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Forgiven And Approved | S&D365

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Forgiven And Approved | Salvation And Discipleship 365

Growing up, you often quarreled with a neighborhood friend. As children often do, you got into petty squabbles and disagreements, sometimes escalating into bigger fights. Unfortunately, the two of you ended on bad terms.

Fast forward to adulthood, and you're out in the job market, trying to secure a position. One company catches your eye. You apply and are called in for an interview. You're both surprised and nervous to discover that your interviewer is none other than that old friend with whom you had such conflict.

As you sit across from him in the interview room, you're convinced that there's no way you'll get the job. However, your friend surprises you. He says, "I've forgiven you for our past disagreements. We were kids then. I believe in second chances." You’re relieved and grateful when he offers you the job. 

As the months go by, an opportunity for a promotion comes up, but it won’t be easy. Promotions are based on job performance. You want it, so you put in extra hours, diligently complete tasks, and constantly strive to improve. After much hard work, that same boss calls you into that same office. You grin from ear to ear when he says you’ve earned his highest approval. You got the promotion.

Salvation: Forgiven

For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. (Matthew 26:28)

Just as your childhood friend forgave you for your past mistakes, God forgives us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. His death on the cross and the shedding of His blood has brought about the forgiveness of sins for all who believe in Him. This is a gift of grace - it cannot be earned or bought, only received by faith in Christ.

Discipleship: Approved

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Just like striving for the promotion in your job, discipleship is about seeking God's approval through diligent work and adherence to His teachings. It's not about earning salvation but about growing in your faith, deepening your relationship with God, and becoming more Christ-like in your actions. What’s more, if you strive for excellence in discipleship, there will be extra rewards waiting for you in Heaven. 


  • How does the job interview scenario help you understand the difference between being forgiven (salvation) and seeking approval (discipleship)?
  • Can you remember a time when you actively sought God's approval in your discipleship journey?
  • How does knowing you're forgiven inspire you to seek God's approval in your actions?
  • What steps can you take to better seek God's approval in your daily life?


One comment on “Forgiven And Approved | S&D365”

  1. Hey Free Grace!

    I related to the work life story and forgiveness, but I had a question regarding discipleship being sought for God's approval.

    Did you mean our obedience to the Great Commission to make disciples? I never thought of it as seeking God's approval. I just tried to disciple and mentor others because God said for us to go, and make disciples.


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