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It was a warm morning at the flea market so I headed for the section of the open-air trading grounds nestled under the grove of towering oaks. After a full day of setup, it was the first morning the market was open to shoppers. Many vendors were taking it easy in their lawn chairs, with […]

Is That True?

"Where am I?" you're probably asking. This is Let me explain. Nearly ten years ago a small free grace ministry called 289DESIGN started with two graphic designers. Before long the team grew and the ministry expanded. We've been operating our ministry from a bunch of partner websites like: • • • […]

"Simply Belief" Is Now Free Grace International

“Is this Avi of Sundar?” A voice said from behind his chair.  “It is,” Hasani offered. “Would you like to meet him?”  “Absolutely,” the voice said. Now Avi was on his feet, standing before an unfamiliar man whom he had never met. The characteristic glow, brighter than many shepherds Avi had seen, and the rings […]


We received this question: In Matthew 11:20-24 is Jesus saying that the people of those cities will go to Hell because they did not repent. Specifically v23 where it reads “and you, Capernaum, will not be exalted to Heaven, will you? You will descend to Hades;...” Does that imply repentance is required for salvation since […]

Are individuals condemned if they don't repent?

"Following" someone has taken on new meaning in our social media age. Though, twitter and facebook users weren't the first to ask us to follow. Aside the sea of Galilee Jesus said, "follow me," to a handful of eager fishermen. In this sermon from Lucas Kitchen, find out what "follow me" means.

What does "Follow Me" mean?

Lucas was interviewed by Colleen Houde on the Canadian Radio show Connections to talk about his book Naked Grace. This aired in December of 2020. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On Connections (Canadian Radio Show)

...But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect... 1 Peter 3:15 NIV

Always Be Ready

I got this comment from an anonymous reader.  ‘…when he and I were talking about your site and the Christian turned atheist question on your blog. His argument was that someone who completely proclaims atheism and denies god would not have ever been filled with the holy spirit in the first place. ’ Let’s look […]

Was The Christian-Turned-Atheist Never Saved?

Last year, New York passed a bill expanding the right for legal abortions into the third trimester. Other states are now seeking to follow in their footsteps and pass similar legislation. This bill allows abortions of fully developed babies up to birth. Those advocating for the bill have admitted that it would even allow the […]

Puah and Shiphrah

A couple of years ago we loaded up our 3-year-old and 15-month old into our homemade camper van. Do not picture the trendy kind of van you can stand up in and cook breakfast barefoot while admiring a mountain top view. Picture the type of van parents warn their children not to go to for […]

Finding Joy In The Pandemic

How it doesn't fit First, here is how the Russian Invasion DOES NOT fit, into End Times Prophecy. Contrary to a lot of teachers of Bible prophecy (especially contemporary ones), this invasion is not a precursor to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. There are several reasons for this (and I have included them in this […]

How Does The Russian Invasion Fit Into End Times Prophecy?

The weather, the pandemic, and everything else has made me incredibly tired. What about you? Let's see what God's word has to say about growing tired.

Don't Grow Tired (Live)

Some have claimed that the myth of Jesus was borrowed from other pagan mythological figures like Horus, Mithra, Osiris, Buddha, etc etc etc. This argument is banking on the fact that most people won’t go read about Horus, Mithra, Osiris, or any of the other mythological claims. The so-called similarities are laughable. I’ll post some links […]

Is Jesus' Story Really Just A Retelling Of The Egyptian god Horus?

For the scientific method to work the event in question must be observable, measurable, and repeatable. History is not measurable or repeatable, so the scientific method does not apply to historical events. It would be like trying to apply the Pythagorean theorem to a poem.  History uses the evidentiary method, not the scientific method. The evidentiary […]

Is Jesus Scientifically Proven?

Several years ago, my mom planted her favorite tree in her front yard. It was a tree she had always admired but had never before attempted to grow. It was a Purple Leaf Plum, which puts out gorgeous, deep purply-black leaves. After a few years, the tree appeared to be thriving. It was beautiful, and […]

How To Cultivate Deep Roots

The thought, “Is that what 34 is supposed to look like?” went surging through my thoughts as I stared at the Instagram photo before me. The influencer had just turned 34 and naturally had to post about how gorgeous she looked on her birthday. I turned 34 recently, and instead of looking like a mature woman, […]

Combating Jealousy

The next day the festivities began at dawn. Trumpet blasts rang through the city. The courtyard of the palace was being prepared for a massive banquet. Noise and movement were all about the grounds. By midmorning, they were on their way to the parade grounds.  Eliah and his daughter Zariah joined Avi and the delegation […]

The Grand Parade

I recently received a good question. QUESTION: I have a question I can't find an answer to. Maybe you would have some kind of an answer. I literally have only one question. My faith doesn't waver. I just don't understand one thing - If God is all-knowing, and if he loves us so much, then […]

Why Did God Create, Knowing Things Would Go Wrong?

