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The Beautiful And The Ugly

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Join us as we explore the profound events of Acts 3, revisiting the miraculous healing at the Beautiful Gate. Witness Peter and John's transformative encounter with a man once bound by his physical limitations, now leaping in newfound freedom. This video provides a detailed examination of the intertwining themes of prophecy, faith, and life-altering transformations present in these chapters. For those looking to explore deeper or facilitate group discussions, we've also provided thought-provoking discussion questions ideal for personal reflection or group study. Engage, reflect, and deepen your understanding of this pivotal biblical event. Engage with the word, and let it transform you.

Discussion Questions

I. The Beautiful Gate as a Backdrop

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:1-3.
  • How might the presence of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate offer a reflection on societal disparities and inequalities during that time?
  • Why do you think the lame man chose the Beautiful Gate as his regular spot, beyond the practical reason of foot traffic?

II. The Expectations of the Lame Man

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:3-5.
  • When the lame man approached Peter and John, what do you believe he was truly seeking, aside from alms?
  • How does the lame man's expectation reflect our own approach to God in times of need?

III. The Response of Peter and John

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:6-7.
  • Why do you think Peter and John emphasized that they didn't possess silver or gold?
  • In what ways can Peter's response be seen as an invitation for the lame man to shift his focus from the material to the spiritual?

IV. The Transformative Power of Faith

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:7-8.
  • What does Peter's declaration about the name of Jesus teach us about the source of true strength and healing?
  • How does the healing of the lame man illustrate the concept of "faith in action"?

V. The Lame Man’s Newfound Freedom

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:8-9.
  • After being healed, the man entered the temple's inner court – a place he couldn't enter before due to his condition. What significance might this hold in terms of spiritual access and inclusion?
  • How did the man's healing not only transform his physical condition but also his societal status?

VI. Peter’s Message to the People

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:11-26.
  • Peter uses this miraculous event to deliver a powerful message. Why do you think he chose to reference the ancestors and prophets of old?
  • How does Peter’s message invite the listeners to re-evaluate their understanding of past scriptures in light of the coming of Jesus?

VII. The Broader Implications

  • Verses to Read: Acts 3:9-10; 4:1-2.
  • What do you think was the immediate impact of the lame man's healing on the larger community?
  • How might the healing of the lame man have challenged the societal norms and religious beliefs of the time?


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