Works have buried Jesus’ free grace message that...
Jesus offers eternal life to those who believe in Him for it.
Free Grace International creates content that uncovers this message for the world to see.

Free Grace Podcast

Lucas delves into a variety of subjects through a Free Grace lens. Subscribe to the podcast through Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or just follow here on our website.

Free Grace Women

We are a band of “sisters” who share a passion for free grace theology. None of us claim to be theologians and most of us are in the trenches of diaper changes and temper tantrums, but we all decided it was time to speak up. This is a collection of our thoughts on what we have learned to be true through God’s word.

Free Grace Kids

Come along with Beanie, Evan, Mr. Fix-It, Pirate Pete, Mrs. Sarah and a host of other fun friends as we learn the clear truths of the Bible through puppets, adventures, songs, and laughs.

Lucas Answers

There are so many difficult questions around our faith and God in general, and we welcome them. We certainly don't have all the answers, but it's important that we take time to look at questions that challenge our faith.

Free Grace Design

“The Art of Grace,” (formerly 2 8 9 Design). We provide graphic design services to like-minded ministries. Our services include logo/branding, sermon art, ministry literature, and signage.

End Times Today

Author John Claeys teaches about the end times: Jesus’ return, the millennial kingdom, and other eschatological events. See how current events could contribute to the fulfillment of these eschatological events, and get your questions answered in his Q&A segment.

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