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End Times Today With John Claeys: Episode 18




Broadcast 18

Description: “The King of the North: 

His Momentous Invasion of Israel”


VOICEOVER: Welcome to End Times Today with Author, Speaker, and Bible teacher: John Claeys. This episode is entitled, THE KING OF THE NORTH: INVASION OF ISRAEL 

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We’ll take a look at THE KING OF THE NORTH: INVASION OF ISRAEL in just a moment, but first let’s see what’s happening in our the world right now. Here’s John Claeys

What in the World Is God Doing?

Viewer Screen: UAE's Warm Welcome to Israelis Reflects Changing Region - Aron Heller (Washington Post

This article observed that: “Israel's first-of-its-kind delegation to the United Arab Emirates received a warm welcome that would have been nearly unthinkable just a few weeks ago.” The reporter goes on to say that: “The Emirati charm offensive was on full display as they sought to convey a new spirit of friendship between the two countries. Emirati diplomats and their Israeli counterparts hammered out the initial details of agreements on diplomacy, trade, science, technology and cooperation in countering the coronavirus pandemic.”

This is amazing! Just months ago, that Israel and the United Arab Emirates would have a warm relationship was unthinkable! Not long ago, all of the Arab states in the Middle East were avowed enemies of Israel, seeking the destruction of the Jewish state. But, now Israel has a working relationship with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Qatar. Five Arab nations aligning with Israel! It is truly a miracle of God! 

Note, also, this recent article that indicates Saudi Arabia’s support of this alignment: 

Viewer Screen: Saudi Arabia Approves UAE Request to Use Airspace for All Routes - Dana Khraiche (Bloomberg

This approval includes flights to and from Israel!! The article reported that: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said any airline, including Israeli ones, could now fly directly to the UAE through Saudi airspace, and that it would shave off hours on routes to Asian destinations.” This demonstrates that all parties—UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. are supportive of this agreement. 

Viewer Screen: 

Israeli and Arab Interests "Have Begun to Coalesce"
  - Dore Gold interviewed by Jenni Frazer (Jewish Chronicle-UK

In this interview, Dr. Dore Gold, a former director-general of Israel's Foreign Ministry, revealed that “other Arab countries are quietly falling into line behind the UAE, driven [among other things] . . . by fear of Iran . . .” 

Gore emphasized this growing coalescence by stating: “Our vital interests and those of the Arab world have begun to really coalesce. And that makes great opportunity for dramatic breakthroughs. I am optimistic with respect to what can be done.” 

This next article points out that: “As an El Al plane flew over Saudi Arabia carrying a bevy of Israeli officials to the Emirates, there were no demonstrations of consequence in the Arab world.” 

Viewer Screen: The Israel-UAE Agreement's Greatest Achievement: Little Arab Protest - Prof. Hillel Frisch (Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies-Bar-Ilan University

This is a great contrast to times past in which any movement by Israel, or even a thought of movement, would bring massive demonstrations in the Middle East. According to this article, “The lack of demonstrations was most assuredly noticed by state leaders in the Middle East.” Again, this is significant! 

Even Yasser Arafat’s widow “backs UAE peace with Israel,” as reported in Times of Israel.

Viewer Screen: Arafat's Widow Backs UAE Peace with Israel (Times of Israel)

In another move, showing alignment with Israel:

Viewer Screen: Jordan Dismantles the Muslim Brotherhood - Sami Moubayed (Center for Global Policy)

“Jordan's top court decided on July 15 to officially dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood after it operated legally in the kingdom for 75 years. . . . Jordan, which is firmly allied with Saudi Arabia and the UAE and has relied on them to settle its bills, could simply not afford to continue tolerating the Brotherhood's activities in Jordan.

Take note that Jordan is “firmly allied with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.” This means that an Israeli alliance with the UAE is an alliance with the other named Arab nations. 

Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood is a committed enemy of Israel, dedicated to the proposition of the elimination of the Jewish state. Isn’t it fascinating that Jordan is ridding itself of such an enemy of Israel?!

God is clearly at work in the Middle East! 

I have been saying for years that leaders of five Arab nations will be part of the ten-leader delegation that will confirm a seven-year treaty with Israel that will begin the Tribulation period.  And if you have been watching our broadcasts here at End Times Today, you have probably heard me say it. We are now seeing how close at hand this momentous, prophetic, end-times event may be. This gives me chills to think about it! This ought to propel us to keep looking up, for we may be meeting our Savior in the air sooner than we think!

