Hero Of The Faith

There is one apostle remembered for his doubt. Though, very few seem to remember what Doubting Thomas did to overcome his mistrust. This book follows Thomas' from the moment of his salvation to Jesus' post-resurrection appearance. Thomas: Hero of The Faith combines personal stories from the author, a biographical sketch of the apostle Thomas, and modern application. This short easy-to-enjoy book will give its readers effective weapons they can use in the fight against their doubt.



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Part 1 of 9ThomasMy father-in-law grew up on a farm in Nebraska. As most who know him can attest, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, or his whole body for that matter. When I first married his daughter, I had to get used to his do-it-yourself style. Often he's made outrageous sounding claims […]


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Part 2 of 9ThomasOnce there was a woman who spent years attending Sunday services. In fact, she worked on the secretarial staff at a Bible teaching church. She heard sermons about Christ on a regular basis. She had often edited text for church publications which focused on faith alone in Christ alone. After many years […]


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Part 3 of 9ThomasUnder the hot afternoon sun, we stood, a pack of about twenty third-grade boys. The game was to be soccer, and it was team-picking time. I was late in the draft, very late. They had already picked the tall, the fast, and the tough. But who wanted me, a scrawny kid, who […]


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Part 4 of 9ThomasWhen I was a child, I had an experience in which I strongly doubted my dad's judgment. My family and I had returned from a trip. As we were getting settled in for lunch, I noticed that my mother was crying as she stood over the stove. I approached her and asked […]

Doubting Jesus' Judgement

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Part 5 of 9Thomas For my undergraduate degree, I went to Letourneau University, a school nationally known for its engineering and aviation program. However, I spent most my time in the liberal arts building. I knew that I would eventually have to take a class in the math department, and many had warned me about the […]

Doubting Jesus Teaching

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Part 6 of 9ThomasI took a chemistry class at the community college in my town the year after I graduated high school. I quickly learned that 8:00 am classes were nearly impossible to attend. After a semester of sleepy lectures and a lack luster attendance record, the teacher gave the assignment that would stand as […]

Doubting The Resurrection

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Part 7 of 9ThomasWhen I was in college, I got to know a young lady named Nancy who I liked very much. She was originally from Tegucigalpa Honduras but had moved to the States as a teenager. We spent as many hours together as our schedules would allow, and sometimes even when our schedules did […]

Evidence Arrives

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Part 8 of 9ThomasI have a close friend who fought a decade long war against doubt. His retrospective honesty sheds a fascinating light on at least one way that a Christian can suffer a defeat to doubt. He grew up in a Christian family and found himself in church every Sunday. He believed in Jesus […]

Doubts Dissolve

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Part 9 of 9ThomasIn the last chapter, I told you about my friend who became an agnostic. I'm glad to report that his agnosticism was short lived. He's stepped back from that position since. His doubts are not all laid to rest, but he's moving toward a lifestyle and a faith that more resembles what […]

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