I was 78 when I died. I was a pilot based in a little town called Hamburg of Old Earth. It was nothing compared to today's cities, but it was home. After the King resurrected me and he mopped up the mess that the world had become, he called for the resurrected to stand before […]

Judgment Bench

You wake with the sun streaming through your window and are at your garden in a few minutes. With transformation on your mind, you wonder where to start.  “I thought I might find you here,” comes a now familiar voice.  “Hey, Aunt Loola,” you say. “What are you doing here?”  "You visited me; I thought […]


The sun had set before they chose a place for the esteemed visitors to dine and lodge. A knot twisted in Avi’s stomach when one of Sundar’s most distinguished men, Nimit Patel, took the honor. Avi let his eyes follow Nimit as he returned to his seat from making the arrangements. He sat down next […]


A few years ago I heard a different style of testimony. The man began by saying he had been part of a “Christian” cult which taught that once you were saved, if you sinned even one time, you lost your salvation and you could never get it back. This cult was extreme in its teachings […]

The Defined Testimony

“But I don’t understand,” Jamesh said, after the broadcast had concluded. “Dusk happens at a different time depending on where in the empire you are, right?”  “That's right,” Avi said. He glanced at his father, seeing if he wanted to answer the questions. His dad watched but said nothing.  “Then, not everyone in the kingdom […]


“Everything is so desiccated,” Carina said.  “How could this be?” Avi said. He felt like he could cry from the sight, but the air was quickly dehydrating him, and he had no tears to give.  “It’s awful.” They walked on, studying the landscape. Carina knelt to the ground and picked up a handful of soil […]

The Withers

Virtually everyone agrees that John 3:16 is a big deal. In fact, many scholars have called it the essence of the gospel. Why exactly is that? Find out in this short video from Free Grace International.

Why Is John 3:16 Such A Big Deal?

July 31, 2006 was a hard day. As I watched the screen, I searched intently for that blinking heartbeat which would give me peace of mind that the bleeding I had during the previous weekend was nothing to worry about. However, my doctor looked at me with compassionate, pain-filled eyes and said, “I am so sorry.”  

The Helmet of Salvation

They all agreed that they should stop for a break. Even Bhoora sniffed the rushing air. He could recognize a buffet when he smelled one. Their boat captain guided the vessel into a small alcove along the side of the river. They tied off to a large rock as they climbed ashore. This time Bhoora […]


See below for information on the numbers, estimates, and calculations in this video. Let's imagine you are a hypothetical being looking for randomly occurring intelligent life within our Galaxy. You contact your local galactic real estate broker, and together you begin the search.  There are an estimated 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, so […]

Are life sustaining planets common?

Question: Did God command genocide in the Old Testament?   Answer: Nope. Here's why:   Israel was only instructed to annihilate the Canaanites who remained in Israel   Deuteronomy 7:1-2 says   When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations… and […]

Did God command genocide?

Have you ever seen a Jenny Craig commercial? With the before and after pictures? Debbie from Delaware is standing in less than flattering biker shorts and a tank top, depressed, with sad music playing in the background. Then…BOOM! She steps into the next frame and is magically transformed. She’s in a sassy cocktail dress, 30 pounds lighter, with better makeup and upbeat music. Debbie ain’t a downer no more!

The Disciple Testimony

Got this question from a reader recently: Wouldn't it be a good idea to introduce someone to the Old Testament law before I share the Gospel with them? Don't they need to know they are a sinner which the law proves before they can understand the Gospel? First, John is the evangelistic book in the […]

Do you need the Law to get the Gospel?

5. Watch Your Kids Not Your Screen Kids are good at reminding us what they want. We constantly hear, “Daddy, watch this,” or “Mommy, Look what I can do.” This is a reminder of what a young child wants. They want your attention. They want you to look at them, not at a screen. They […]

Top 5 Tips For Raising Young Kids

How do you know that God exists? The teleological argument claims that nature is so complex it must have had a designer. The cosmological argument claims cause-and-effect as proof that the universe must have had a first cause. The ontological argument claims that a maximally good God could not exist only in thought but in […]

Evidence For God's Existence

Amber usually didn't drink coffee at night, but she didn't tell Benjamin that. They had been hanging out for the last few weeks after meeting in a math class at their college. She had become increasingly comfortable with him as time had passed, and now considered him one of her best friends.

