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International Space Station against starlight

The Space Station That Proves God Exists

The international space station has an incredibly advanced life support and environmental control system. Without these vital systems working in concert, the astronauts would be turned into blood-boiled brain-dead space sicles. 

Each of these vital systems took thousands of highly trained engineers, decades to conceive, design, build, test, and refine. Despite the billions of dollars, millions of hours, and thousands of engineers It can only support a few people for a limited amount of time, it must be constantly resupplied with resources from Earth, and you have to pee into a really embarrassing tube apparatus harnessed to your unbiblicals. As if that’s not enough, everyone inside is bathed in bone bleaching space radiation.  

There is a much more advanced machine that has all of the life support systems mentioned above and many more. It is a massive space station that can support billions of humans, guard them against the life-crushing, breath-depriving, radioactive sterilizing, horrors of space. It offers conditions not only for survival but the full scope of the human experience. It is sustainable and self-sufficient. It’s been running with precision for Millennia.  It’s called Earth. 

No one, other than flat earth geniuses, would deny that it has taken thousands of engineers centuries to develop the joint technology that makes the international space station work. However, there are some that still claim that Earth, the greatest and most reliable spacecraft we have ever seen, needed no engineer, no designer, no creator. 

Regardless of your religious beliefs, if there is a planet like Earth, there must be an engineer. 

It includes modules for, vapor reclamation, CO2 removal, wastewater management, temperature; humidity; and pressure control, multiple O2 generation systems, trace contaminants control, Fire detection and Suppression, O2/N2 mixing, off board venting, and about a bazillion other modules. 


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