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Fiction and Theology

Lucas Kitchen, author of a new and thought-provoking book, "Missionary To Mars," recently engaged in an insightful conversation with Shawn Lazar, shedding light on a unique perspective of intertwining literature and spirituality. Watch the video of their conversation.

In their discussion, they explored the significant role that fiction can play in teaching theology, a connection that is often overlooked in traditional religious studies. Kitchen's innovative approach in "Missionary To Mars" illustrates how fictional narratives and characters can provide vivid and relatable insights into complex theological principles. By using the imaginative landscape of a sci-fi solar system, Kitchen creates a metaphorical environment where readers can explore and grapple with spiritual concepts in a more accessible manner. Lazar's probing questions during the talk brought out nuanced facets of this methodology, enabling a deeper understanding of how storytelling can be a powerful tool in conveying religious teachings and beliefs.


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