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Crowd Dancing in Nightclub

Heaven is Like a Night Club

Heaven is like a nightclub where there is no cover charge but drinks will cost you.

If you believe in Jesus for eternal life then you have it, and you can’t lose it. You will be allowed to enter the Kingdom. Many ask, “If I have eternal life, then why does it matter how I live my life? Why not just do whatever I want, because no matter what I will still have eternal life?”

Here is where the nightclub analogy will come in handy.

Let’s imagine you're unemployed so your pockets are empty. You’re friends want to go out and have a good time. They agree to pick a place with no cover charge. It’s easy to get into this nightclub, they let everyone in who wants to come. Once you’re in though, you watch your friends having a grand ole time while you sit in the corner completely sober wishing you had something to numb the thump of the stupidly enormous sub-woofers. Clearly, you are not going to have as much fun as everyone else if you don’t have any money to buy some drinks.

Eternal life is a free gift that you get the instant you believe in Jesus for it. However, a great eternal experience will cost extra. You will not have as fulfilling of an eternal experience if you haven’t invested anything in your eternity. You must enter heaven with full pockets, so to speak.

So how do you invest in eternity? How do you show up with full pockets?

You must work for it now.

You will be rewarded for every good thing that you do as a believer during your mortal life. Have you fed someone that was hungry? Have you given money to your church or missions? Have you prayed with someone who needed help? Anything you do as a believer you will be rewarded for.

Jesus teaches that those who prove themselves trustworthy in this life will be rewarded and trusted with responsibilities in the future Kingdom of Heaven. He even says his trustworthy servants will rule with him. Did you catch that? Rule with him. If you are a very trustworthy servant of Christ in this life, you might manage a city, a state, or even a planet someday.

So invest in your future. Live life as much like Christ would as you can, and you will be glad you did. Don’t be the one without a drink your hand.

For further reading, check out my book Eternal Rewards.


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