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What About Evolution?

April 20, 2018

A subscriber writes: 

I’m currently in online school and the classes all teach evolution to be true. I’m not sure what I believe about that and how it would correspond with my Christian faith. I was curious what you thought in that area because secular evolution is forced down my throat at school.
My security is in Christ, not creation. I’m 5000% more confident in the gospels than I am in my ability to understand the first few chapters of Genesis. We really don’t know exactly how God did it. Genesis tells us that God did it, and gives some details. Though, Genesis leaves out a lot of information. That doesn’t bother me at all. 

Personally, I believe God designed and built over a long period of time. I believe that fits with what Genesis teaches. I don’t believe it was evolution, but I know plenty who do. 

You used the term “secular evolution.” If by “secular evolution” you mean, an evolutionary process that God is not involved in, and didn’t initiate, then I’d pass on that option. Even for those who are hard-line evolutionists, they’d be hard-pressed to prove that God wasn’t involved, or didn’t initiate the process. I’d like to see the experiment that can prove God’s non-involvement. The idea that something like that can be discovered by experimental means is laughable. So if evolution is the process by which we got the world’s species, I’m comfortable with that, as long as someone isn’t trying to prove that God was not involved, or the initiator. 

The thing about evolution is, even if it can explain how life evolved, it doesn’t explain how life began. Evolutionists admit this. They are looking at how species developed, but the mysterious event which caused life to begin is called abiogenesis, and no secular cosmological model has a convincing answer to that. In this area, theists have a much stronger case. 

I know Christians who believe the earth is 6000 years old. I know Christians who believe it’s billions of years old. I know Christians who have no idea. Any of these is ok. You don’t have to be a young earth creationist to be saved. 

The main thing is not to let the evolution discussion wreck your faith. There’s no reason it has to.

So, I’d say, listen to the evidence your school presents and determine whether you think it is true or not. I’d be happy to help and continue the conversation with you as you go through this. I know it can be a confusing and difficult subject. I think you will make a better determination if you are educated about it, than if you aren’t. 

The main thing is, remember that our faith is based on Christ, not on the Creation story. The creation story can help us grow in our faith, but it’s Christ that is the object of our faith. If God used evolution to bring all of this about, fine. If he created over a long period of time, fine. If he did it in 6 days, fine. The main thing we have to cling to is Jesus. Let’s keep clinging to Jesus, and maybe he will give us wisdom on the subject.
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