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John 2:23-25 | Free Grace Bible Study

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What does it mean for Jesus not to entrust himself to believers? In this episode of Free Grace Bible Study we will be looking at John 2:23-25. Lucas will compare the crowd of believers with another group of closer disciples to determine what it might mean that Jesus didn't entrust himself to the crowds.


2 comments on “John 2:23-25 | Free Grace Bible Study”

  1. Thank you Mr. Kitchen! Excellent words!
    It seems like the word used for "commit" in John 2:24 is related to pisteuo. Is there a sense in which Yashua did not "believe" in the crowds?

    1. Yeah. I think of it this way. Belief and faith are two words in English, but those come from the same Greek word, which you mentioned. So we can use the word believe=verb belief=noun or faith=noun and faithful=adjective (because we don't have a word beliefful). In Greek, as far as I understand it, it all relates to the same word pisteuo. So it makes sense to me that there is some latitude in that word. I think it could be rendered "trust" in this case. Jesus didn't trust the crowd. In a translation we published with John Niemelä we used the words Jesus didn't "fellowship" with them.

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