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In the first century things were easier. There were eye witnesses of Jesus available to speak with. I am convinced that virtually all of Israel, around 2 million people in that time, witnessed Jesus with their own eyes. It was easier because most people from that region knew someone who had been healed, or seen […]

Why Trust The Bible?

Question: What’s up with the stoning for picking up sticks in Numbers 15? Answer: Good question. Seems severe right? The previous and following paragraphs in Numbers 15 give a pretty good indication as to what's going on. Let's first look at the story so we have a good understanding of the situation.  While the Israelites […]

Stoning for picking up sticks? Really?
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep05

Is there danger in using the Apostle Paul's testimony as a pattern for our own?

The Damascus Testimony
Free Grace International Logo Tee Shirt

How do you know that God exists? The teleological argument claims that nature is so complex it must have had a designer. The cosmological argument claims cause-and-effect as proof that the universe must have had a first cause. The ontological argument claims that a maximally good God could not exist only in thought but in […]

Evidence For God's Existence

In this exploration of Mark 1: Lucas Kitchen uncovers the kind of authority that Christ demonstrated in everything he did.

Who has the authority?

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series Last week, my husband lost a job which he had essentially worked to attain since he was 15 years old.  A chef by trade, last June, my husband was offered a position as the Assistant General Manager over Food and Beverage at a large hotel in our area.  […]

Look Back To Move Forward-Part I
Mr. Oakmont

Available On Lucas Kitchen's new book, In Pursuit Of Fruit is now available for pre-order. Get a copy at your favorite ebook retailer. Paperback will be on sale soon. Description: What if you could go on a morning stroll in your backyard garden only to discover your purpose for being alive? IN PURSUIT OF FRUIT: […]

New Release! In Pursuit Of Fruit
Naked Grace

I'm going to skip the boring parts. Here's what you need to know: My five-year-old daughter, Eily, got Covid. She and I quarantined together and had no symptoms. Thus began the magic. We've hunted for treasure through mysterious trails carved in the autumn leaves. We went on forest adventures in the enchanted wood that touches […]

The Magic Of Quarantine

The faith’s most important question, “What do I have to do to be saved?” Should have a simple answer, though no one in the piney woods seemed to agree what that simple answer should be. Despite growing up in the buckle of the Bible belt, confusion about the Christian faith plagued every step of Lucas’ journey.

Naked Grace

The thought, “Is that what 34 is supposed to look like?” went surging through my thoughts as I stared at the Instagram photo before me. The influencer had just turned 34 and naturally had to post about how gorgeous she looked on her birthday. I turned 34 recently, and instead of looking like a mature woman, […]

Combating Jealousy
Things Above Preacher's Materials

Question: Why was Israel under the law? And why don't we follow the law today? There are a few reasons. Let's take a look. Deuteronomy 11 answers the questions of why: "Observe therefore all the commands I am giving you today, so that you may have the strength to go in and take over the […]

Why was Israel expected to follow the law?

After we have stuffed ourselves with holiday cookies, pies, and pastries, we vow to repair the damage we have inflicted on our waistlines. We are determined to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier; the list goes on. We tell ourselves that the new year will be better if we can only meet our goals. 

4 Goals for the New Year

The shuttle set down gently outside the city. As soon as Avi was out of the massive compartment, he paused and surveyed the incredible scenery. The eager travelers streamed out around him, but he didn’t notice.  “During the Old Earth era, this was all desert,” Rachit said, pointing to the surrounding scenery. Avi could hardly […]

The Capital

Having seen a trial that ended in execution, Avi was entirely undone as Hans turned his attention toward Rachit. He was so frightened that without realizing it, he was clutching Amos' sleeve. He could hardly breathe. Thinking of such dark things was more than Avi had ever had to endure.  “What are the charges,” Low […]

A Need For Mercy

A song by Lucas Kitchen that discusses the importance of a believer's daily mindset.  Verse I want to worship you in the morning I want to walk with you all day But My worries arrive at the day's dawn And they always drag me away Pre-Chorus What can I do to escape Chorus I’ll set […]

I'll Set My Mind (Single)

A song by Lucas Kitchen that looks forward to the return of Christ and the establishment of his kingdom on Earth. 

The Kingdom Waits (Single)

I got this question from an Atheist friend recently. I thought it was a really good question and worth an official response.  Question: “You don't believe in Zeus, I’m assuming. Why do you think he was created, why did people believe in him, and why don't they anymore?”  Answer: Actually, I do believe in Zeus. So you […]

But I do believe in Zeus!