Coffee Shop Evangelism

The windows on our house are double-paned and slightly older than I am. This means they are a double-pain to clean as you have to dismantle them like one of those brainteaser puzzles they sell at Cracker Barrel. My favorite spot to sit in our house is in a vintage, velvet gold chair nestled next […]

Double-Pain Cleaning

Get your free download of this is a collection of free grace music from Free Grace International.  Included Songs: I'll Set My Mind Lost At Sea Who You Are Your Grace Is Free Whatever Comes Who Will Deliever Me The Kingdome Waits Rescue Mystery In Me It's Good To Be Yours Infinite Tomorrow His Return […]

Free Grace Music (Album) - Free

I have often heard people claim that Jesus' parable of the sower proves that some can become unsaved after they first become believers. However, that is not the case. There are a few important things that we need to see from the parable. If you'd like to read it for yourself you can find it […]

The Parable Of The Sower

“Pretty much all fruit trees use the same rootstock,” you say as you dig your hands into the soil of Lenard’s backyard. “What does that mean?” “When I planted my tree,” you say with a laugh, “I didn’t know what I was doing. I just dropped a seed in the ground and hoped it would […]


Rebekah did something unique among all other women in Genesis. After 20 years of infertility, God had answered her husband Isaac’s prayer and granted them conception. But that joyful outcome caused stress a few months later. Due to an uncomfortable pregnancy, Rebekah “went to inquire of the Lord.” She seems to be the only woman in Genesis who asked God a question, expecting an answer. Notice her desperation:

Praying Vs. Planning

This tract is designed to fit inside plastic Easter eggs with a few pieces of candy making it a great way to share the real meaning of Easter.

Easter Egg Tract

A few weeks of weeding has made a stupendous change in the look of your one-tree orchard. The fruit tree is finally beginning to grow. You've diligently dug up any weeds that are hardy enough to make it through the layer of mulch. Things are beginning to look respectable in your fledgling fruit garden. Aunt […]

The Almanac

With that admission, her face took on the lines of thought, as if deep in remembrance. Without words, Shepherd Oksana stood and walked among the people around the fire. Avi and Carina stopped chewing as they watched her. She wove through the people and patted some affectionately as she maneuvered through the crowd. She leaned […]

A Wine Miracle

John Clemens reports on Lucas Kitchen's new book Naked Grace. Aired 2020, on USA Radio Network /CIN News. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On USA Radio Network

Building a biblical marriage can be difficult, but the following are five tips to help get you started from a married-a-long-time, has-a-bunch-of-kids, still-in-love, wife.

Be Mine: 5 Biblical Ways to Be a Better Valentine

International mission trips, new book promotions, and regional speaking engagements are some of the things the FGI team has been up to. Discover what we've been working on in our latest newsletter.

FGI News Update (October 2021)

Subscribe to our mailing list to receive this free book: For The Sake Of The King, in PDF and ePub formats. CHRISTIAN FICTION THAT TAKES YOU ON A POWERFUL ADVENTURE! Knowing the emperor strikes disloyal provinces with drought, Avi must journey to the world capital to win the girl he loves and save his village […]

Want A Free Fiction Adventure Book?
God's Evidence Is His People.

A song by Lucas Kitchen that discusses the tendency of some to reject God's saving grace. 

Lost At Sea (Single)
Historical Reasons Intelligent People Believe In Jesus.
Mr. Oakmont

Atheists often claim that Jesus never existed in history. If that is true, then we should expect to find at least some support of the Christ Myth Theory somewhere in history. So is there support for the Christ Myth Theory in ancient history? Nope! In fact, it took about 1800 years for anyone to argue […]

Did Jesus Actually Exist?

Francis Chan is a mega-church preacher, international speaker, best-selling author, and much more. With all of that credit to his name, one would expect him to be a trustworthy source of biblical teaching. However, Francis Chan has confused thousands of people with a convoluted presentation of the gospel message. Take a look at this video […]

Famous Preachers: Francis Chan

The drive through the withered lands was harrowing. The dried landscape stretched on for hours. Sometime near dusk, they came to the other side. Just like the wall of wind-born dust they had entered, they discovered another great wall of grit near the edge of the territory. This time they drove the truck through it, […]

Withered Ones

“Feel free to look around,” Hasani, the attendant, said. “King Hans will be with you shortly.”  Avi spun in place in the massive room. He had never seen so many books in his life. Shelves lined with bound volumes rose around him like the cliffs of a great mountain.  He scanned the spines for options […]

