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10 Reasons Not To Invite Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved.

Where did the phrase, "invite Jesus into your heart to be saved," come from? Is it biblical? What exactly does it take to be saved? All the questions and more are covered in this new infographic. Click the infographic below and zoom in to get the scoop. Enjoy!



One comment on “10 Reasons Not To Invite Jesus Into Your Heart To Be Saved.”

  1. A very good article indeed. How many are deceived into a false sense of 'salvation' by being instructed to follow this means of being 'converted'.... Just as bad as being 'sprinkled' (and inoculated) as a baby. This kind of thing arises from the anthropomorphic (man centered) gospel and 'positive thinking' that encompasses most of Christendom now. However there will be some who 'believed' the gospel at the time this instruction (invite Jesus etc) was given them and so were 'born again' at that time.

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