My toddler, completely enthralled, was watching his dad clip his toenails and asked: “Do I eat toenails dad?” My husband and I both laughed (after my gag reflex subsided) at this question and let him know that it’s not a good idea to eat toenails. My son’s latest trend is to ask if he can […]

Putting Good Things Into Your Body

Reviewed By Midwest Book Review "Impressively well written, organized and presented, "Naked Grace" is an extraordinary Christian memoir and unreservedly recommended reading for all members of the Christian community regardless of denominational affiliations. While highly recommended for community library Contemporary American Biography collections it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Naked Grace" is […]

Lucas' Book Recent Reviews
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep09
Practical Reasons To Believe In Jesus

There has been a lot going on this year with Free Grace International (FGI). You can read all about our most recent work it in the March News Letter. Click the image below to read in your browser, or click the download button to download.

FGI News (March 2021)


The World's Most Testable Religion

  A question from a reader: There are various commands in the Bible to "love your enemy" in Matthew and Romans. However, there are other times when justice is called for (example: conquest for stubborn Canaanites, capital punishment in Law). I know that justice is an act of love. However, how do we treat the […]

Why does the Bible sometimes call for justice, and others love for enemies?

I'd like to explain a few things about how repentance and belief fit together. I do not believe that repentance (turning from sins) is a requirement for receiving eternal life. I have some reasons for this, I'd like to share a few. John’s baptism was a baptism of repentance. He told the people to believe […]

How does repentance connect to belief?

Does James contradict Paul? Was Abraham justified by faith apart from works, or by faith that worked, or by both? Bob Wilkin and Shawn Lazar are in the FGI studio to discuss James 2:21.

How could Abraham be justified by works?
God's Evidence Is His People.

“Pretty much all fruit trees use the same rootstock,” you say as you dig your hands into the soil of Lenard’s backyard. “What does that mean?” “When I planted my tree,” you say with a laugh, “I didn’t know what I was doing. I just dropped a seed in the ground and hoped it would […]


A few years ago I heard a different style of testimony. The man began by saying he had been part of a “Christian” cult which taught that once you were saved, if you sinned even one time, you lost your salvation and you could never get it back. This cult was extreme in its teachings […]

The Defined Testimony

A song by Lucas Kitchen that celebrates being loved by the Lord.  Vocals by Levi Kitchen

It's good to be yours (Single)

When Russia invaded Ukraine The phrase "Is Russia Gog and Magog" suddenly became a trending topic on google. This is probably because during the 70's, and 80's there were Bible teachers who speculated that the Soviet Union was Gog and Magog (Rev 20:8, Ez 38:2). This was a popular teaching among End Times enthusiasts until... […]

Is Russia Gog of Magog

I posted a response to an atheist’s question about a Christian who had become an Atheist. I made the claim that, "if someone believes in Jesus for eternal life, nothing can ever take their eternal life away. Not even if they become an atheist." So, this elicited a response from a number of my atheist […]

Where Will A Christian Turned Atheist Go When They Die?
Was the Bible Translated Too Many Times To Trust?

“Aircraft in the old world were limited by relativistic physics,” Carina said as Avi and Rachit slurped at their drink pouches. Rachit’s eyes scanned the room as Carina continued. Avi did his best to show interest in Carina’s knowledge of the archaic.  “What does that mean?” Avi asked. “The more acceleration, the more it would […]


Now that my husband and I have been married for a few years, he has figured out that I don’t just want a box of chocolates and a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. While I appreciate both chocolate and flowers, what I desire is a handwritten note with a personal message just for me. That’s […]

The Love Letter

“But I don’t understand,” Jamesh said, after the broadcast had concluded. “Dusk happens at a different time depending on where in the empire you are, right?”  “That's right,” Avi said. He glanced at his father, seeing if he wanted to answer the questions. His dad watched but said nothing.  “Then, not everyone in the kingdom […]


5. Watch Your Kids Not Your Screen Kids are good at reminding us what they want. We constantly hear, “Daddy, watch this,” or “Mommy, Look what I can do.” This is a reminder of what a young child wants. They want your attention. They want you to look at them, not at a screen. They […]

Top 5 Tips For Raising Young Kids

Atheists often claim that there is no evidence that The God of the Bible exists.  The problem is that the statement is simply untrue.  The bible is packed with statements that are verifiable in the modern world. We will cover 10 of them.  In Genesis 17 God makes an agreement with the Jews that would […]

Is There Evidence For God?

