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Part 17 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe drive through the withered lands was harrowing. The dried landscape stretched on for hours. Sometime near dusk, they came to the other side. Just like the wall of wind-born dust they had entered, they discovered another great wall of grit near the edge of the territory. […]

Withered Ones

Part 16 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Everything is so desiccated,” Carina said.  “How could this be?” Avi said. He felt like he could cry from the sight, but the air was quickly dehydrating him, and he had no tears to give.  “It’s awful.” They walked on, studying the landscape. Carina knelt to the […]

The Withers

Part 15 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe dust bit Avi's eyes. The sand choked his throat as if he was drinking a desert. Little granular shards ground at his skin. It didn't matter.  “Bhoora!” he shouted. The gritty blast muffled the sound of his voice. “Where are you?”  When the moaning picked up […]

In The Dust

Part 14 of 57For The Sake Of The KingRachit, Avi, and Carina rode silently for a long time. Bhoora had fallen back into a nap in the truck bed. The hover pods seemed to moan a little louder than usual as they sped eastward.  “Amoli asked about you,” Carina said.  “Really?” Avi replied.  “Well, she […]

The Wall

Part 13 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThey walked about fifty paces and found a place among the orchard to talk. Amos began. His words came heavily laden with sorrow.   “Avi, you've done your village a great service, but I'm sure you don't know,” Amos said, rubbing his brow. He looked almost troubled, […]

A Burden

Part 12 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi kept the invitation to himself, not wanting undue pressure from his good-intentioned family. The weeks passed slowly on the farm. They melted into months. Avi was as reluctant as ever, but his dad constantly encouraged him, and he crawled toward a kind of readiness. His desire […]


Part 11 of 57For The Sake Of The King"Hello, Avi. How may I help you today?” A powerful voice said almost in his ear. Avi turned to find Shepherd Amos, dressed in white, smiling, and waiting. He had met him a few times and heard him speak at the village gatherings more times than he […]


Part 10 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe evening weather had been so pleasant that Avi and his family slept under the stars. Although everyone else had slumbered soundly, their small fruit orchard provided the backdrop for Avi’s sleepless night. He tossed and turned under the fruit-laden branches, reconsidering his near encounter with Eliah […]


Part 9 of 57For The Sake Of The KingJenil continued the sweeping melody with closed eyes. Avi's ear caught a few new embellishments of Jenil's, which were not part of the original composition and were not altogether an improvement. Jenil's pitch was slightly flat; his voice wavered in places it ought not and slid to […]

The Composer

Part 8 of 57For The Sake Of The KingThe sun had set before they chose a place for the esteemed visitors to dine and lodge. A knot twisted in Avi’s stomach when one of Sundar’s most distinguished men, Nimit Patel, took the honor. Avi let his eyes follow Nimit as he returned to his seat […]


Part 7 of 57For The Sake Of The KingCarina had to park the truck a few blocks off of mainstream on account of the congestion and heavy foot traffic. The passengers poured out of the truck bed and began pushing their way into the crowd. The town center had a dozen small buildings rising above […]


Part 6 of 57For The Sake Of The KingBhoora, the giant grizzly bear, was snoozing lazily in the orchard. Margreth was sleeping in the afternoon sun, leaning against his tawny fur. The light danced through the orchard branches and dappled the ground below. Bhoora rolled over, and Margreth lost her bear pillow.  “What ya doing?” […]

Low Fruit

Part 4 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi was up earlier than most, though the youngest kids woke long before the sun. He circled to the rear of the house where most of the morning foods grew. He grazed the garden for something exciting to eat.  The fields beyond encircled the small estate and […]

Avi's Song

Part 5 of 57For The Sake Of The King“Where’s dad?” Avi asked when his mother returned without him.  “Bhoora was getting into the sweet drip patch; he went to shoo him out,” His mother said. She took Galiun from Avi's arms and cradled him softly.  “Is everything ok, Honey?” his mother asked, dividing her attention […]

A Trade

Part 2 of 57For The Sake Of The King“But I don’t understand,” Jamesh said, after the broadcast had concluded. “Dusk happens at a different time depending on where in the empire you are, right?”  “That's right,” Avi said. He glanced at his father, seeing if he wanted to answer the questions. His dad watched but […]


Part 1 of 57For The Sake Of The KingAvi stepped cautiously through the garden, which was bathed in a dusky light. He hummed softly against the whistling breeze and giggled at the funny shape of the bouncing melody. He let the music rise, adding humor with every note. The original composition bubbled with life and […]

The Broadcast

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Naked Grace

Part 22 of 26Naked GraceWhen we got back into Cesis with the bus full of teens, there was an electric buzz in the air. On the way back, we talked to the kids about being baptized. It was the next logical step. They loved the idea and so we excitedly made plans to baptize the […]

Non The Baptist

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In Pursuit

Part 5 of 57In PursuitYou're standing, once again, in that overgrown wood that you can't really call a garden. There is hardly anything redeeming about it. It's packed with rocks and thorns. Vines block out the sun from reaching the ground. The place is a wreck. You've visited the unkempt property for weeks now but […]

Garden Goal

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In Pursuit

Part 4 of 57In PursuitThe garden in the story is you. For every believer, you’re comprised of at least these three parts. You have a flesh component, a mental component, and a spiritual component. Let’s explore the flesh, spirit, and mind each in turn. FLESH Thorns, weeds, rocks, and vines represent your flesh and everything […]

Abundant Death

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In Pursuit

Part 3 of 57In PursuitIt’s been a few days since you planted the fruit seed in the wild patch of woods behind your house. Now, after waiting with impatience, you return once more to the spot where the seed fell. Being careful, you push aside the thorns and vines, looking for the spot where it […]

Battle Garden

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In Pursuit

Part 2 of 57In PursuitThe allegory in the previous section is the scene of your Spiritual birth. When you believed in Jesus for eternal salvation, the Holy Spirit placed eternal life in you. It was like a seed-filled with the potential that eternal life presents. Like an infant sapling to-be, accompanied by a dubious crowd […]

You The Jungle

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In Pursuit

Part 1 of 57In PursuitYou find yourself in a jungle of sorts. Your feet squish into the floor of this overgrown stretch of wilderness. The sun is shining dappled softly downward. Its amber warmth caresses the side of your face. Green surrounds, but you wonder how many of these plants are poisonous. Thorn-laden vines, weeds, […]

Welcome To The Jungle

Part 1 of 34Salvation and DiscipleshipWe are so glad you stopped by. This Bible study is incredibly important. If you want to understand the Bible better, join us for the 33 part series. You will learn to distinguish between passages that focus on salvation from passages that focus on discipleship. To get instructions, watch the […]

Salvation And Discipleship Introduction

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Naked Grace

Part 21 of 26Naked GraceI got a call from Clay, the missions pastor of a large church in Athens, Texas, one afternoon as another summer was approaching. I had never met him before, but he had gotten my name from a local youth minister that had me speak at his youth events.  “Hey, I’m organizing […]

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