Fright Night Camping | A Family Devo

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We like to go camping. We’ve tried a number of different camping formats. We recently bought a 16-year-old, all-aluminum pop-up camper. Did you catch that? It’s all aluminum! None of that junky particle board to rot. It’s fantastic. We’ve been enjoying our camper and the adventures we’re having in it.

The relative comfort of our little popup camper is a step up from what we used to camp in. When the kids were really young, we bought a twenty-year-old, beat-up church van and converted it into a low-budget camper. We got it for a month-long camping road trip, on which it broke down in what was probably the most desolate place in the U.S. But that’s a story for another time. We patched it back together and kept it for a few years afterward to do more local outdoor adventures. 

One of those campouts, I’ll never forget. It was cold outside, and the kids had been playing in the weather for a few hours before hot dog time. My son, who was probably three at the time, had such a horrid cough through the night that I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I took the bed next to him, and just laid there and worried for hours. It was this horrendous barking cough that sounded like he’d swallowed a broken brick and it was caught in his throat. I felt sick, debating on whether I should unplug the van, and head to the hospital or wait out the night. 

About midnight, my wife, Kristah, gave me this great advice. She said, “I’ve found that if I lay my hand on him while he’s sleeping it helps me calm down.” I put my hand on him and just prayed and prayed. She was right. He stilled and started to sleep peacefully. The combination of that simple touch, and continual prayer helped me too to sleep. 

By the next morning, as the warm sun began to drench the pine trees outside, I was amazed at how differently I felt. Through the long dark night, my stomach was in knots and my heart beat fast. But on the sunny morning, I was shortly asking myself, “Why was I so worried?” It’s amazing how different the morning makes the world seem, especially after a night of prayer.

I wonder what dark nights you might be facing. How might a spiritual morning be needed in your life? It reminds me of this beautiful verse from the Psalms. 


Joy Comes in the Morning


For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5 (NKJV) - 


In the story of the camping trip, the night brought worry and fear, yet the morning delivered peace and joy. This experience reflects Psalm 30:5, where we learn about the contrast between God's momentary displeasure and His lifelong favor. The night of weeping symbolizes our trials and tribulations, which can seem endless and insurmountable. Yet, the Bible reassures us that these hardships are temporary.

God's promise is that joy comes in the morning. This doesn't mean our problems disappear overnight, but it highlights God's faithfulness in renewing our spirits and granting us peace. Just as I found relief and a change of heart with the sunrise, all believers can experience a profound transformation from despair to joy through faith in God's timing and providence.


Can you recall a time when you felt overwhelmed at night but found peace in the morning? What changed?

How can prayer during difficult times help shift our focus from our problems to God's promises?

What does "joy comes in the morning" mean to you personally in your spiritual journey?


Sunrise Prayer Jar: Collect a jar and some colorful pieces of paper. With your child, write down worries or prayers on the pieces of paper and place them in the jar each evening. Each morning, after the sun rises, open the jar and read one of the prayers or worries. Talk about how God can bring peace and joy, just like the sunrise brings light to a new day. This helps children learn to give their worries to God and look forward to His blessings each morning.


Remember, no matter how dark the night, joy comes in the morning. Let's hold onto this promise, trusting that God is with us through every trial, ready to bring us into the light of His peace and joy.


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