Are you bored with your faith? It's a known phenomenon, that believers in the modern age have become less than excited about being part of the flock. We explore this issue in this infographic. To take a closer look, click the below image, and take a look. 9 REASONS WHY CHRISTIANS ARE BORED 1. We […]

9 Reasons Christians Are Bored

“Where have you been?” Rachit asked with a sharp edge slicing through his voice as Avi and Carina entered the elaborate guest room. Bhoora was still grazing in the courtyard and would have filled too much of the room to be welcome inside. "I was the guest of honor at the banquet of the beloved,” […]


Like so many others the world over, our family has been experiencing a time of significant testing since my husband was furloughed from his job in mid-March. The ramifications of sudden job loss have been numerous, and I'd be lying if I said we weren't stressed. In an attempt to get our minds off the […]

Pinning Our Hopes on Eternity
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep10

How it doesn't fit First, here is how the Russian Invasion DOES NOT fit, into End Times Prophecy. Contrary to a lot of teachers of Bible prophecy (especially contemporary ones), this invasion is not a precursor to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. There are several reasons for this (and I have included them in this […]

How Does The Russian Invasion Fit Into End Times Prophecy?

Calling all music lovers!  We've got something for you. First a little back story. When I (Lucas) was sixteen my brothers and I got summer jobs, saved up enough money to buy an arsenal of recording equipment, and turned my parent's garage into a music studio. Mom and Dad's ears are still ringing, but that experience […]

Free Grace Music

We have attempted a garden for many years and we usually call it a “learning experience” because frankly, we have had mixed results. But, there is something about trying again and hoping for that bountiful harvest of overflowing baskets full of beautiful, shiny produce. This year, we were highly motivated because we thought we may […]

Contemplations of Quarantine: Ten Lessons from the Garden
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep02

With that admission, her face took on the lines of thought, as if deep in remembrance. Without words, Shepherd Oksana stood and walked among the people around the fire. Avi and Carina stopped chewing as they watched her. She wove through the people and patted some affectionately as she maneuvered through the crowd. She leaned […]

A Wine Miracle

“Is this Avi of Sundar?” A voice said from behind his chair.  “It is,” Hasani offered. “Would you like to meet him?”  “Absolutely,” the voice said. Now Avi was on his feet, standing before an unfamiliar man whom he had never met. The characteristic glow, brighter than many shepherds Avi had seen, and the rings […]


Heaven is like a nightclub where there is no cover charge but drinks will cost you. If you believe in Jesus for eternal life then you have it, and you can’t lose it. You will be allowed to enter the Kingdom. Many ask, “If I have eternal life, then why does it matter how I […]

Heaven is Like a Night Club

My daughter woke up crying at 6:30AM. After my wife got her back to sleep I laid in bed for another few minutes but I couldn't sleep. I had something running through my head. It was this question, "can a Christian become an atheist and still be saved." I felt like this would be a […]

Does a Christian Turned Atheist Lose Eternal Life?

Lucas and Kristah discuss the often misunderstood concept of fearing God.

What does it mean to fear the Lord?
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep12

We hear a lot about what the world says love is in February. However, for those of us who have believed in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, have the Holy Spirit living within us, with a desire to imitate the love of our Captain, we must look to the Word of God. […]

Pursue Love

Nearly 25 years ago, when I was 15, my Mom asked one of my favorite people, to this day, to please come and talk with me (aka 'fix me'). I was living a life that those who didn't know me then would never believe. It doesn't get a whole lot worse than the path I'd […]

The Talk That Changed My Life

Have you ever seen a Jenny Craig commercial? With the before and after pictures? Debbie from Delaware is standing in less than flattering biker shorts and a tank top, depressed, with sad music playing in the background. Then…BOOM! She steps into the next frame and is magically transformed. She’s in a sassy cocktail dress, 30 pounds lighter, with better makeup and upbeat music. Debbie ain’t a downer no more!

The Disciple Testimony

You wake with the sun streaming through your window and are at your garden in a few minutes. With transformation on your mind, you wonder where to start.  “I thought I might find you here,” comes a now familiar voice.  “Hey, Aunt Loola,” you say. “What are you doing here?”  "You visited me; I thought […]


Lucas joined the cast of Grace In Focus to talk about his book Eternal Rewards. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On Grace In Focus

  If someone were to ask me to pick my favorite topic in the Bible to study and teach, I think I would have to choose the doctrine of rewards. In a nutshell, the doctrine of rewards teaches that anyone who believes in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life, has it, and will live […]

Rewardable attributes: Introduction
Free Grace Kids: S1 Ep13

The Jesus Myth hypothesis: For itching ears only. This is the idea that Jesus never existed in history but was made up centuries later. Supposedly his attributes were borrowed from other pagan religions. So... yeah. I'd like to respond to that. This is an overview approach, I'll leave the minutia to the scholars.One of the […]

Is Jesus a Myth?