This is: “What in the World Is God Doing?”


VOICEOVER: Thanks John! If you’ve got questions, about current events, you can send them to John by going to Endtimestoday.org. Now, let’s take a look at what in the Bible God is saying to us, as we take a look THE KING OF THE NORTH: INVASION OF ISRAEL Here’s John to explain.

What in the Bible Is God Saying?

The King of the North: 

His Momentous Invasion of Israel

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the great military geniuses of all time. At the peak of his career, while he was emperor of France, he brought practically all of Europe to its knees. But, he did, at that time, make a disastrous military decision. He decided to invade Russia.

In the city of Wilna—on the border of Russia—there is a simple granite shaft. On the western side of that shaft (the direction from which Napoleon invaded Russia), there is an inscription that reads: “Napoleon Bonaparte passed this way in 1812 with 410,000 men.” On the eastern face of the shaft, from which direction Napoleon retreated, there is this inscription: “Napoleon Bonaparte passed this way in 1812 with 9,000 men.” 

Great military leader though he was, he led hundreds of thousands of men to disaster and defeat. Invading the wrong land cost this leader significantly. That will be the grand mistake for the king of the North as well. He will invade the wrong land—Israel—and it will cost him significantly. 

In our last two broadcasts, we learned about an Assyrian king who will arise rapidly in the Middle East from apparent obscurity to become king of the world. We discovered that his rapid ascent will occur due to Satan’s powerful backing, as a result of a pact he will make with the Devil. This agreement will involve worshipping Satan and promoting Lucifer worship throughout all of the area he conquers. 

The rise to power of this King of the North will begin 220 days following the commencement of the treaty with Israel; or, to put it another way, he will begin his meteoric rise to power (to become the beast, the ruler of the world) 220 days after the rapture of the Church. 

He will conquer the Middle East with a powerful military force while responding to an attack by Egypt. 

It is interesting to note that the king’s conquest of other countries will be in response to an attack upon him; the Bible does not present him as one who will initiate conflict. This may indicate that his triumph over other countries is also achieved as a result of a response to their attacks against him. Possibly, the Middle Eastern Muslim countries will view him as a threat. Apparently, Egypt will—which is why it makes a preemptive strike upon the region he rules. 

It seems likely that while he retaliates to the Egyptian attack, other countries will see that as an opportunity to make offensive gestures toward him as well. Once attacked by other countries, he knows he needs to aggressively retaliate—and conquer—in order to survive in his “neighborhood.” 

Viewer Screen: “At the time of the end the king of the South [Egypt] shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through” (Dan 11:40).

According to Dan 11:40, this king will defend himself from an attack launched by the leader of Egypt. However, as he responds, he appears to be very much on the offensive. 

The leader of Egypt may attack the king of the North because he believes that the growing power of the king of the North looms as a threat to the Middle East. If so, Egypt may believe the king must be dealt with by an offensive strike against him. 

Viewer Screen: “. . . and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through. . . . and many countries shall be overthrown; . . . He shall stretch out his hand against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape” (Dan 11:40-42).

The king of the North will respond to Egypt’s attack by taking his army southward toward the nation that attacked him. From the description in verses 40–42 of Daniel 11, the military strength of the king of the North will be immensely powerful; for his military invasion is presented “as a whirlwind” and as “overwhelming countries.” These descriptions give the impression of an amazing military machine, which will achieve tremendous conquests. As an outcome of his campaign, countries will quickly and easily fall to him; they will be overwhelmed

Viewer Screen: “He shall also enter the Glorious Land, and many countries shall be overthrown; but these shall escape from his hand: Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon”  (Dan 11:40).

However, the country of Jordan (represented by “Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon”) “shall escape from his hand.” While this could mean that the king’s armies will not pass through that land, most likely it indicates that tiny Jordan will choose to make an alliance with this king for fear of being decimated.

For the king of the North to enter Israel but not to pass through Jordan on the way toward his invasion of Egypt, he would need to pass through (and overwhelm) Syria in order to get to Israel. Remember that the king of the North, as we have presented, will arise from northwest Iraq.

