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Eternal Life and Abundant Life | Salvation And Discipleship 365

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Your insanely rich great aunt’s ex-husband has recently died. Don’t worry, you have never met him. In his will, he left you a condo at an all-inclusive resort in the tropics. It’s unlike any place you’ve ever seen before. Your ownership of the place promises entry and a lifetime stay, a grand meal plan, and access to all the amenities and entertainment you could want. You’re guaranteed a place for the rest of your life, but what you do once inside shapes your experience, whether for good or ill.

Salvation: Eternal Life

…I have come that they may have life… (John 10:10)

The ticket you hold is your salvation, an entry to eternal life. If you’ve believed in Jesus, you have accepted it. It’s a guarantee that your name is on the guest list of the grandest resort—the coming Kingdom of Heaven. This admission to eternal life comes purely by faith in Jesus, the giver of the gift. 

Discipleship: Abundant Life

…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Once inside the resort, your journey of discipleship begins. Hopefully, you don’t just aimlessly wander; you explore all the amenities - the abundant life Jesus promises. This includes learning His ways, adopting His teachings, and living a life in alignment with His will. It's like choosing to indulge in healthy meals, participating in fitness programs, and engaging with fellow guests, enriching your stay at the resort.

But if you choose not to—if you refuse the vibrant meals, shirk the fitness programs, or ignore your fellow guests—you may find yourself in the grandest resort but with a lackluster experience. Your stay at the resort is guaranteed, but you're not fully experiencing all it offers.

While the gift of eternal life secures your stay in the Kingdom of Heaven, your choice to live abundantly shapes your experience. Make use of all the amenities Jesus has made available to you, and lead a life that not just lasts eternally but is full of the abundance that comes with discipleship.


How does the resort analogy help you differentiate between the gift of eternal life and the choice of abundant life?

Can you identify choices you've made that may have led to a less abundant spiritual life? How can you make different choices moving forward?

What steps can you take to explore the "resort" more fully and live a more abundant life?


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