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Calling all music lovers! 

We've got something for you. First a little back story. When I (Lucas) was sixteen my brothers and I got summer jobs, saved up enough money to buy an arsenal of recording equipment, and turned my parent's garage into a music studio. Mom and Dad's ears are still ringing, but that experience shaped us for the rest of our lives.

Garage Studios Circa 1999

The tape on the earphones in the photo above hint at the kind of budget this teen-run studio had access to. We called our Christian Rock 'n Roll Haven, "Garage Studios" (plural studios made it sound more professional we thought). Many lasting bonds were forged in that sweat-scented room.

Band practices at Garage Studios Circa 1999-2000

Fast forward. Often now, when I'm working from the FGI video-writing-design-audio studio, which happens to also be tucked behind my garage door, I think of that burning-hot, no-budget studio and the Christian music we produced there. Our current media studio is more advanced, air-conditioned, and better equipped, but I'm still doing the same thing I did when I was 16: cranking out stuff I love at break-neck speed for the sheer pleasure of making Christ-centered media. 

Shooting A Kids Show At Free Grace International Studio 2021

Now, most of my time goes to writing books, making videos, and recording podcasts that advance the free grace message. However, since those noisy-garage days of my teens, I've occasionally taken small snippets of time to write, record, and produce music with my friends. The music we've made, like my books and podcasts, promotes the free grace message. 

Why you might be interested: 

We are making this music available to you, completely free.

Our music isn't written to make money, play on the radio, or make the top-40 charts. Its sole purpose is to promote the faith and help believers set their minds on Godly things. They are tunes to grow by. These songs are packed with Biblical content and are written from a free grace perspective. The lyrics focus on biblical themes such as Christ's return, the coming kingdom, faith-alone salvation, discipleship, and much more. I believe we're saying things with our music, you wouldn't hear even on Christian radio. I'm also convinced these songs can get you in the right headspace to be more faithful to Christ today. Here's an example:

The song above is based on passages from Romans chapter eight.

Want to hear more songs? Go to freegrace.in/music. You can stream and download all the tracks we've produced for free. This is another of our gifts to you. Want more? No problem. You can watch lyric videos that give rich imagery to the songs, and illuminate each song's meaning so you don't miss a single word. 

Whether you use it as background music, the soundtrack to your commute, or for your workout routine, we hope you enjoy these free grace songs. freegrace.in/music

If you would like FGI to produce more music let us know in the comment section on this page. While you're at it, let us know which is your favorite FGI song, and why. Happy listening.

You might be wondering how we can afford to produce media of all kinds, and then make it free. We can do this because we have supporters that make it possible.You can also support more projects like this by supporting the work we're doing.


2 comments on “Free Grace Music”

  1. Thank you so much for the music! We would probably enjoy it if you made more: our family is really enjoying the songs you have available now. Two persons in our family are choosing "I'll Set My Mind" as their favorite (one because of words, one because of music), and one "Whatever Comes" (because of the words).
    It is relaxing to be able to listen to Christian music that encourages us in our role as Christians and does not sneak in questionable theology to be endured or addressed every time we hear it.

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