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In this introduction, I am going to make a handful of claims. I am not going to use the intro to defend those claims. Instead, the rest of this book will be employed for that purpose. The basic idea that I’ve devoted nearly 50,000 words to explain in the following chapters can be summed up by these sets of pairs showing the difference between salvation and discipleship.

Salvation: is a one-time event.
Discipleship: is a long-term process.

Salvation: happens when someone believes in Jesus for everlasting life.
Discipleship: happens when a saved person decides to obey Jesus on a daily basis.

Salvation: happens the moment a person believes and receives the free gift of everlasting life.
Discipleship: begins that same moment but requires commitment and sacrifice to continue.

Salvation: cannot be earned, returned, or lost.
Discipleship: is either, rejected, neglected, or maintained.

Salvation: is something you have.
Discipleship: is something you do.

Salvation: is by belief in Jesus.
Discipleship: is by obedience to Jesus.

Salvation: is by faith.
Discipleship: is by works.

Salvation: results in eternal life in Heaven.
Discipleship: results in eternal reward in Heaven.

Salvation: is mandatory for entrance into Heaven.
Discipleship: is voluntary for the believer who has salvation.


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