Viewer Screen: “He [the king of the North] shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt; also the Libyans and Ethiopians shall followat his heels” (Dan 11:43).

Verse 43 announces that “the Libyans and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels.” Though Libya refers to the same country of Libya in existence today, biblically, Ethiopia refers to the country of Sudan, which lies north of present-day Ethiopia. 

Just as Jordan will decide to join forces with the king of the North before being conquered, the same will be true of Libya and Sudan. Seeing the king overwhelm the Middle East and then Egypt, Libya and Sudan will decide it will be better to join him than to be destroyed by him. 

Viewer Screen: “And out of one of them [10 nations within the boundaries of the old Roman Empire] came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land” (Dan 8:9).

According to Daniel 8, this king is pictured as a little horn that “grows exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land” (verse 9). Since, biblically, a “horn” can represent authority, what is pictured in Dan 8:9 is the king of the North before he becomes a king. He begins his great ascent to power as one with a small amount of authority within the country of Iraq. Perhaps he is something like a minister of finance, or something like that—some authority within the country’s government. From there he grows to become a king, perhaps by leveraging the authority he has. But because he has made a deal with the devil, it will be Satan that will open doors for him.

Since this king will originate from Iraq, the assertion of verse 8 implies the king will conquer countries that include Saudi Arabia (to the south) and Iran (to the east). 

Thus, as we have seen, the result of the king’s campaign into Egypt is that he will overwhelm and overthrow Egypt and take control over all its wealth. 

Viewer Screen: “. . . he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things” (Dan 11:38).

Due to his deal with the devil, this king will honorhis god, Lucifer (a more acceptable name for Satan), . . . He will honor his god “with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things” (Daniel 11:38), using those beautiful and extravagant items to worship him. In addition, the king will use these costly stones to promote Lucifer worship by the establishment of many temples to his god. All of this relates to the description of the king in the first half of Daniel 11:43: 

Viewer Screen: “He shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt” (Dan 11:43). 

His invasion of Egypt will provide him with great treasure in order to continue his worship of Satan and to advance Lucifer worship among the Egyptians, Libyans, and Ethiopians (northern Africa). 

However, the king will not stay in Egypt long. In verses 44–45 of Daniel 11, we discover that troubling news will drive him to the northeast with great fury, for there we read: 

Viewer Screen: “But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many [Jews]. And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him” (Dan 11:44-45).

Since the king is in Egypt when he receives troubling news from the east and the north, he will then return to Israel, the origin of that disturbing news. However, what will be going on in Israel at the time the king invades Egypt that might be so disturbing to him? And why might it disturb him?

Viewer Screen: [MAP]  

The two prophets of God will be prophesying in Jerusalem at that time, and they will be reaching other Jews with the gospel. In addition, they will be commissioning the 144,000 to take the gospel to all the nations of the earth.

This will greatly trouble the king whose god is Satan. Satan seeks to continue his rule over this world, but he knows Jesus plans to return to rule this world as his kingdom upon the salvation of many Jews in Israel. He realizes that it will be the salvation of Israel that will bring the return of Jesus to claim this world as His kingdom.

As a result of this disturbing news, the king“shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many.” The word many in this verse is used elsewhere in Daniel to refer to the Jews in Israel. When the king of the North hears the troubling news, he will go out to destroy and annihilate many Jews in Israel, particularly Jews who have believed in Jesus. 

Viewer Screen: “And it shall come to pass in all the land,” says the LORD, “that two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die, but one-third shall be left in it” (Zech 13:8).

This context helps us understand the Lord’s proclamation in Zechariah 13:8 that two-thirds of all the Jews living in the land of Israel will be killed, which will occur during the last half of the Tribulation period. Thus,it coincides with the king going out to annihilate many Jews in Israel, as the king will hear this disturbing news of the two prophets of God and their activity of reaching and training 144,000 Jews to carry the gospel worldwide just prior to the mid-point of the Tribulation period.

Viewer Screen: “And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and [at] the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him” (Dan 11:45).

When the king arrives in Jerusalem, he will “plant the tents of his palace between the seas” (verse 45). “Between the seas” refers to the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, which is where Jerusalem is located. 

