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Famous Preachers: Matt Chandler

See what a famous preacher has to say about salvation, and why it is wrong.


5 comments on “Famous Preachers: Matt Chandler”

  1. Thanks for this clear example of the Lordship Salvation message, Lucas. As much as we shy away from naming names, I think it’s crucial to point out these errors. In today’s social media-internet influencer-environment, videos like these may be the best way to share truth. A couple of suggestions: avoid statements like “he probably has said,” etc., unless you can back it up with proof; and display every verse mentioned. You discussed John 20:30-31, but never put it in the screen. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Gotta side with Amanda on this one scripture tells us that "a tree can be judged by its fruit" and that "many are invited, but few are chosen.”
    I think Matt is overstating when he goes with the "no obedience whatsoever" but God can reveal to a person whatever God wants to reveal.

  3. Matt Chandler clearly doesn't understand what Scripture says is required for eternal life.
    He thinks your works make you saved or Christian. Where in the Bible is there any such idea? Nowhere. Believing is the only requirement Scripture ever gives for having everlasting life.
    It's written in black and white that your works have nothing at all to do with your salvation. See Rom 4:1-5. See John (all of it).
    I have no idea how someone can read a Bible, and come up with what he's saying.
    The boldness with which he speaks is scary when realizing his words are so much the opposite of what God actually says.

  4. First, it is good to know that Matt has been to every church in the Bible Belt and knows personally all the hearts and faith of every one attending. Of course only God himself would know this. Second, it is far easier to be a phony believer in a larger mega church than in a small church where everyone in town knows who the hypocrites are. Thirdly please stop with the finger pointing on all sides. Just get involved with your local church. If reform needs to take place do it from within stop airing the churches dirty laundry if you don’t want to soap up first and do the hard work of being accountable in your own church family. Enough. Please.

  5. This argument is very weak and you're misinterpreting what he is saying and just keep saying " how does he know" ...he knows because the scripture tells us about such people. So we know people do these things. They exist. A true covert will change and their desire to obey God and Paul said he prays that he dies daily as Christ increases. So youre advocating a wishy washy salvation. You CAN identify who's a Christian by the fruit of their life. Jesus said so.

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