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Fluff goes on a magical adventure and learns some important lessons. As seen on this episode of MORE TO THE STORY WITH LUCAS KITCHEN. This short picture book is a free download. 


Fluff And The Old Man (Free Children's Book)

The faith’s most important question, “What do I have to do to be saved?” Should have a simple answer, though no one in the piney woods seemed to agree what that simple answer should be. Despite growing up in the buckle of the Bible belt, confusion about the Christian faith plagued every step of Lucas’ journey.

In NAKED GRACE, Lucas Kitchen uses wit, humor, and visual storytelling to invite you to join his life-long quest for answers. This multi-decade pursuit took Lucas to some laugh-out-loud places. When the stakes were as high as they could be, the simple answer came.

The true life story in NAKED GRACE explores the confusion that many Christians quietly experience on a weekly basis. As this book demonstrates: just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they understand. This self-deprecating tale will resonate with anyone who has wrestled with unanswered questions and is dying to know the truth.

Naked Grace

For The Sake Of The King Book

For The Sake Of The King

Eternal Life Book

Eternal Life

Eternal Clarity Book

Eternal Clarity

In Pursuit Of Fruit Book

In Pursuit Of Fruit

This 200-page book is an enjoyable and approachable study on Colossians. It's packed with humorous stories and illustrations, as it explores the major themes of the biblical book. There is a free video series that compliments THINGS ABOVE. Also available on our store: a companion Bible study workbook (coming soon), and a preacher's bundle that includes expanded content.

Things Above

Eternal Rewards Book

Eternal Rewards

Children's 3 Book Set

Children's Book Set

Evan Wants To Go To Heaven Children's Book

Evan Wants To Go To Heaven

Eternal Rewards Set

Eternal Rewards Set

You Can Live Forever Gospel of John Booklet (10 Pack)

You Can Live Forever Booklet

Eternal Life Set

Eternal Life Set

Eternal Rewards Study Guide (25 pack)

Eternal Rewards Study Guide

Eternal Rewards Workbook

Eternal Rewards Workbook

- SALVATION is a one-time event. It happens the moment someone believes in Jesus for everlasting life. DISCIPLESHIP is a long-term process. It happens when a saved person decides to obey Jesus on a daily basis. Not recognizing this simple distinction creates confusion. Not explaining the difference allows a mixed message to spread. Not knowing the difference between salvation and discipleship keeps many people from experiencing either. This book will clear up confusion on these two important messages found all through the Bible.

Watch the VIDEO SERIES that accompanies this book.

Salvation And Discipleship

Salvation and; Discipleship book, workbook, and pack of 25 study guides

Salvation and Discipleship Set

Salvation and Discipleship Workbook

Salvation and Discipleship Workbook

Adventures Beyond Mudville Children's Book

Adventures Beyond Mudville
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