subscribe to our mailing list to receive this free book: For The Sake Of The King, in PDF and ePub formats. CHRISTIAN FICTION THAT TAKES YOU ON A POWERFUL ADVENTURE! Knowing the emperor strikes disloyal provinces with drought, Avi must journey to the world capital to win the girl he loves and save his village […]

Want A Free Fiction Adventure Book?

Join us next week at 9:00 a.m. CDT as we start a new LIVE seven-week series: Test Your Testimony. Kathryn Wright will be walking us through common types of salvation testimonies, problems that arise with them, and practical tips to help you understand and share your salvation testimony more clearly.

Test Your Testimony: Promo

Avi was up earlier than most, though the youngest kids woke long before the sun. He circled to the rear of the house where most of the morning foods grew. He grazed the garden for something exciting to eat.  The fields beyond encircled the small estate and were crowded with grains. The golden sea of […]

A Call To Go

Atheists often claim that there is no evidence that the God of the bible exists. HOWEVER, THE bible is Full of statements that are verifiable in the modern world.   In Genesis 17 God makes an agreement with the jews that he says will last forever.  If the Jews ceased to exist, It would cast doubt on God’s existence.  Virtually all ancient […]

God's Greatest Evidence Is His People
Popular Objections: It's Not Scientifically Proven

Lucas and Kristah discuss debating atheists, a new FGI song, and everyone's big important job.

Who Will Deliver Me?

A reader recently claimed that it would be wrong for God to force a Christian-Turned-Atheist into Heaven because it would violate his or her free will. This raises an interesting question. This is my response to that claim. If you've believed in Jesus for salvation then these verses apply to you. "I give eternal life […]

Can A Christian Quit?

“Avi,” Carina said. “Wake up.” “What?”  “There's something you need to see,” she said, taking his hand. He had drifted off to sleep long after the others, leaning against Bhoora. The bear was still sleeping deeply in the truck bed. Avi glanced at the sky, seeking the time of day. Dawn colors poured through the […]

The Cliff

Rachit, Avi, and Carina rode silently for a long time. Bhoora had fallen back into a nap in the truck bed. The hover pods seemed to moan a little louder than usual as they sped eastward.  “Amoli asked about you,” Carina said.  “Really?” Avi replied.  “Well, she asked when we all were coming back, but […]

The Wall
What's In Your Soil

Lucas and Kristah talk about a few articles, some videos, and an infographic on the FGI site. Here are the links for each item discussed. Is That True? Article | 10 Reasons not to ask Jesus into your heart Infographic | Seven reasons not to ask Jesus into your heart to be saved video | […]

Is That True?

A song by the Kitchen brothers Lucas (lyrics) and Levi (music) that looks forward to the return of Christ.  Vocals by Levi Kitchen Verses Not all believers will die, But all will be changed For the Lord himself will come, from heaven on that day With a commanding shout, Archangel's voice will sound With the […]

His Return (Single)

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was blessed to have grandparents who regularly took me to church with them. It was a small Bible church which met in a plain building with a metal roof and little adornment within. But what the church lacked in terms of aesthetic appeal, it more than made up for […]

Rooted in the Word

Even though Jesus gives an explanation of this parable it is still widely misunderstood. Many teachers will encourage you to "check your soil" to see if you are truly saved or not. The gift of eternal life is not something to be questioned or determined based on a person's actions.

Parable of the Sower Infographic

We hear a lot about what the world says love is in February. However, for those of us who have believed in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, have the Holy Spirit living within us, with a desire to imitate the love of our Captain, we must look to the Word of God. […]

Pursue Love

Heaven is like a nightclub where there is no cover charge but drinks will cost you. If you believe in Jesus for eternal life then you have it, and you can’t lose it. You will be allowed to enter the Kingdom. Many ask, “If I have eternal life, then why does it matter how I […]

Heaven is Like a Night Club

Many people say that the monks changed the Bible, or even made it up entirely. This is a ridiculous claim when you consider the history involved. This short video explains why.

Did Monks Change the Bible?

As Christmas approaches, I find myself filled with excitement as I think about ideas regarding how to make the season magical for my children. What presents should I buy? How should I decorate the house? What traditions do I want to start for my children? I find myself quickly slipping into the more worldly aspects […]

A Different Kind of Christmas List

Marty Sampson and Josh Harris, two huge Christian influencers who have publically announced that they have left the faith, share an interesting similarity. I'll get to that in a moment, but let me explain what these guys have done first. Josh Harris wrote I kissed dating goodbye, along with loads of other Christian books. He's […]

We Chose To Follow Children, (Josh Harris & Marty Sampson)

It’s been days since you’ve worked in the garden. You peer out every time you cross the back window, but you can’t make yourself walk out. Even across the lawn, you see the weeds are returning. Instead of working on the garden, you opt for a half measure. You’ve tried already, but you decide to […]


“Pretty much all fruit trees use the same rootstock,” you say as you dig your hands into the soil of Lenard’s backyard. “What does that mean?” “When I planted my tree,” you say with a laugh, “I didn’t know what I was doing. I just dropped a seed in the ground and hoped it would […]


We got this great question today: Question: How would you explain to a non-Christian that worshiping God is necessary vs. just using the tenants of the Christian faith as just a value structure for your life. It's a nice thought, isn't it? We should be able to simply follow the instructions in the Bible without […]

Worship The Creator, or The Created Things: Results May Vary

Does James contradict Paul? Was Abraham justified by faith apart from works, or by faith that worked, or by both? Bob Wilkin and Shawn Lazar are in the FGI studio to discuss James 2:21.

