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Why Does God let innocent Children Die?

We received this question not long ago.   

Question: Why is your god so evil? If he is all-powerful, why does he do nothing to stop 5000 children under the age of five from dying every single day, just from dirty water alone? Because he is evil. He inflicts suffering upon innocents. Why would you ever worship a being this cruel? You can not live in reality and pretend that your god is a loving one. Wake up.

Answer: You seem like an amazingly compassionate person. I really appreciate your sentiment of love and what seems like a real desire to see the world made into a better place. I have a few ideas to share.

If God is EVIL because he does nothing about suffering, then mankind is EVIL if he does nothing about suffering. Most of mankind does nothing about suffering in the world, therefore mankind is EVIL.

I've traveled the world and I've seen firsthand the suffering that is taking place. I've been on well drilling teams in India and Kenya where kids were drinking from vile green ponds. I've held orphans in China, and HIV babies in Thailand. I've done what I could, not because I'm fundamentally good, but because of my faith. Jesus, in the words of Scripture, calls me to do better still. It's not my effort or goodwill that brings me to this, but Christ and Christ alone. If it were up to me, I'd probably just sit and binge Netflix because that's way easier. When I'm obeying Jesus, is when I make the most of what I've been given. It's when I'm not obeying God that the world around me is a worse place. If we all obeyed God, the world would be a beautiful joyful expanse of love. It's difficult, but through the lens of bitterness is not the only way to see pain in the world. There is another way.

You claimed that God must be evil because he isn't doing anything about suffering. God IS doing something about suffering. Here are a few thoughts from scripture on this subject, but I can't guarantee that you'll like them.

1. Suffering is a temporary situation with an eternal solution. John 3:16, Rev 21:4
2. God is closer to those who endure suffering. Psalm 34:18
3. God expects us to alleviate the suffering in the world today. John 14:12, Luke 10:25-37,
4. Suffering is the consequence of a broken world, which Jesus promises to fix. Rev 21.

Unfortunately, there are negative side effects of suffering.
5. Suffering hardens some people's hearts to God. Matthew 13.

I beg you, don't let it be number 5. You sound like a compassionate person. There's so much work to be done in the world before Jesus comes back. We need to work to alleviate suffering where possible.

Here is the most important thing. Jesus offers free eternal life for all those who believe in him. John 3:16. In the eternal Kingdom of God (eternal life) suffering will be done away with. Jesus is the only way that suffering will ever be finally killed. 

Please don't harden your heart to God's free offer. Please consider reading through the Gospel of John and taking a serious look at what he's offering you. 


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