Zariah led Avi up a winding set of stairs that must have spanned twenty floors. She kept stealing stray glances at him as they climbed toward the top. After a plethora of steps, they finally came to the stoop of the corner tower of the Palace. They exited the stairwell, which opened onto a balcony […]

The Temple

Virtually everyone agrees that John 3:16 is a big deal. In fact, many scholars have called it the essence of the gospel. Why exactly is that? Find out in this short video from Free Grace International.

Why Is John 3:16 Such A Big Deal?

Question: Did God command genocide in the Old Testament?   Answer: Nope. Here's why:   Israel was only instructed to annihilate the Canaanites who remained in Israel   Deuteronomy 7:1-2 says   When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations… and […]

Did God command genocide?

Francis Chan is a mega-church preacher, international speaker, best-selling author, and much more. With all of that credit to his name, one would expect him to be a trustworthy source of biblical teaching. However, Francis Chan has confused thousands of people with a convoluted presentation of the gospel message. Take a look at this video […]

Famous Preachers: Francis Chan

Rule # 1: Shut up! That's right. Stick your balled-up fist in your face hole if you have to, but most importantly stop talking. And yes, I'm saying you should START by STOPPING the incessant blather. In most cases, everything you will say to them has already been said to them multiple times. We're not […]

7 Rules For Debating An Atheist: For Christians Only.

Digging Deeper - Soil Series Week 2 A few weeks ago we offered an overview and infographic on the Parable of the Four soils here. Now we want to take the next 4 weeks to dig deeper and take a closer look at this parable. This is an important passage and worthy of close attention. […]

The Hard Ground
Did Jesus Really Really Really Exist?

Atheists often claim that Jesus never existed in history. If that is true, then we should expect to find at least some support of the Christ Myth Theory somewhere in history. So is there support for the Christ Myth Theory in ancient history? Nope! In fact, it took about 1800 years for anyone to argue […]

Did Jesus Actually Exist?

As you drive toward home, you and Aunt Loola continue to talk about Cravis and his strange garden.  “How did you get to know him?" you ask.  “We used to be—” Aunt Loola pauses. It’s rare for her to be at a loss for words. “Cravis and I used to be very close.”  “Really?”  "This […]

Trees With Bad Fruit

Some have claimed that the myth of Jesus was borrowed from other pagan mythological figures like Horus, Mithra, Osiris, Buddha, etc etc etc. This argument is banking on the fact that most people won’t go read about Horus, Mithra, Osiris, or any of the other mythological claims. The so-called similarities are laughable. I’ll post some links […]

Is Jesus' Story Really Just A Retelling Of The Egyptian god Horus?

This song, written by Levi Kitchen, celebrates God's free grace. The tune is catchy and singable. It is a great worship song for personal enrichment or for congregational singing. A free chord sheet, lyrics, backing track, and lyric videos are provided. The best part is that it's all free for you to use. If you're […]

Your Grace Is Free (Single)

As parents, it can feel as if the list of what we need to teach our children can be long and arduous. This perhaps became even more apparent this Spring when parents were suddenly thrown into teaching their children at home with little to no preparation. It falls on our shoulders to consider our children’s […]

Teach Them in the Way of Wisdom

Lucas was interviewed by Rabbi Eric Walker on Igniting a Nation. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas on Igniting A Nation

You've spent a few weeks dreaming about fruit, now. Each morning you stand in the place where your fruit tree sapling is planted. You can't wait to see that little sprig spring into a vibrant giant with heavily laden branches of edible delights.  As you sit among the vines and thorns waiting for the fruit […]

A Selfish Gardener

“Hello,” King David said as he stepped out from behind the drum kit. He was glowing bright white. Seven golden rings encircled his head. “My name is David Ben-Jesse.”  “I—uh—I’m—” Avi stuttered. Zariah giggled gently.  “Yes, my granddaughter has told me all about you, Avi,” David said. “You have made quite an impression on her.”  […]

Making Music

The weather, the pandemic, and everything else has made me incredibly tired. What about you? Let's see what God's word has to say about growing tired.

Don't Grow Tired (Live)

John Clemens reports on Lucas Kitchen's new book Naked Grace. Aired 2020, on USA Radio Network /CIN News. Free grace international does not endorse the views expressed by those who appear (other than Lucas) on the following video.

