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Is Your Worry Unavoidable?

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Whatever you're worried about right now, at this very moment, seems very reasonable.

You feel that you should be worrying about it, and there are many reasons to justify focusing on it.

It is very easy to reason yourself into a mindset of unbelief, where you not only fail to trust God with tomorrow but become so preoccupied with what might happen in the future that you fail to concern yourself with the most important thing that God is calling you to do right now.

What might that be?

George MacDonald explains:

The care that is filling your mind at this moment, or but waiting till you lay the book aside to leap upon you—that need which is no need, is a demon sucking at the spring of your life.

“No; mine is a reasonable care—an unavoidable care, indeed.”

Is it something you have to do this very moment?


Then you are allowing it to usurp the place of something that is required of you this moment.

“There is nothing required of me at this moment.”

Nay, but there is—the greatest things can be required of man.

“Pray, what is it?”

Trust in the living God…

“I do trust Him in spiritual matters.”

Everything is an affair of the spirit (Lewis, George MacDonald, #78).

The Father knows all about what you’re going through. He knows the world down to the smallest detail, including the very thing that worries you. Jesus said:

“Indeed, the hairs of your head are all counted. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” (Luke 12:7).

You can trust the Father with your “reasonable care” because He cares about you.

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