Hans's Library

When Russia invaded Ukraine The phrase "Is Russia Gog and Magog" suddenly became a trending topic on google. This is probably because during the 70's, and 80's there were Bible teachers who speculated that the Soviet Union was Gog and Magog (Rev 20:8, Ez 38:2). This was a popular teaching among End Times enthusiasts until... […]

Is Russia Gog of Magog

A song by Lucas Kitchen that celebrates the free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Vocals by Matthew Simmons

Forever Life (Single)

A song by the Kitchen brothers Lucas (lyrics) and Levi (music) that looks forward to the return of Christ.  Vocals by Levi Kitchen Verses Not all believers will die, But all will be changed For the Lord himself will come, from heaven on that day With a commanding shout, Archangel's voice will sound With the […]

His Return (Single)

Bob Wilkin and Shawn Lazar discuss Colossians 1:21-23. Is holiness guaranteed? Or is it conditional? Do you lose your salvation if you don't continue in the faith? What does it mean to be holy and blameless and above reproach in His sight?

Can you be blameless in the faith?

Paul hated the false gospel of salvation by works. He had a very low bar for what counted as works salvation. And when he found out some teachers were preaching works salvation to the Galatians, he was furious, and said, "But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you […]

What does it mean to be accursed?

We had been married for about eight years and finally settled into that comfortable rhythm that only experienced couples can manage. It was Easter Sunday. After church, we had lunch at his parent’s house before heading home for family nap time. The warm April sun was flowing through the double glass of the back porch doors. Our six-month-old daughter snoozed quietly in her bassinet as I curled up heavy-eyed next to my already sleeping husband. I remember the feelings that swirled around on that pleasantly average afternoon. Optimism, hope, and peace were what characterized the first half of the worst day of my life. Little did I know that seven hours later I would become the widow of a suicidal husband and an unprepared single mother.

Blessed Assurance

Jenil continued the sweeping melody with closed eyes. Avi's ear caught a few new embellishments of Jenil's, which were not part of the original composition and were not altogether an improvement. Jenil's pitch was slightly flat; his voice wavered in places it ought not and slid to notes he should have left untouched. He performed […]

The Composer

In the days that followed my husband’s suicide I had a million decisions to make some small but most were hard and even life-changing. The decision to move immediately was one of the easier decisions to make but it required some maneuvering. My husband and I had been 4 days away from closing on a […]

Rewarded For Eternity
Did Jesus Really Exist?

The Bible is a big book. Actually, it is a library of many books, each with its own purpose. Where should you start reading?

Where Should I Start Reading The Bible?

Lucas was interviewed by Rabbi Eric Walker on Igniting a Nation. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas on Igniting A Nation

I was asked this great question from a young man in South Texas. “Jesus knew the Old Testament. Could he have believed? Or was he spending his first 30 years crafting a story of the returned king that would fit in the Old Testament?" This is a fascinating idea. I’ve heard it asked another way.  “If […]

Could Jesus Intentionally Fulfill Prophecy?
Is Jesus As Reliable As A Fingerprint?

  If someone were to ask me to pick my favorite topic in the Bible to study and teach, I think I would have to choose the doctrine of rewards. In a nutshell, the doctrine of rewards teaches that anyone who believes in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, has it, and will live […]

Rewardable attributes: Introduction
How The Space Station Proves There Is A God.

The Corona Quarantine of 2020 might have you feeling as if you are imprisoned, locked down, or chained to your home and unable to leave and live freely as you normally do. Your food options may be more limited. Contact with other people has been diminished and almost limited to strictly communicating via technology. The […]

A Biblical Plan During The Pandemic
Things Above Preacher's Materials

A song by Lucas Kitchen that looks forward to the return of Christ and the establishment of his kingdom on Earth.  Vocals by Matthew Simmons

Infinite Tomorrow (Single)

Are we saved by faith apart from works, or do you need to work our your salvation? How does this verse fit with the message of grace? "Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear […]

What Does It Mean To Work Our Your Salvation?
FG Kids Archive 2
Practical Reasons To Believe In Jesus

Rule # 1: Shut up! That's right. Stick your balled-up fist in your face hole if you have to, but most importantly stop talking. And yes, I'm saying you should START by STOPPING the incessant blather. In most cases, everything you will say to them has already been said to them multiple times. We're not […]

7 Rules For Debating An Atheist: For Christians Only.

We got this great question today: Question: How would you explain to a non-Christian that worshiping God is necessary vs. just using the tenants of the Christian faith as just a value structure for your life. It's a nice thought, isn't it? We should be able to simply follow the instructions in the Bible without […]

Worship The Creator, or The Created Things: Results May Vary

There has been a lot of ink spilled and feuds formed due to worship styles. I have heard of churches imploding because of instrument choices and genre preferences. Here in the States, we can have a church worship alongside a band playing guitars, while down the street, another church may worship with a piano and […]

Worship Like a Berean

I posted a response to an atheist’s question about a Christian who had become an Atheist. I made the claim that, "if someone believes in Jesus for eternal life, nothing can ever take their eternal life away. Not even if they become an atheist." So, this elicited a response from a number of my atheist […]

Where Will A Christian Turned Atheist Go When They Die?

