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Is Grace a License to Sin?

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One of the most common objections to Free Grace theology is this: "If you tell people that salvation is by faith apart from works, and the believer is eternally secure no matter how badly he behaves, that will give people a license to sin!" What's the alternative? According to these preachers, the best way to get people to be holy is not to preach grace, but to threaten that they will lose their salvation if they keep on sinning, or threaten that their bad behavior will prove they were never saved to begin with.

Both of those options are simply false.

Both teach a false gospel of salvation by works. The believer who sins cannot lose his salvation. Period.

Moreover, his assurance of being saved is based on Christ's promise.

The primary way to promote holiness is to preach grace. However, according to the Bible, and according to Free Grace theology, the eternally secure believer does not get to sin without any consequences. Sin comes at a cost, as explained in this "Grace Basics."

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