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Part 1 of 23Eternal RewardsWe bought an old church van, converted it to a camper and went on a three thousand mile trip. We stopped at some of the world's most beautiful places along the way to talk about our book Eternal Reward: It Will Pay To Obey. Join us for the ride.

Eternal Rewards / Introduction

You can now download a free PDF copy of Lucas' new book THINGS ABOVE. This 200-page book is an enjoyable and approachable study on Colossians. It’s packed with humorous stories and illustrations, as it explores the major themes of the biblical book. There is a free video series that compliments THINGS ABOVE. The book will also be for sale in paperback later this month.


Part 1 of 34Salvation and DiscipleshipWe are so glad you stopped by. This Bible study is incredibly important. If you want to understand the Bible better, join us for the 33 part series. You will learn to distinguish between passages that focus on salvation from passages that focus on discipleship. To get instructions, watch the […]

Salvation And Discipleship Introduction

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In Pursuit

Part 1 of 57In PursuitYou find yourself in a jungle of sorts. Your feet squish into the floor of this overgrown stretch of wilderness. The sun is shining dappled softly downward. Its amber warmth caresses the side of your face. Green surrounds, but you wonder how many of these plants are poisonous. Thorn-laden vines, weeds, […]

Welcome To The Jungle

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Part 1 of 3Podcast“I died?” I asked. Surprisingly the notion didn’t fill me with fear. I had always expected my death to be a gruesome affair. Honestly, though, it went pretty well, all things considered. I had slipped away sometime between the french fries, and the hamburger. I was eating lunch, I think. It is […]

I Died? (A Fiction Short Story) / Podcast S2 E1

Part 1 of 26Naked GraceIf your parents didn't take you to an amusement park as a kid, they either didn't love you or…. No, that's pretty much it, they didn't love you. The park of choice for those near Dallas is the famed Six Flags over Texas. It's a theme park with towering roller coasters, […]


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Part 1 of 9ThomasMy father-in-law grew up on a farm in Nebraska. As most who know him can attest, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, or his whole body for that matter. When I first married his daughter, I had to get used to his do-it-yourself style. Often he's made outrageous sounding claims […]


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Part 2 of 9ThomasOnce there was a woman who spent years attending Sunday services. In fact, she worked on the secretarial staff at a Bible teaching church. She heard sermons about Christ on a regular basis. She had often edited text for church publications which focused on faith alone in Christ alone. After many years […]


Part 2 of 23Eternal RewardsTHE PREPARATION FOR VICTORY When I was in fourth grade, I asked my Dad if I could get into baseball. I had seen a game or two on TV and liked the look of the sport. I imagined that the entire experience would consist of a crisp uniform, a few Saturday […]

Preparation For Victory / Grand Teton National Park / Eternal Reward / Episode 1

It was the day that I lifted eight large bags of concrete that I noticed something change in my lower abdomen. A lump that had not previously been part of my physiology was now clearly present, and it was causing some measure of pain. Over the following weeks, I saw doctors, who all agreed that I had an inguinal hernia.

A Need For Teams

Part 2 of 34Salvation and DiscipleshipHOW COULD IT BE FREE AND COSTLY? Imagine that you walk into a local store. As you look through the items, you find something that you're interested in buying. You pick it up and see no price tag attached. You hold it above your head and ask the clerk about […]


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In Pursuit

Part 2 of 57In PursuitThe allegory in the previous section is the scene of your Spiritual birth. When you believed in Jesus for eternal salvation, the Holy Spirit placed eternal life in you. It was like a seed-filled with the potential that eternal life presents. Like an infant sapling to-be, accompanied by a dubious crowd […]

You The Jungle

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Part 2 of 3Podcast

Fish Or Cut Bait (A Fiction Short Story) / Podcast S2 E2

Part 2 of 26Naked Grace A father's nightly rituals are a thing of boundless fascination to his son. His endless hours at work might as well have been spent in a mysterious patch of the Brazilian Amazon as in an office building two miles from the house. My brothers and I would anticipate the nightly ambush […]

Bunk Bed Tears

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Part 3 of 9ThomasUnder the hot afternoon sun, we stood, a pack of about twenty third-grade boys. The game was to be soccer, and it was team-picking time. I was late in the draft, very late. They had already picked the tall, the fast, and the tough. But who wanted me, a scrawny kid, who […]


Part 3 of 23Eternal RewardsI grew up in a Bible-teaching church. We learned the Bible verse by verse. It was an incredible, almost seminary level, biblical education. In my early twenties, I branched out and worked in various ministry capacities in churches of all sizes. I minored in biblical studies in undergrad and majored in […]


Part 3 of 15Things AboveA dad discovered scribbling on the seat in front of where his family sat in church. He knew his three-year-old did it, so he leaned down and whispered, "Don't do that. Jesus wouldn't want us to color on his pew." His daughter closed her eyes and bowed her head. With her […]

The Problem With Prayer

Part 3 of 34Salvation and DiscipleshipWATER AND FOOD? In the famous encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well in Sychar, we see a very clear division between Salvation and Discipleship. In chapter 4 of John, where this story occurs, there are two metaphors used to illustrate these two concepts. Salvation is illustrated […]


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In Pursuit

Part 3 of 57In PursuitIt’s been a few days since you planted the fruit seed in the wild patch of woods behind your house. Now, after waiting with impatience, you return once more to the spot where the seed fell. Being careful, you push aside the thorns and vines, looking for the spot where it […]

Battle Garden

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Part 3 of 3Podcast

He's Back (A Fiction Short Story) / Podcast S2 E3

Part 3 of 26Naked GraceNot many days after the bunk bed incident, I was standing by my Dad's drawing table. The walls of his studio were always crowded with drying paintings. That's where he would work when he had freelance illustration jobs.  At that time, he was building upon a budding career as a painter […]

The Drawing Table

Part 4 of 26Naked GraceGrandma and Grandpa lived in Dallas. Our trips there often came in winter since the most active concentration of holidays accompany the cold weather. We would draw shapes in the fog our breath made on the van windows as we drove.  Being a kid who lived hours from my grandparents meant […]

Cold Cat Case

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Part 4 of 9ThomasWhen I was a child, I had an experience in which I strongly doubted my dad's judgment. My family and I had returned from a trip. As we were getting settled in for lunch, I noticed that my mother was crying as she stood over the stove. I approached her and asked […]

Doubting Jesus' Judgement

Part 4 of 23Eternal RewardsEveryone needs motivation. It’s an essential function of the human brain. Everyone needs to see what the payout will be for their trouble. You work for a paycheck, not for free. You work out at the gym for a purpose, to lose weight. You take a shower every once in a […]

Pike's Peak / Eternal Rewards / Motivation / Episode 3
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