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God's Big Important Job For You

As a stay-at-home mom...

I often feel like I don’t have any important kingdom work to accomplish. I’m just stuck here at the house, changing diapers, and trying to puzzle out how to get a one-year-old to eat solid food. This is while others are out there sharing the gospel, doing ministry, and changing the world. The whole idea that I don’t have any important work to do was challenged this morning as I read Psalm 6.

It’s one of David’s Prayers Of Distress

In Psalm 6 David is really stressed. He’s afraid for his life. He is calling out to God to save him. He thinks he’s about to die, but the reason he offers for why he shouldn’t be put in the grave just yet was a surprise to me. I had to reread it.

…Deliver me! Oh, save me for Your mercies’ sake! For in death there is no remembrance of You; In the grave who will give You thanks?

(Psalm 6:4-5)

He’s basically saying, “Who will remember you if I’m dead?” Essentially, that was the purpose David gave for his need to remain alive. His need to stay among the living was on account of his important job of giving thanks to God. What a surprise. 

It really struck me because David was used for such huge things. He was a victorious warrior. He was a prophet. He wrote a big portion of the Bible. He is in the lineage of Jesus Christ. God used him for some very special things. Yet, in David’s mind, it was like, “I can’t die yet, I still have to tell you Thank you some more.” It seems that he saw this as one of his most important jobs. 

Your Most Important Work

Have you ever thought of your most important work being, giving thanks to God? It’s certainly new to me. It fits with what we find in the New Testament. Paul says:

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

(1 These 5:18)

Did you notice that? God’s will, is that you give thanks. How much time have we wasted as we sit around and wonder, what’s God's will for my life? What BIG work does God want me to do? In reality, He’s given us an incredibly important job. Give thanks! Giving thanks is much more important work than I realized. It was enough to keep David alive, and it’s God’s will for you. 

But why? Why is giving thanks so important? 

I think there’s a clue in David’s prayer. The fact that he says, “who will remember you,” seems to imply that this wasn’t just a private job, but part of David’s public role. He wanted others to see how thankful they should be toward the Lord. He wanted others to learn from his own gratitude.  

So now let’s take this back home. Remember I’m a stay-at-home mom. Diapers. Spoon feeding. More diapers. The whole shebang. It feels so tedious, and often unimportant. But wait! Introduce my big important job, and see what happens. Imagine how it will affect my kids when their mommy gives thanks to God, even in the trials. 

Toddler throwing a fit? Thank you, Lord, for the patience to endure. 

Fever in the house? Thank you, Lord, that you give me peace in the midst of a trying time. 

Another horrendous diaper change? Thank you, Lord, that my baby has such a productive digestive system! 

Envision how it might affect your kids, co-workers, spouse, and friends when they see you thanking God, even when things are falling apart. Don’t hide your thanks. 

What important work we have. Don’t take it for granted. Giving thanks is God's big important job for you. 


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