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Principles of Grace Giving: Give Where You’re Fed (Galatians 6:6)

Giving to support the work of spreading the gospel and preaching God’s Word is a practical act of discipleship and an exercise of faith. But where should you give, and to whom should you give? Unlike giving under the Old Covenant, which had very specific rules, percentages, and timelines, New Testament giving is much freer, […]

Giving Is an Act of Faith (Proverbs 3:9)

Why does God want you to give money to support the work of spreading the gospel? You might think the answer is obvious—isn’t it because God needs your money to get the job done? And yet, as soon as you put the matter that way, you know that’s the wrong answer. God created the universe […]

Is the Grace Message Against Godly Living? No!

Grace and work don’t mix. You’re either saved by one or the other but never by a mixture of both. But even though grace excludes works as a basis of salvation, does that mean Free Grace theology is against godly living? Religious people find it very hard to believe that God relates to you based […]

Are You Treating Jesus Like Supplemental Insurance?

One of the hardest things about communicating the grace message to religious people is getting them to see they’re not believing in Jesus for what He promised. That can be hard because they often do believe in Jesus for something—but for something less than what He is. Do you know what supplemental health insurance is? […]

You Can Receive Christ as Savior Without Taking Him as Lord

A “hostile takeover” refers to “the acquisition of one company by another corporation against the wishes of the former.” If the Christian life is a kind of takeover, is it hostile? Jesus is Lord and wants to exercise that Lordship over your entire life—over your every thought, word, and deed. However, making Jesus “Lord of […]

Echoes of the Gospel in Wonder Woman (2017)

In Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis used the term “deeper magic” as a metaphor for the gospel. He didn’t explicitly put in a Christian sermon, but the concepts still rang out clearly in the story. Likewise, if you listen carefully to culture, you’ll hear echoes of gospel themes—echoes of that “deeper magic”—present in secular […]

Is There Nothing Good in You? (Romans 7:18)

Paul almost makes a very serious spiritual mistake in Romans 7:18. As we’ll see, he avoids it. But if you don’t understand the error, chances are you might make it. Here’s what Paul wrote, For I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my flesh. For the desire to do what is […]

Mr. Fact, Mr. Faith, and Mr. Feeling Go for a Walk…

God created men and women to live by faith. He also made us with emotions. Faith and feelings are two essential aspects of our humanity. But somewhere along the way, they can get out of order, negatively impacting your Christian walk. Paul wrote: For we know that our old self was crucified with him so […]

Do You Put Your Confidence in Jesus for Everything?

Someone said, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” What makes you feel confident? And more specifically, where do you put your confidence in living the Christian life day by day? Even when you believe in Jesus for salvation and know for sure that you’ll spend eternity with God, where do you put […]

Don’t Ignore the Saving Life of Christ

Can you overemphasize Jesus’ death on the cross? That’s hard to imagine, but one way comes to mind. I love preaching the cross. It’s central to everything I believe about Jesus, God, and the way of salvation. I consider myself a “theologian of the cross.” But there's a danger there. How so? You can put […]

Should You Do Good Deeds to Be Seen or Not?

Do you want people to notice the good things you do or not? Jesus said two things about that question that might appear contradictory, but the harmonization is both simple, and it reveals something crucial about Christian living. On the one hand, Jesus said He wanted His disciples to do good works that other people […]

How to Have Assurance of Salvation (Free Grace FAQ)

If you belong to a religious tradition that mixes grace and law, or faith and works, you’ll probably lack assurance of your salvation. After all, if salvation depends on what you do, and you know that you’re undependable, you’ll never be sure that you’ve done what it takes to be saved. You might hope to […]

Have You Ever Considered that Worrying Is a Sin? (Matthew 6:34)

I often wake up around 3 am. If I can’t fall back asleep immediately, I’ll get up to read, write, or pray. But sometimes, I wake up with my mind racing. Late last month, I woke up, and worries flooded my mind, my chest tightened, and I started overthinking all the potentials, possibilities, and pitfalls […]

Caleb Rested in the Promise (Heroes of the Life of Faith)

The Old Testament is full of examples of godly men and women who got the victory by resting in faith in the promises of God. If you’ve ever wondered how you can live a life of faith—a life of rest—then I will be exploring these wonderful heroes and heroines of the faith. For example, think […]

The Father Knows All About Your Busted Minivan

Do you depend upon Christ moment-by-moment—for big things and little things? Two weeks ago, while backing out of the driveway, we ran over a child’s scooter with a loud crunch and a pop. We blew a tire. The next day I went to the tire store and found that all the remaining tires were in […]

How to Get Started in Preaching

People sometimes ask me how to get started in preaching. Well, I didn’t get started in preaching by preaching, but by witnessing. A few months after I was born again, I started telling people about Jesus and the first group I remember going to were the kids at the Muslim Student Association. (That was an […]

Does Spanking Your Kids Contradict Grace?

I believe in sanctification by grace, not by law. However, does that mean grace-based parents shouldn’t discipline their kids? Does grace require you to let your kids run free without rules or consequences? To paraphrase Paul, “Absolutely not!” Grace doesn’t eliminate the law—it clarifies the role the law plays. That was a significant emphasis in […]

Are You Assuming Christ’s Absence From Your Life?

Your vocabulary matters. The words and phrases you use shape your understanding of what it means to live a normal Christian life. There are many ways that our Christian vocabulary—our Christianese—can obscure the saving message. But it can just as quickly obscure essential sanctification truths. For example, at the beginning of a church service, have […]

What’s the Difference Between a True and False Believer? (Free Grace FAQ)

People who believe in salvation by works often wonder about the difference between true believers and false believers. In part, I think they ask that question because they lack assurance. They wonder, “Am I really a believer? How can I know?” Since they think salvation depends partly on how you act, they often think the […]

Don’t Skip a Step in Your Walk With Christ

The one who says he remains in him should walk just as he walked (1 John 2:6). Quick question: How did Abraham get from Ur to Canaan? Step by step. How did the Israelites go from Egypt to the Promised Land? Step by step. And how do you live the Christian life? The same way. […]

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