Lucas On USA Radio Network

The international space station has an incredibly advanced life support and environmental control system. Without these vital systems working in concert, the astronauts would be turned into blood-boiled brain-dead space sicles.  Each of these vital systems took thousands of highly trained engineers, decades to conceive, design, build, test, and refine. Despite the billions of dollars, […]

The Space Station That Proves God Exists

The next day the festivities began at dawn. Trumpet blasts rang through the city. The courtyard of the palace was being prepared for a massive banquet. Noise and movement were all about the grounds. By midmorning, they were on their way to the parade grounds.  Eliah and his daughter Zariah joined Avi and the delegation […]

The Grand Parade

At 14 years old I remember lying in my bed at night praying over and over, "Lord forgive me of my sins, and save me." Every night I performed this ritual. There were no sins in particular that I was referring to. Instead, I was uncertain that my sins had been forgiven in general. I […]

What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Be Saved?
Broken Circle Of Life (Single)

In a conversation with a good friend, I was asked about the times in the old testament where God kills men and women. I didn't have a good response at the time, and possibly still don't. After thinking about it for a while, though, this is what seemed appropriate to say. God only gives life […]

Is God a murderer?

You arrive at the feed store at ten thirty with a thermos of coffee in hand. You head straight for the gardening section in search of Aunt Loola. She's finishing up with a customer when you arrive. The customer leaves with a cartload of gardening supplies.  “Can I help you?” she says with a wink.  […]

Conditions Are Right

You're standing, once again, in that overgrown wood that you can't really call a garden. There is hardly anything redeeming about it. It's packed with rocks and thorns. Vines block out the sun from reaching the ground. The place is a wreck. You've visited the unkempt property for weeks now but haven't seen a change. […]

Garden Goal

Avi could feel the music flowing through his body, raising every hair. By the end, David and Zariah were standing next to him, singing along. Their harmony was like honey and wine. Every word sent warm chills down Avi's back.  Coming out of the melody was like being unbound from a musical spell. The drifting […]


Subscribe to our mailing list to receive this free book: For The Sake Of The King, in PDF and ePub formats. CHRISTIAN FICTION THAT TAKES YOU ON A POWERFUL ADVENTURE! Knowing the emperor strikes disloyal provinces with drought, Avi must journey to the world capital to win the girl he loves and save his village […]

Want A Free Fiction Adventure Book?

I was 78 when I died. I was a pilot based in a little town called Hamburg of Old Earth. It was nothing compared to today's cities, but it was home. After the King resurrected me and he mopped up the mess that the world had become, he called for the resurrected to stand before […]

Judgment Bench

I had a good conversation with a friend last night. He asked a really good question. The essence of the question was this: “If the gospel is simple to understand, Why is there so much disagreement?” He’s right. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of divisions in the church. I have a few quick ideas on […]

Why Is The Church So Divided?

"How do you know the Gospels are reliable?  The gospels are Greco-Roman-style biographies. These historical documents are eyewitness accounts of mostly public events. They were written shortly after the events they describe and were circulated during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. The Gospels survived the scrutiny of the thousands who saw Jesus first hand, and […]

Are The Gospels Reliable?

Shepherd Amos arrived for Carina and Avi before the sun was up. Bhoora was already sniffing around the courtyard. Avi bid Bhoora stay in the gardened courtyard as Amos ushered him and Carina to the location of Rachit's trial.  It was a courtly room with a tall seat at the head. A glowing amber chandelier […]

A Worse Trial

A song by the Kitchen brothers Lucas (lyrics) and Levi (music) that looks forward to the return of Christ.  Vocals by Levi Kitchen Verses Not all believers will die, But all will be changed For the Lord himself will come, from heaven on that day With a commanding shout, Archangel's voice will sound With the […]

His Return (Single)

You put the car in park in front of an old, dilapidated-looking house. It could be the scene of a blockbuster horror film. There are holes in the roof. Wood rot marks the siding. The door hangs askew. Despite the horrid state of the untenable home, you notice a garden that fills the entire front […]


"What does this verse mean to you?" I have been in numerous Bible studies where this question has been asked. But is this really the question we should be asking when studying God's Word? If not, what kind of questions should we be asking?

Is There a Wrong Way to Study the Bible?

Have you ever met Grumpy Dad? That’s me about half the time. Let me explain. We’re a family of five, with three kids under the age of seven. We recently took a road trip to the Smoky Mountains (about 10 hours of driving each way). Most acquaintances know me as friendly, talkative, and outgoing. But […]

Grumpy Dad
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