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Lucas Kitchen: Speaker Resume

Lucas Kitchen is a visionary Bible teacher with a gift for clarity in communication.


Lucas Kitchen is a Christian author, speaker, and the director of Free Grace International, a media ministry through which his teaching materials have been distributed to multiple millions of viewers and readers around the world. His greatest strengths lie in his ability to communicate clearly, illustrate concepts effectively, and inspire others to live a life that honors Christ. In addition to his career, he is a husband and father of four (one due in September).

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Preaching/Teaching Examples

Youtube Playlist of Lucas Kitchen’s Sermons.

Teaching Style And Emphasis

  • Compelling Storytelling
  • Humorous Delivery
  • Making Complex Ideas Easy To Understand
  • New Media and Culture For Christians
  • Apologetics and Ministry to Skeptics
  • Simple, Clear evangelism For Unbelievers
  • Inspirational, Expositional Bible Teaching for Mature Believers

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Speaker | Bible Teacher

Lucas’ first itinerate speaking and teaching engagements were Baptist and non-denominational youth events around East Texas in the early 2000s. As his speaking ministry has grown, he’s received invitations ranging across a half dozen states to teach in adult Sunday services, national Bible conferences, Bible studies, and regional Bible seminars. He also preaches and teaches at a range of international venues. In addition to his itinerate speaking ministry, Lucas has also worked as a vocational teaching minister and teaching pastor at various times in his career.

Author of Christian Books

Lucas has written fifteen books on Christian subjects, some of which have found their way onto Amazon’s best-seller lists for their category and been featured on radio and Christian TV programs. His books are being used as the Bible curriculum for some Christian schools, are distributed internationally, and are used for small group and church studies in the United States, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. His books cover topics such as Salvation, Discipleship, Apologetics, Godly Living, and Biblical theology. Lucas has also written in the genre of Christian fiction to teach eschatology, missionary methods, and evangelism.

Director | Free Grace International

Lucas has been employed by Free Grace International since 2016 and became director around the end of 2021. As the director, Lucas oversees the daily operations. He leads the production team in creating Biblical materials such as books, tracts, curricula, blog posts, podcasts, Bible teaching videos, and audio productions. In association with FGI Lucas has produced Christian videos that have reached multiple millions of people online.


  • Master of Theological Studies - Liberty University - 2019. 
  • Bachelor of Science In Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Bible, Psychology, and History Political Science - LeTourneau University - 2006
  • Associate of Science in General Studies - Kilgore College - 2003

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