Podcast: Famous Preachers

John Piper is a hugely successful and well-respected preacher of a large church. He's considered an academic powerhouse of reformation theology. It seems as if that would mean he is highly trustworthy on the topic of the saving message of Jesus Christ, but in this video, you will discover that his gospel presentation is not […]

Famous Preachers: John Piper

See what a famous preacher has to say about salvation, and why it is wrong.

Famous Preachers: Matt Chandler

Francis Chan is a mega-church preacher, international speaker, best-selling author, and much more. With all of that credit to his name, one would expect him to be a trustworthy source of biblical teaching. However, Francis Chan has confused thousands of people with a convoluted presentation of the gospel message. Take a look at this video […]

Famous Preachers: Francis Chan
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