Another clue as to where he will plant the tents of his palace is found in the phrase “and the glorious holy mountain.” However, the word and is actually the Hebrew word meaning at, or facing. His palatial tents will actually face the glorious holy mountain, which is a reference to the Temple Mount. This seems to indicate that he will set up camp in the Kidron Valley, which runs between the Mount of Olives, where Jesus will touch down at His return, and the Temple Mount, where Jesus will ascend to rule.

The timing of this is immediately prior to the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation period. Immediately after the point the king invades Jerusalem, the seven-year treaty will be broken by the ten leaders who confirmed it with Israel. 

Viewer Screen: “ yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him” (Dan 11:45).

Daniel chapter 11 ends by informing us that sometime after the king takes his powerful army into Jerusalem,“he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.” On the one hand, the king will come to his end by suffering an assassination by sword at the very mid-point of the Tribulation period; yet, on the other, the beast, who inhabits the body of the king of the North following the assassination, will suffer his demise, in the land of Israel, at the return of Jesus. 

Thus, the king’s climactic mistake will be his invasion of the wrong land—Israel. 

Daniel’s vision ends with comfort for his readers. However, the king’s end would not come for another three and a half years following his encampment in Jerusalem. 

The king’s encampment in Jerusalem brings us to the middle of the tribulation period—and to the point at which the king of the North becomes the beast. Join us next time on End Tines Today when we encounter “The Beast from the Abyss.”


VOICEOVER: Thank you John for helping understand these eerie moves of the King of the north. Before we go let’s take a look at a question from a viewer just like you. You can send questions by going to endtimestoday.org. Diane in Arkansas writes

Questions / Answers

Q: Where are unbelievers today who died without Christ? --- Diane, Siloam Springs, AR

A: Deceased unbelievers are currently in Hades. To catch a glimpse of their current experience in Hades, see Lk 16:19-31. We learn from that passage they are suffering torment and do not want their friends and family members to join them there. We also observe, while in Hades, they can think, feel, and communicate; and they remember their life on earth. However, unfortunately, even now, they still don’t understand that the way to life with God forever is by faith in Jesus.

Q: Sharon in Arkansas writes: What happens to the children who are under the age of accountability when the rapture occurs, and what is their experience during the Millennial reign of Jesus? --- Sharon, Fayetteville, AR

A: I believe children under the age of accountability—even those who have not yet believed in Jesus—will go up in the rapture with their believing parents. (By the way, to see why I believe the age of accountability is 20 years of age, see pages 136-145 of my book, A New World Coming.) 

Jesus seems to give a clue of what will occur to children who have not yet believed when the rapture occurs. In Mt 24 and Lk 17, Jesus compares the deliverance of Noah and his family to believers in the rapture of the Church. Interestingly, only Noah is said to have experienced God’s grace (Genesis 6); yet, his children were delivered from God’s judgment upon the world (signifying the future judgment of God upon the world in the tribulation period) because of Noah. This would indicate that the same will occur for children of believing parents when the rapture occurs. 

Finally, 1 Cor 7 announces that children of believing parents (even if only one parent is a believer) are “sanctified” (“made holy, set apart”). Based on this revelation, I believe that children of believers, or even one believing parent, at the time of the rapture will be considered sanctified by God and will, therefore, be delivered, along with all who are sanctified by God, from the tribulation period.

Thus, it seems that Jesus will deliver children of believers (even if only one parent is a believer) in the rapture. However, I do believe that children left behind will be protected from God's wrath being poured out upon rebellious mankind during the tribulation period.

Regarding the second part of your question, children under the age of accountability when the rapture occurs will populate the kingdom. In addition, I believe all children, throughout history, who died before the age of accountability, will be in the Millennial Kingdom. That includes all aborted babies.

Why do I think that? 

We know from a number of passages in the Old Testament there will be children in the Millennial Kingdom who will grow up, get married, have children, etc. While time does not permit me to go into the proofs for that, you can check them out in my book, A New World Coming. In addition, there you will see what life will be like in the Millennial Kingdom—for children, as well as for adults.


VOICEOVER: Thanks so much to John, for the information in today’s fascinating program. Don’t forget, If you’d like to sign up for notifications, see recent episodes, get copies of John’s books, or even ask John a question you can do that and more at ENDTIMESTODAY.ORG. In addition if you are interested in becoming a financial pattern with this or any of the shows produced by Free Grace International, you can donate at endtimestoday.org. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time on End Times Today, With John Claeys. 


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