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John 3:16 | Free Grace Bible Study

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Explore the simplicity and beauty of John 3:16 with Lucas Kitchen on the latest episode of Free Grace Bible Study.


One comment on “John 3:16 | Free Grace Bible Study”

  1. I loved this video, excellent, excellent. I love how you defined “believe”. As you know, I take the same view of “perish” in so far as it means what it says. But I must say you powerfully broke it down my brother. Oh and I love that you said Jn 3:16 encapsulates the gospel like no other verse does.I completely agree. This is why I recoil when I see these dispensationalists saying “the gospel FOR TODAY is 1 Cor 15:1-4”. I love that verse but I, like you, do believe no other verse expresses the good news better than Jn 3:16. God bless.

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