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Your Grace Is Free

March 17, 2020

This song, written by Levi Kitchen, celebrates God’s free grace. The tune is catchy and singable. It is a great worship song for personal enrichment or for congregational singing. A free chord sheet, lyrics, backing track, and lyric videos are provided. The best part is that it’s all free for you to use. If you’re a worship leader, you’re welcome to lead your congregation in worship with this song. If you’re a recording artist interested in recording a cover of this song, we would love that. Sidenote: If you’d like to support the production of more free grace songs like this one click here.

Chord Sheet

Your Grace Is Free Audio


Your Grace Is Free,
Simply By Belief
Your Gift Received,
We Have Life Eternally

Your Grace Is Free
Because We Believed
You Said, “If You Believe In Me,
Eternal Life You Will Receive.”

Verse 1
You are reaching in to mend the broken parts
Your love has drowned the sickness in our hearts
Eternal life you give to us for free 
Not by our works, salvation comes simply by belief

Verse 2
Salvation is a gift we cannot try with works to earn 
We’re secure forever,  life cannot be lost or returned 
You came and died, a sacrifice to bring us to the King
You rose again to life and now we share your victory!

Backing Track Instrumental

Instrumental Backing Track

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