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Larry C Kitchen
Larry Kitchen is a writer, artist, and retired college professor. His fictional work includes Christian children's and middle-grade adventure books, as well as adult fiction novels. When not working on his next sci-adventure or fantasy illustration, he blogs about the craft of writing. You can find his blog on freegrace.in or at larryckitchen.com. Larry lives in Kilgore, Texas with his wife Laurie, and two noisy Pomeranians.

Larry C Kitchen

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Murphy Method For Christian Writers

Just before you begin to write your first sentence in your story, why don't you take a look at Derek Murphy's Method? Derek Murphy is a fine artist who became a book cover designer and then started writing young adult sci-fi and fantasy. He spent almost 20 years living abroad, has a Ph.D. in comparative […]

No Graven Images?

As a college freshman standing in line to be advised as an Art major, I considered the ban on "Graven Images" in the Ten Commandments. I wondered if there was any place for art in a Christian's life. Had those laws passed away? Or was art just a way to grow a carnal Christian? Sure, […]

Best Software For Christian Writers

Now that you have an outline for your story, and might have even done some storyboards, it is time to write that first sentence. The white paper is blank before you, screaming at you, daring you to begin. But wait! Don't make the #1 writing mistake. Don't fall into the old trap of creating your […]

Trial Plot: Gizmo | Write:Talk

Now that you've seen the Save the Cat plot structure outline for a story, from a previous post, why don't we try a trial plot? I think a run-through for practice could be an excellent next step. This will create a "tight outline." We will create a paragraph or two describing each beat in the […]

Jesus's Prophecy In Roman Art

Roman Holiday In 2020 my wife and I visited Rome and walked all around the city, viewing art from antiquity. Near the famed Coliseum, the site of many Christian martyrs, stands the Victory Arch of Titus, telling the world of Jesus's fateful prediction come true. In Mark chapter 13, after Jesus taught in the Temple […]

Worldbuilding | Write:Talk

In The Beginning... God has put in us a desire to create. We are in His likeness, and so we make things. One of the best parts of writing for me is illustrating an imagined world. As my Huber Series developed, the creative act of making new worlds was thrilling. It included Worldbuilding. In that […]

Storyboard Your Plot? | Write:Talk

Who Started All This? Storyboards have been used for a long time, possibly since paper was invented along the Nile by pounding papyrus reeds together. In fact, the Egyptians are a good example of an empire that had vertical storyboards called cartouches. They combined hieroglyphs or icons to read vertically inside an oval rectangle. Their […]

The Hero's Journey | Write:Talk

How Do I Start A Story? The Hero's Journey is a device used to create a plot structure that takes a protagonist on an unforeseen quest facing challenges, gaining insights, and returning home transformed. From Aesops Fables to Finding Nemo, many narratives follow this structure and have become stamped into our cultural DNA. In this […]

Archaeology Settles "House of David" Debate

The "House of David" Inscription on Mesha Stele Confirmed A new exciting discovery using advanced photographic techniques of the Mesha Stele contains explicit references to the Israelite House of King David. This is yet another demonstration of the reliability of the Bible as a historical document. The stone-inscribed tablet dates back 2,800 years and is […]

Save The What?

The Plot Thickens Now that you have some characters with flaws and a synopsis of a story, it's time to talk about the plot. The challenge of how to plan out the steps of a story can seem overwhelming, but with a strategic skeleton pre-made for your use, it becomes much easier. So, take a […]

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