“If God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times to be glad and rejoice, He must want us to do it.” | Pollyanna I love the movie, Pollyanna. Pollyanna’s example of trying to find the good in people and in situations is a character quality that we should aspire to replicate.  Her joyful […]

The Glad Game

Jesus was verified dead by Roman executioners. A second verification of him being deceased came when the body was taken down from the cross, and wrapped for burial. The tomb was sealed with a Roman seal, which would cost the breaker his life. The soldiers would be held accountable for letting the seal be broken, […]

The Resurrection

At one of the most challenging times in my life, someone loved me so well that it made me think, “Maybe there’s more to God than I realize.” Here’s what I’ve learned since, narrowed down as much as possible.

Maybe There's More

I had a good conversation with a friend last night. He asked a really good question. The essence of the question was this: “If the gospel is simple to understand, Why is there so much disagreement?” He’s right. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of divisions in the church. I have a few quick ideas on […]

Why Is The Church So Divided?

Avi stepped cautiously through the garden, which was bathed in a dusky light. He hummed softly against the whistling breeze and giggled at the funny shape of the bouncing melody. He let the music rise, adding humor with every note. The original composition bubbled with life and movement. He could hear it taking shape in […]

The Broadcast
Free Grace Music (Streaming)

A few years ago my brother-in-law committed suicide on Easter day. It was a horrifying time of confusion and remorse for the entire family. I've seen first hand the terrible effects of depression and. In light of that, I've been thinking about this story that has been going around. I've seen it on sites like […]

Suicide In The Church

You put the car in park in front of an old, dilapidated-looking house. It could be the scene of a blockbuster horror film. There are holes in the roof. Wood rot marks the siding. The door hangs askew. Despite the horrid state of the untenable home, you notice a garden that fills the entire front […]


My husband told me he wanted to stop looking at porn but told me he needed my help.

The Pornography Battle in Your Marriage

"We do not get very many visitors to Jazira. As you can see, your arrival is an exciting occasion,” shepherd Oksana said. As she spoke, a young boy appeared with plates of food heaped with a tasty looking supper.  “Wild rice, fire-baked water chestnut, taro, steamed caltrop, and aquatic spinach,” the boy said before disappearing. […]

Island Shepherd

A song by Lucas Kitchen that celebrates the free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Vocals by Matthew Simmons

Whatever Comes (Single)

Atheists often claim that there is no evidence that the God of the bible exists. HOWEVER, THE bible is Full of statements that are verifiable in the modern world.   In Genesis 17 God makes an agreement with the jews that he says will last forever.  If the Jews ceased to exist, It would cast doubt on God’s existence.  Virtually all ancient […]

God's Greatest Evidence Is His People

My husband's birthday is one week before Christmas. One of our first holiday seasons together as newlyweds, we were having dinner with his family celebrating his birthday early in December. As everyone was nearly finished eating, his brother announced he thought we should just go ahead and celebrate Christmas together...that night. My incredibly cool, easy-going, […]

The Perfect Christmas Plan

Zariah led Avi up a winding set of stairs that must have spanned twenty floors. She kept stealing stray glances at him as they climbed toward the top. After a plethora of steps, they finally came to the stoop of the corner tower of the Palace. They exited the stairwell, which opened onto a balcony […]

The Temple

Life as we've known it has changed in a big way in just a few short days. I've seen an abundance of positive social media posts aimed at getting people to look at the bright side, keep the faith, laugh, make the most of it, and on and on. I am so grateful for these […]

The Mourning After
Is Religion The Number One Cause Of War?

Lucas and Kristah discuss prayer and parasites.

It Will Pay To Pray

A song by Lucas Kitchen that discusses the importance of a believer's daily mindset.  Verse I want to worship you in the morning I want to walk with you all day But My worries arrive at the day's dawn And they always drag me away Pre-Chorus What can I do to escape Chorus I’ll set […]

I'll Set My Mind (Single)
Proof For The Existence Of God

Avi could feel the music flowing through his body, raising every hair. By the end, David and Zariah were standing next to him, singing along. Their harmony was like honey and wine. Every word sent warm chills down Avi's back.  Coming out of the melody was like being unbound from a musical spell. The drifting […]

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