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In Pursuit Of Fruit Intro
  • In Pursuit Of Fruit Intro

    In Pursuit Of Fruit Intro

    Jan 5, 2022 • 16:45

    WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE You find yourself in a jungle of sorts. Your feet squish into the floor of this overgrown stretch of wilderness. The sun is shining dappled softly downward. Its amber warmth caresses the side of your face. Green surrounds, but you wonder how many of these plants…

  • Garden Goal

    Garden Goal

    Jan 5, 2022 • 13:37

    You're standing, once again, in that overgrown wood that you can't really call a garden. There is hardly anything redeeming about it. It's packed with rocks and thorns. Vines block out the sun from reaching the ground. The place is a wreck. You've visited the unkempt property for weeks now…

  • A Selfish Gardener

    A Selfish Gardener

    Jan 5, 2022 • 13:52

    You've spent a few weeks dreaming about fruit, now. Each morning you stand in the place where your fruit tree sapling is planted. You can't wait to see that little sprig spring into a vibrant giant with heavily laden branches of edible delights.  As you sit among the vines and…

  • You Can't Do It

    You Can't Do It

    Jan 5, 2022 • 11:19

    By now you’ve spent weeks staring at the garden. You have checked the fruit tree sapling. It is a tough plant. It continues to survive, but it is far from thriving. In fact, it hasn't grown a single centimeter since shortly after you planted it.  Each time you visit the…

  • Soil


    Jan 5, 2022 • 9:50

    You wake with the sun streaming through your window and are at your garden in a few minutes. With transformation on your mind, you wonder where to start.  “I thought I might find you here,” comes a now familiar voice.  “Hey, Aunt Loola,” you say. “What are you doing here?” …

  • Focus On The Soil

    Focus On The Soil

    Jan 5, 2022 • 16:55

    You arrive at Aunt Loola’s house the next morning with a pen and notepad. You’re eager to get instructions. You feel as if you’re finally making progress, as you now know where you have to focus.  You knock on the door, but there is no answer. You knock again and…

  • Conditions Are Right

    Conditions Are Right

    Jan 5, 2022 • 9:38

    You arrive at the feed store at ten thirty with a thermos of coffee in hand. You head straight for the gardening section in search of Aunt Loola. She's finishing up with a customer when you arrive. The customer leaves with a cartload of gardening supplies.  “Can I help you?”…

  • Too Much Sowing Seeds

    Too Much Sowing Seeds

    Jan 5, 2022 • 15:44

    Your car pulls up in front of Aunt Loola’s house far earlier than you prefer to be awake. Though you have an urge to lean grumblingly against the horn, she emerges from the font door before you have the car in park.  “Where to?” you say when she gets in…

  • Forgetting The Purpose

    Forgetting The Purpose

    Jan 5, 2022 • 15:20

    You show Aunt Loola around the house and offer her a seat at the kitchen table. You start a dark pot of coffee brewing and pull out some eggs and a skillet.  “So, are we going to work in the garden today?" you ask as she shuffles into the kitchen.…

  • Goal Swap

    Goal Swap

    Jan 5, 2022 • 15:52

    You dry as Aunt Loola washes the dishes. After a moment, you notice a smile stretch across her face.  “Hey, do you have time to go see a friend of mine?” Loola asks.  “Sure, why not,” you say. You grab your keys and escort Aunt Loola to the car. She…

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