"Simply Belief" Is Now Free Grace International

"Where am I?" you're probably asking. This is Freegrace.in. Let me explain.

Nearly ten years ago a small free grace ministry called 289DESIGN started with two graphic designers. Before long the team grew and the ministry expanded.

We've been operating our ministry from a bunch of partner websites like:

289Design.org • Simplybelief.com • Freegrace.studio • Endtimestoday.org • Freegracewomen.com • Freegracebible.church • Lucasanswers.com • QuestionsfromAthesists.com

Keeping track of all those different names and websites was becoming confusing. We realized that we needed to rename our organization and restructure so that we could have all that we're doing in one place.


Our ministry's new name is Free Grace International. The site you're visiting right now is called FreeGrace.in. This is the new home of all current and future FGI projects. We make videos, books, Bible studies, and other media to get the message of God's grace out to the world.

We invite you to look around and see what you think. There may still be construction signs up in certain places but we're eagerly making this new house our digital home.

Now What?

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