How could Abraham be justified by works?

Another day in camp and they were all ready to move. Rachit and Carina’s debates were getting louder, and Zariah seemed eager to get on the move. Avi was the only one that wanted to stay. When it was finally decided, they began gathering their gear.  “The truck won’t start,” Carina said.  “Did you load […]

Which Way

 I was a gangly kid of thirteen

Dark feelings and  insecurity

I Went to dad and said him 

Do I need to get saved all over  again

No, son, it’s a once and done

Don’t mistrust God only begotten son

He opened the pages of first John

Talked of assurance, I was stunned

I write these things to you

who believe In the name of God’s son

So you may know that you 

have eternal life. You can Know it’s true. 

I was still feeling really insecure, 

So Dad said I should talk some more

With my bible study leader at our little bible church

So that Sunday I waited by the door

How do I know I’m really, truly saved

I said to him, hoping to be free

Security would be in me 

surely as easy as one two three

The fact that you're asking is a really good sign

He said as I waited for something more divine

But It never materialized, and he was done

That’s it, that’s all, nothing about God’s Son

I guess he’d never read the writings of John?

For him, the Eternal was a “maybe it’s done.”

How could he live with such uncertainty

I shoulda showed him what dad showed me

I write these things to you

who believe In the name of God’s son

So you may know that  you 

have eternal life. You can Know it’s true. 

Over the next thirty years or so 

I’d count more doubts than my fingers and toes

The church is drowning in salvation doubt

makes me want to shout this out out

Jesus and John said so clearly

The thing we continually fail to see

Read the words, and you’ll see what I mean

Right there in first John five one three

I write these things to you

who believe In the name of God’s son

So you may know that  you 

have eternal life. You can Know it’s true. 

I Write These Things To You (Single)

Lucas joined the cast of Grace In Focus to talk about his book Eternal Rewards. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On Grace In Focus
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep05

This was a chapter that I decided to remove from my book Eternal Life (forthcoming), but I think it has some important stuff within.  One of my favorite lines in any movie comes from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, which is a spoof comedy. I'm not suggesting you watch it. In fact, I'm suggesting […]

Believes In VS. Believes That VS. Believes

You wake with the sun streaming through your window and are at your garden in a few minutes. With transformation on your mind, you wonder where to start.  “I thought I might find you here,” comes a now familiar voice.  “Hey, Aunt Loola,” you say. “What are you doing here?”  "You visited me; I thought […]


I recently received a good question. QUESTION: I have a question I can't find an answer to. Maybe you would have some kind of an answer. I literally have only one question. My faith doesn't waver. I just don't understand one thing - If God is all-knowing, and if he loves us so much, then […]

Why Did God Create, Knowing Things Would Go Wrong?
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep11

We have attempted a garden for many years and we usually call it a “learning experience” because frankly, we have had mixed results. But, there is something about trying again and hoping for that bountiful harvest of overflowing baskets full of beautiful, shiny produce. This year, we were highly motivated because we thought we may […]

Contemplations of Quarantine: Ten Lessons from the Garden

Part 2 of a 2 Part Series In Part One of this series, we covered how to get our minds right – five attributes of the mind-set we need to help us understand the Bible, and therefore, defeat the dust that sets up shop when we avoid opening God’s word. Now that we have our […]

Your Bible: Defeat the Dust - Part II

A few years ago I heard a different style of testimony. The man began by saying he had been part of a “Christian” cult which taught that once you were saved, if you sinned even one time, you lost your salvation and you could never get it back. This cult was extreme in its teachings […]

The Defined Testimony
The End

There once was a little boy. He lived in a big castle in a magical land where mushrooms grew as tall as trees and trees grew as tall as clouds, and clouds didn't grow at all because they were made of cloud fuzz. This little boy's name was Eloy. The castle he and his family lived in was so big it had lots of empty rooms on upstairs floors that he had never visited. His parents told him never to go into those empty rooms on the third floor of their big old castle.

Bedtime Lessons / Dragon Tales / Eloy's Dragon

I love watching The Great British Baking Show. Baking is relaxing for me, but watching other people bake beautiful treats I've never heard of whilst discussing the process in English accents is even more relaxing. Each week the bakers are presented with a technical challenge. One week the technical challenge was to make an angel […]

The Secret Ingredient For Peace

Lucas and Kristah discuss prayer and parasites.

It Will Pay To Pray

A couple of years ago we loaded up our 3-year-old and 15-month old into our homemade camper van. Do not picture the trendy kind of van you can stand up in and cook breakfast barefoot while admiring a mountain top view. Picture the type of van parents warn their children not to go to for […]

Finding Joy In The Pandemic
Naked Grace

Last year, New York passed a bill expanding the right for legal abortions into the third trimester. Other states are now seeking to follow in their footsteps and pass similar legislation. This bill allows abortions of fully developed babies up to birth. Those advocating for the bill have admitted that it would even allow the […]

Puah and Shiphrah

As the travelers walked along their way, Avi and Carina shared what they had learned from the wanderers with Rachit and Zariah. Strangely, Rachit seemed uninterested, and Zariah seemed to already know what they told her. After listening for a few minutes, Rachit changed the subject abruptly. Though the conversation moved in new directions, Avi […]

Unexpected Answers
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