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Alive | Song (FREE DOWNLOAD)


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Alive, is a new song and music video by Lucas Kitchen. Just in time for easter, this song encourages and inspires believers to consider their future resurrection and eternal life. 


When this body’s in the ground, 

I won’t be six feet down. 

When my bones are in a room, 

I’m not down in that tomb. 

And you can burn my remains. 

I’m not in that flame. 

Put my ashes out to sea. 

That’s not where I’ll be. 

Raised to life for all time, 

And cannot stay dead.

No power in earth or hell, 

Can kill what now lives. 

They laid the Lord in the ground.

Thought they’d put him down.

They tried to find remains.

He aint in that cave.

They wished to try again, 

But he won’t stay dead.

His friends knew the truth.

They shared the News.

When you come to,

the place I’m laid.

Don’t weep for me.

I’ve found my place. 

If you don’t know,

your place in time. 

Believe in Christ, 

for ever life.

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